Theological Library Resources in the Melbourne College of Divinity

St Paschal Library

Collection Evaluation Report

Class No. Descriptor Coll./Lang. Codes Notes
001-009 Generalities 0 0 Out of scope
6 titles
010-019 Bibliographies and catalogues 0 0 Material classed with subject or individual
12 titles
020-029 Library and Information sciences 0 0 Only library tools
10 titles
030-039 General encyclopedic works 1 1 Minimal, out of date (e.g. Britannica 1971)
5 titles
040-099 Not assigned 0 0 Out of scope
100 Introduction to philosophy 3E 3E Older introductions. Most recent Edwards & Pap
31 titles
101-109 Standard subdivisions of philosophy 3F 3E No current material, classical material includes Coppleston (complete works) and
foreign dictionaries and encyclopedias
Approx. 80 titles
110 Metaphysics 2E 3E ) No current material, latest 1986 (Cosmology)
111 Being 2E 3E ) 76 titles, 7 French, 1 German (Volkelt)
113-115 Cosmology, Space, Time 2E 3E )
120-129 Knowledge 2F 3E Some recent material in Epistemology and Freedom
110 titles, mostly English. 7 French and 2 German in epistomology
130-139 Popular psychology, Parapsychology, 2E 2E No current material, only two recent publications in popular psychology
60 titles
140s Specific Philosophical viewpoints 2E 3E General, not current.
Approx. 65 titles (approx. 30 titles on Phenomenology, mostly existentialism (Sartre
classified at 194, 45 titles); 30 titles on Hermeneutics)
150-159 Psychology 3E 3E Approx. 500 titles - Older commentaries and editions of important authors
150.1924 Gestalt More recent - 8 titles
150.195 Psychoanalysis 105 titles including complete works of Freud (1966) and Jung (1953). Basic works
150.3 Dictionaries Very basic material - 3 titles
152 Experimental Psychology   25 titles
153 Intelligence 55 titles
154 Subconscious 19 titles
155.2 Individual Psychology 22 titles - mostly 1980s
155.3 Sex Psychology 10 titles
155.4 Child Psychology 10 titles
155.5 Adolescent Psychology 23 titles
155.6 Adult & Aged Psychology 23 titles
157 Abnormal & Clinical 40 titles
Class No. Descriptor Coll./Lang. Codes Notes
158 Applied Psychology 25 titles
160-169 Logic 3E 3E Approx. 143 titles - Some classic texts, older editions and commentaries
170-179 Ethics 1-2E 3E 65 titles - Older works. Some contemporary but insufficient to support undergraduate
Refer 241 - much Philosophy classified with moral theology
180 Ancient, medieval, Oriental philosophy - standard 2E 3E Older works, though some worthy writers
subdivisions Approx. 40 titles
181 Oriental 0 0 Out of scope - 1 title (Japanese, 20th century)
182 Pre-Socratic Greek 1E 1E 14 titles
183 Socratic and related 1E 1E 5 titles
184 Platonic 3F 3F All Plato's works, including translations and commentaries. Few recent works
70 titles
185 Aristotle 3F 3F Complete works and translations, contemporary and classic commentaries
40 titles
186 Eclectic and Neoplatonic 1F 1F Few select authors, older commentaries
187-188 Stoics and Epicurean 1F 1F Select authors, no recent commentaries
189 Medieval 4F 4F To be evaluated in conjunction with 280s
85 titles
190 Modern Western philosophy 3E 3E Basic authors and commentaries to support undergraduate courses
170 titles
200s Religion
200 General works 3E 3E 16 v. Encyclopedia of Religion only, 1986.
201 Philosophy of religion 3E 3E 96 titles. Basic commentaries
201.14 Religious language 3E 3E 17 titles
201.19 Psychology of religion. Conversion. Experience (rel.) 3E 3E 45 titles
202 Christian mythology Not used - classified elsewhere, especially 291.9
203 Dictionaries, encyclopedias; handbooks, manuals, etc. 3F 3F Most Catholic references, including recent editions. Some Christian. Strong reference
Approx. 30 titles
204 Directories 2E 2E 3 titles, little demand
205 Bibliographies Historical and recent material, includes Australasian Union list of Serials
5 titles
206 Societies. Transactions, reports, etc. Not used - see particular Society under subject
207 Education 2F 3E Pre- and post-Vatican II. No current (1990s) material
15 titles
Class No. Descriptor Coll./Lang. Codes Notes
208 Festschriften 2F 1F Mostly pre-Vatican II. Most essays filed with author (if eminent)
9 titles
208.5-208.7 Dissertations, Theses 1F 3E Old - 1930s. (YTU Students' theses not represented)
6 titles
209 History of religion See 270-299
210 Natural theology 1E 1E Old - number not used
23 titles
211 Deism. Atheism. Theism 1E 3E Dated - mostly pre-1980s. Course related works only require general introductions
70 titles
212-214 Theosophy, Creation, Evolution, Providence Not used - 6 titles
215 Religion and science 1E 3E Includes evolution. Latest 1980s, mostly older.
66 titles
216-219   Not used
220 Bible. Texts and versions 3F 3F Many versions entire and parts.
Early include Syriac, Hebrew, Semitic, Synoptic, Latin, Greek, Armenian and Coptic
Modern polyglots include English, Pidgin English, German, Dutch, French, Italian,
Spanish, Gaelic, Hindi, Latin
Approx. 83 titles covering entire Bible and parts
220.5 Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Grammars 3F 3F Historical and modern, several multi-vol. works
Approx. 30 titles
220.6 General introduction - 1940 onwards 3F 3F Some recent publications. Hermeneutics especially good undergraduate collection
  175 titles
220.7 Commentaries on the whole Bible and annotated editions 3F 3F Broad coverage - general commentaries as well as specific, e.g. women's
10 titles
220.8 Miscellaneous studies 3E 3E Wide coverage of special subjects; plants, literature, semantics, medicine, music, art,
76 titles
220.9 History of biblical events - Whole bible 3E 3E Older works
N.T. in 225.9   Approx. 240 titles
221-224 Old Testament 3F 3F Generally intermediate level, though not evenly spread. Reference section
good, especially in Greek and Hebrew, major abstracts, journals good -
major international in English, except lacking ZAW
Extensive collection of Judaic material classified at 229
221.5 Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Grammars 3F 3F 8 Dictionaries, including 5 Hebrew
221.6 General introduction 3E 3E Older works
Approx 135 titles
Class No. Descriptor Coll./Lang. Codes Notes
221.7 Commentaries on the O.T. and annotated editions 3E 3E Most older material, though some new publications
16 titles (multiple copies)
221.8 Miscellaneous studies 3E 3E General studies and good coverage of special subjects, e.g. poetry, the Cross, irony,
law, and the tradition of prophecy in Israel
28 titles
221.9 History of O.T. events - background, antiquity, theology 3E 3E Older works, though varied. About 100 on theology and religion of O.T. races
Approx 110 titles
222 Historical and Legal Books 3E 3E Undergraduate study level and uneven. Generally limited to courses taught and
special interests of friars. Pentateuch and Genesis are satisfactory, other material
Approx. 365 titles (20 Pentateuch, 65 Genesis)
223 Poetic/Wisdom Books 2E 3E Barely adequate for intermediate level. Older works.
Approx. 250 titles
224 Prophetic Books Barely adequate. Ezekial commentaries satisfactory. Older works
Approx. 230 titles
225-228 New Testament 3F 3F Good general coverage in monographs and serials and includes Sacra
Pagina. Collection includes most recommended texts and provides for
undergraduate courses with newer and historical material.
Collection includes a mixture of languages.
Approx. 1620 titles
225.1-225.3 N.T. polyglots and versions Not used
225.4 Concordances 3F 3F Several covering Coptic, English and Greek.
7 titles
225.5 Dictionaries, Encyclopedias 3F 3F English, German and Greek dictionaries, some recent
Approx. 10 titles
225.6 Introductions, Criticisms, Hermeneutics 3E 3E Broad selection of texts for undergraduate study
Approx. 110 titles
225.7 Commentaries on the N.T. and annotated editions 2F 3E Older works, (Lapide, Knox) in need of updating
Approx 16 titles
225.8 Miscellaneous studies 3E 3E Broad coverage including humour, law, martyrdom, love, mission, Church
50 titles
225.9 History of events 3E 3E Very broad coverage of Jesus' life and lives of Peter, Paul and John
Some recent material, large amounts of older works
Approx 360 titles: 45 N.T. Background, 250 Jesus, 50 Apostles, 15 others
226 Historical Books 2E 3E Older works - pre 1980s
15 titles
Class No. Descriptor Coll./Lang. Codes Notes
226.1-226.22 Commentaries on the Gospels 2E 3E Most recommended texts included in collection. Gospels particularly well covered
50 titles
226.23-226.26 Matthew, Mark, Luke, John (treated separately) 3E 3E Most recommended texts. Strong Catholic commentaries. Much historical as well as
recent publications
Approx. 360 titles
226.3 Synoptics 3E 3E Includes Q "Source" 1-59, includes recent material
Approx 30 titles
226.4 Acts of the Apostles 3E 3E Some recent material, most recommended texts
Approx. 50 titles
226.5-9 Miracles, Parables, Lord's Prayer, theology of the Gospels 1E 1E Older material.
Approx 80 titles
227 Epistles 3E 3E Good coverage of Pauline and Johannine epistles in particular, also Revelation.
Includes many recommended texts.
Approx. 490 titles
228 Apocrypha 2E 2E Some important material which includes Corpus Christianorum: Series Apocryphorum
Approx. 100 titles
229 Judaica 3E 3E Small collection, but some valuable research material, especially on the Qumram
scrolls - includes series: Studies on the texts of the desert of Judah
Approx. 190 titles, of which 60 relate to Qumran scrolls
230s Dogmatic theology, Catholic and Protestant Doctrine 3E 3E Strong Catholic collection of philosophical basis of theology, handbooks,
manuals, history of doctrine. Much recent material, as well as historical
collection. Limited foreign publications
Some particular numbers in 230s not in current use (e.g. 234, 235, 236)
- other numbers preferred
Approx. 550 titles
231 God 3E 3E Some recent material, but mostly older collection. Library holds many of the
recommended theological texts, however some valuable texts are not included,
e.g. Van Beeck: God Encountered and BCC: The Forgotten Trinity
Approx 320 titles
232 Christology 3E 3E Strong collection which includes most recommended texts. (Passion and death of
Christ also at 225.9)
Approx. 275 titles
233 Mariology 2F 3E Early material predominates. Foreign works include series published by the
Academia Mariana Internationalis (Latin) on particular aspects of Mary. Some
material re Lourdes (20 titles, including documents) and life and theology of Joseph
Approx. 260 titles
Class No. Descriptor Coll./Lang. Codes Notes
234 Soteriology Salvation 1E 1E Small older collection, mostly concerning Grace
Approx. 90 titles
235 Hagiology 1E 1E Very small collection, not contemporary
Approx 15 titles
236 Eschatology 3E 3E Some recent material
Approx. 90 titles
237 Sacraments 3E 3E Large collection including many recommended texts. Historical and contemporary
Approx. 310 titles
238 Creeds 1E 1E Mostly concerning Nicene Creed. Some modern works
30 titles - of which 7 relate to Protestant and Anglican faiths
239 Systematics 3E 3E Extensive collection containing most recommended texts. Strong Catholic emphasis.
Particular strengths in introductions, Christology, eschatology, faith, revelation and
apologetics. Much older material, but also recent works for undergraduate courses.
Feminist studies requiring some careful attention in rapidly expanding field
Approx. 1080 titles
240s Devotional, Practical, Moral & Ascetical Theology
241 Moral theology 3E 3E Combines moral philosophy and moral theology, e.g. includes liberalism and justice.
Insufficient to cover all undergraduate study, however strong in law and ethics;
justice; decalogue, especially war (5th commandment) and sexuality (6th & 9th
commandments); and medical ethics. Most recommended texts and authors
represented. There is also an extensive collection of 19th and early 20th century
manuals, though lacking classical authors, e.g. Gury. See also 237: Sacraments
Approx. 790 titles
242 Meditations 2E 2E Older works
Approx. 340 titles
243 Prayer books 1E 1E Small Catholic collection, older material.
45 titles
244 Miscellany 1E 1E Older works, some poetry and letters. Extensive collection of biographies of saints
including multi-volumes
Approx 310 titles (114, Saints' biography)
245-6 Hymnology, Ecclesiology 0 0 Not used (264, 700s)
247 Ascetic theology 3E 3E Many recommended texts in spirituality and reputable authors well represented
Useful historical material regarding Christian perfection in religious life.
Approx 800 titles
Class No. Descriptor Coll./Lang. Codes Notes
248 Exterior means to obtain perfection 1E 1E Older material, recent material tends to be classified elsewhere, e.g. in sociology
pastoral theology and spirituality
Approx. 370 titles
249 Mystic theology 2E 2e Historical collection, e.g. Marjory Kempe. Medieval mystics classified with strong
medieval collection (270s-280s)
Approx. 100 titles
250s Pastoral theology, Counselling 3E 3E Catholic collection to support courses offered, includes most recommended
texts. Requires updating in particular topics, e.g. addiction, death and dying,
homosexuality, marriage and sexuality
Approx. 200 titles
260 The Christian Church: Institution and work. Evangelism 2E 2E Recent collection which includes many recommended texts.
26 titles
261 Christian communities, Social justice, Church and politics 3E 3E Worthy collection which includes much literature on liberation theology and social
justice. Little material and older, on Christianity and other religions. Much material on
Church and society, especially from Catholic perspective.
Approx. 485 titles
262 Councils and Particular Synods 1E 2E Older material on several Councils prior to Vatican II
Approx. 60 titles
262.44 Vatican II 3E 3E Extensive Vatican II material which includes collections of documents and decrees
Approx. 85 titles
262.5-262.8 National, Plenary, Provincial Councils, Diocesan Synods 1F 1E Old and sketchy collection of particular Councils
Approx. 25 titles
262.9 Australian Catholic Bishops Conferences 1E 1E Nominal collection
4 titles
263 Papal Bulls and Decrees, etc. 3E 3E Several collections of documents, and documents of individual popes, especially
Pius XII and John-Paul II
Approx. 90 titles
264 Liturgy 2E 2E Older collection, which includes some recommended texts. Mostly Catholic liturgy
Approx. 240 titles
265 History of particular R.C. liturgical books 1F 1E Some Latin music books pre-Vatican II. Other material all post-Vatican II and includes
missals, lectionaries, breviaries, and other ceremonial books
Approx. 50 titles
266 Missiology   See SVD evaluation (collection accommodated at SPC)
267-269 Associations (Catholic secular) 0 0 Nil
Class No. Descriptor Coll./Lang. Codes Notes
270s Religious history of the Christian Church N.B. Wherever Franciscans or Franciscan activity is concerned in historical
sense material is classified within Franciscana collection at 271
270 General Church history, Biographies, etc. of the popes 2E 2E Older collection which includes some important texts. Many biographies of a number
of individual popes
270.1-270.3 To 1054 Approx. 190 titles more important textbooks
270.4 Papal Supremacy, 1054-1200 Approx. 40 titles
270.5 Late Middle Ages to Renaissance, 1200-1517 Approx. 48 titles
270.6 Reformation and Counter-Reformation, 1517-1648 Approx. 40 titles
270.7 Peace of Westphalia to French Revolution, 1648-1789 Nil
270.8 Modern Church, 1789-1899 Approx. 40 titles
270.9 20th century Approx. 90 titles (70 being biographies of popes)
271 Franciscans 4W 4W Primary holding of franciscana within Australia comprising reference works and
incunabula in all applicable languages, with an emphasis on source materials. A very
extensive collection of franciscana journals, including important research titles. Also
includes comprehensive covering about all aspects of franciscanism. See Policy 9.
Approx. 2000 titles
272 Religious orders, congregations, etc. 2E 2E Broad range of material relating to large number of Catholic religious orders. Few
which are not included. Mostly older
Approx. 515 titles
273 Heresies 2E 2E Historical material relating to heresies of the first two centuries, and the fourth to the
thirteenth centuries. A little material concerning Modernism
Approx. 70 titles
274 Religious history by country 2E 2E Collection mostly concerned with countries of the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Older collection. Lacks modern material.
Approx. 280 titles (England: 118; Ireland: 45; France 37)
275 Asia 2E 2E Patchy and dated with China and India predominating
Approx. 60 titles
276 Africa 2E 2E Recent publications, mostly on Africa in general. West Africa and South Africa are
treated specifically
Approx. 70 titles
277 North America, Central America 2E 2E Small collection, mostly concentrating on U.S.A.
Approx. 65 titles
278 South America 2E 2E Mostly recent material of general nature. Little material on individual countries
Approx. 30 titles
Class No. Descriptor Coll./Lang. Codes Notes
279 Oceania 2E 2E Small collection, some historical value in Australian biography
Approx. 300 titles
N.B. Franciscana collection contains all Franciscan missionary documents relating
to Oceania. The Celsus Kelly, O.F.M. Collection contains much valuable research
material collected and collated by him in reference to early exploration and mission
in the South Pacific. Special permission must be obtained prior to accessing this
280s Christian literature.
280 Patristics 3W 3W Good basic research library in patrology containing classical editions of the Church
fathers, together with both Latin and Greek Migne and Corpus Christianorum. Lacking
essential research journals and important series
Approx. 2200 titles
280.3 Oriental writers 2F 2F 18 titles, including Patrologia Orientalis
280.4 Greek writers 3W 3W Approx. 130 titles, including Migne and Corpus Christianorum
280.5 Latin writers 3W 3W Approx. 160 titles, including Migne, Corpus Christianorum, classical edition of the
complete works of St Augustine
280.6 Medieval writers A.D. 686-1564 4W 4W Approx. 890 titles, including Corpus Christianorum and complete works of St Anselm,
St Bernard of Clairvaux, Hildegard of Bingen, St Bonaventure, Thomas Aquinas, John
Wycliffe, John Duns Scotus, and Denis the Carthusian, many being classical editions.
Collection also contains general studies and particular aspects of medieval thought
and literature
280.7 Catholic theologians, A.D. 1564- 3W 3W Approx. 600 titles, including complete works of Teresa of Avila, Robert Bellarmine,
Francisco Suarez, and Jacques Bossuet. Other important writers well represented
are John of the Cross, Francis de Sales, John Henry Newman, Teilhard de Chardin,
Bernard Lonergan, Yves Congar, Karl Rahner, Edward Schillebeeckx and Hans Kung
280.9 "Popular" writers 3E 3E Approx. 400 titles including works of Hilaire Belloc, G.K. Chesterton, Ronald Knox,
C.S. Lewis, Thomas Merton and Rosemary Haughton. There is a small number of
popular works of 19th century and earlier writers
281 Oriental Churches. Catholic and Orthodox 2E 2E Small number of general texts, older works
Approx. 40 titles
282 Uniat Churches 1E 1E Very small collection, not contemporary.
14 titles
283 Anglicanism 1E 1E Small collection
28 titles
284 Protestant denominations and sects 2E 2E Mainly Lutheran collection, including works of Martin Luther, Rudolf Bultmann, Karl
Barth, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Jurgen Moltmann and Wolfhart Pannenberg
Class No. Descriptor Coll./Lang. Codes Notes
285-289 Other Christian denominations and sects 1E 1E Very small collection
Approx. 30 titles
290 Non-Christian religions 1E 1E Very small collection
Approx. 30 titles
290 0 0 Not used. See 291-299
291-291.9 Comparative religion. Hierology. Comparative mythology 2E 2E Small collection on general notions of the philosophy of religion, eschatologic ideas,
comparative liturgy, religious symbolism, religious life and sources of religion. Some
recent publications
Approx. 240 titles
292-292.9 Greek and Roman religion and mythology 1E 1E Limited collection treating Greek and Roman mythology
Approx. 45 titles
293-299 Other historic religions Small collection, mostly treating Buddhism, Hinduism and Mohammedanism. Little
material regarding indigenous Australians
Approx. 300 titles
300s Social sciences 2E 2E A small collection of material only purchased when relevant and needed for courses
excl. 348 offered at YTU. Sources of greater depth held in 200 collection
Approx. 1050 titles
300-339 Sociology, Political science, Economics 2E 2E Little new material. Good general, though basic and older Collection dependent upon
journals to cover areas of current social, political and economic theory and affairs
Approx. 700 titles
340-349 Law 0 0 Not in scope
(excl. 348)
348 Canon law - pre Vatican II 4F 4F An excellent research collection of 18th-19th century to pre-Vatican II canon law
including important authors in different editions, e.g. Fontes, Woywod, Capello, and
Wernz-Vidal, complete set of canon law digests and dissertations presented for the
doctorate degree in Canon Law Studies at the Catholic University of America 1918-65
Approx. 450 titles
Canon law - post-Vatican II 3E 3E Of the material available, the collection contains proceedings of the Canon Law
Society of America and most of the important texts.
Approx. 50 titles
350-399 Public administration; Social pathology, social services, 1E 1E Older material including selection of material on Catholic education philosophy and
association; Education; Commerce, communication, schools. Interestingly, collection includes small number of Freemasonry titles.
transportation; Customs and folk law Approx. 310 titles
400-499 Language 3F 3F Very good selection of foreign-language dictionaries. Texts on grammar and syntax are
not recent publications, apart from biblical texts. Languages covered well include
English, European, most Latin and Greek languages, Hebrew and Semitic/Aramaic,
and Asian languages. Others include Sanskrit, Iranian languages, Celtic, Russian,
Class No. Descriptor Coll./Lang. Codes Notes
Balto-Slavonic and Indo-European languages, some Hamitic and Chad languages and
Oceanic languages. Esperanto is also included. There is an extensive collection of
biblical dictionaries.
Approx. 480 titles
500-699 General and medical sciences; Engineering; Agriculture and 0 0 Out of scope of library. Contents minimal. Extent limited to texts specifically required
related technologies; Domestic arts and sciences; to assist with YTU courses or personal request of committee members.
Managerial services; Chemicals and related technologies; Approx. 335 titles
Manufactures and Buildings
700-799 Fine and decorative arts; Music; Recreational and performing 1E 1E Small, good collection of fine arts monographs concentrating on works of art in Catholic
arts tradition and Catholic churches. Small number of journals (8 titles). Iconography and
religious painting predominate. Very small music collection.
Approx. 800 titles
800-899 Literature (Belles-lettres) 1F 1F Consists of works of literature, particularly English authors and classical Latin authors.
Very little in critical theory or history and criticism of literature.
Approx. 3350 titles
900-999 General geography and history 0 0 Out of scope of library. Contents minimal and dated. No longer policy to purchase items
in this area.
Approx. 750 titles
There is also an extensive dossier written and collected by Father John McCristal, OFM
for an intended history of the Catholic Church within Australia