About us

The Dalton McCaughey Library is jointly administered by the Australian Jesuits and the Victorian and Tasmanian Synod of the Uniting Church to support the students, lecturers and researchers of its home institutions within the University of Divinity. Until 2007, when it opened in a new building, it was named the Joint Theological Library. It took its present name to honour Fr William Dalton and Rev Dr Davis McCaughey, who founded the library in 1970.

The library supports the teaching programmes of Pilgrim Theological College and Trinity College Theological School, and is capable of resourcing scholarly research in many areas. It houses one of the largest theological collections in Australia.

Students of the University of Divinity, of which Pilgrim Theological College and Trinity College Theological School are Recognized Teaching Institutions, and some other groups - see our Membership page - are automatically entitled to borrow. Fee based membership is available to others, and to organizations.