Access Conditions for Dalton McCaughey Library Online Resources

Remote access

In most cases, access to the resources from outside the Library is limited to the current students and staff of Pilgrim Theological College, Trinity College Theological School and Jesuit College of Spirituality.

When prompted for your user ID and PIN, enter the last five digits of the barcode number on the back of your borrower's card and your post-code, unless you registered an alternative PIN when you enrolled.

If you have outstanding Library fines or fees (meaning fines or fees in excess of $12) your access to any of the Library's online resources will normally be suspended until the matter is resolved.

If you cannot access the resources but believe you are entitled to, please contact the Library.

Local access

All of the resources are available to walk-in users from any of the Library's own computers, or from a computer they connect by ethernet cable (not by wi-fi) to the Library's network.

Terms of use

You are always obliged to adhere to the fair use provisions of the Copyright Act (See Copyright warnings). You should also adhere to any further restrictions of which you are notified by the publisher on its website.