DML Ebooks in phones, tablets and mobile devices

These instructions apply to EBSCO, Ebrary and EBL e-books, but not to the books in the ATLA historical collections.

In the case of a smartphone or tablet, you can download DML e-books to your device directly via the internet browser, but you will need two things - the Bluefire app and an Adobe ID. Both are free.

Bluefire is obtainable from both Google Play and the Apple Appstore.

An Adobe ID is obtainable here.

In installing Bluefire, link it to your Adobe ID.

To directly download a DML e-book to a mobile device, first open the book in the browser; then "Download" it. In doing this you will be prompted to open it in Bluefire.

If your smartphone or tablet is an Apple device, you may use iTunes to transfer a DML e-book, once downloaded to your Mac or PC, to your device. The instructions for this are here.

DML e-books may also be opened in any e-book reader that supports Adobe Digital Editions. Check your e-reader against the list of such devices here.

The Amazon Kindle does not support Adobe Digital Editions.

To get a DML e-book onto an e-book reader, treat it in the same way as any e-book from a book store or public library. Download it to your PC and open it in Adobe Digital Editions. You will be able to transfer it from Adobe Digital editions to your device in the normal way.