Wireless network access; updated

A number of people have experienced trouble using the CTM-Public wireless network at the library: We have been told that the network settings have been changed so that users will not have their passwords expire after 24 hours but rather after 42 days (6 weeks). If you have trouble accessing the wireless network please let us know as soon as possible and we will contact the network administrators for you.

For instructions on how to connect to the CTM-Public wireless network, see this file.

Membership renewals

If you are a returning borrower and find that you cannot log in to either the catalogue or to the library's on-line resources, it is possible that your library membership has not yet been renewed.

We have no automatic processes to make sure returning borrowers are re-enrolled, so we rely on our borrowers to let us know a) that they continue to require library services, and b) whether any of their details have changed (for example, their postal address).

Please contact our Lending Services Coordinator if you have any problems logging into library services:

Wireless network access at the library

We have been advised that the new wireless internet connection is now available in the library.

The network most users will need to connect to is the 'CTM-Public' network. This network requires registration, so please plan to wait a few minutes before you get connected.

As part of the registration process you will be asked to provide an email address; it may be a good idea to nominate an address you can access from the library (such as a Hotmail or Gmail webmail address) so that you can retrieve your password using one of the library terminals.

We have been told that documentation will be available soon; please ask at the desk next time you're at the library.