Theological Resources in the Melbourne College of Divinity

Divine Word Missionaries, Box Hill - Patrick Murphy Memorial Library

Collection Evaluation Report

000-099 Generalities, Ref. sources, bibliographies 2E 2E 81 titles, includes New Interpreter's Bible; Sacramentum Mundi, Lexicon fur theologique und Kirche + 2 journal titles.
100-149 Philosophy 2E 3E 139 titles. Mostly old, some new.
150-159 Psychology 2E 2E 113 titles.
160-169 Logic 1E 1E 28 titles. Old.
170-179 Ethics 2E 2E 54 titles. Old and new. See also Moral Theology at 241. + 1 journal title.
180-199 Ancient, Medieval, Oriental and Modern Western Philosophy 2E 2E 155 titles.
200-219 Natural Religion 2E 2E 104 titles. Mostly old monographs. + 1 journal title
220 Bible- general 2E 2E 90 titles.
221-224 Old Testament 2E 2E 184 titles. Some new + 1 journal title.
225-229 N.T. and Apocrypha 3E 3E 311 titles. Supports seminarian's studies. Old and new monographs.
230-231 Christian theology, God 3E 3E 371 titles, incl. Rahner's Theological Investigations and Aquinas' Summa theologica, + 4 journal titles.
232 Christology 3E 3E 170 titles, useful for undergraduate studies.
233-239 Salvation, soteriology, grace, eschatology, creeds 2E 2E 123 titles. Old, basic undergraduate texts.
240-241 Moral theology 2E 2E 100 titles. Some new. See also 170-179 (Ethics)
242 Devotional literature and meditations 2E 2E 54 titles. S/O with Spiritual Book Associates approx. 6 books p.a. + 1 journal title. See also 248
243-246 Hymnology, Church Art etc. 1E 1E 7 titles. Very old.
248-249 Christian experience, life 3E 3E 354 titles. Old and new. Some cassette tapes. S/O with Spiritual Book Associates.
250-259 Local Church and parishes 3E 3E 231 titles. Includes pastoral counselling. + 3 journal titles.
260-261 Social and ecclesiastical theology 3E 3E 168 titles. + 2 journal titles
263-265 Church Year, Worship, Rites 2E 2E 165 titles. Old and new. + 3 liturgy journals
266-267 Missions and associations for religious work 4E 4E * Monographs and bound journals kept at St.Paschal's Library for YTU student use- see separate sheet. 30 titles kept here + 49 journal subscriptions on missiology.
268-269 Religious education and renewal 2E 2E 63 titles. Old and new
270-279 Church History 3E 3E 195 titles.
280-289 Xn denominations and sects 2E 2E 63 titles. Old and new
290-299 Comparative Religion 2E 2E 96 titles + 2 journal titles
300-399 Social sciences 2E 2E 120 titles. Mostly social problems and services. + 1 journal title.
400-499 Languages 1F 1F 60 titles. Mostly biblical languages. Some Chinese and Asian languages.
500-599 Pure Sciences 1E 1E 45 titles. Philosophy of Science, some Aboriginal social sciences (at 572)
600-699 Applied Sciences 1E 1E 37 titles. Mostly therapy and medical.
700-799 The Arts 1E 1E 10 titles only. Virtually "out of scope".
800-899 Literature 1E 1E 25 titles. Mostly story telling, for homiletics.
900-919 General geography and travel 1E 1E 20 titles. Includes Durant's Story of Civilization (32vols.). _+ 3 journal titles
920-929 Biography 2E 2E 67 titles. Mixture of old and new.
930-999 History 2E 2E 95 titles. Mostly old.