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Call No. Author Title
BP39 G761 Grant Bruce K guide to Korean characters reading and writing Hangul and Hanja / 2000.
CB97.5 M412 Early Christian reader Christian texts from the first and second centuries in contemporary English translations including the New Revised Standard Version of the New Testament / c2013.
DD D764 2011 Drane John William Introducing the Old Testament / 2011.
DD G776 introduction to the Hebrew Bible a thematic approach / c2008.
DF34 K92 I Im Brennpunkt die Septuaginta Bd 2 Siegfried Kreuzer Jürgen Peter Lesch Hrsg Mit Beitr von Anneli Aejmelaeus / 2004
DL18 B987 2014 Butler Trent C Joshua / 2014.
DL38 G722 Gow Murray D Murray Donald 1947 Book of Ruth its structure theme and purpose / 1992.
DM55 D631 Doak Brian R Consider Leviathan narratives of nature and the self in Job / 2014.
DM70 D357 R Reading Ecclesiastes intertextually / 2014.
DN H758 Concerning the nations essays on the oracles against the nations in Isaiah Jeremiah and Ezekiel / 2015.
DN O13 C OBrien Julia M Challenging prophetic metaphor theology and ideology in the prophets / c2008.
DN R313 Redditt Paul L Introduction to the Prophets / 2008.
DN S462 Seitz Christopher R Prophecy and hermeneutics toward a new introduction to the prophets / c2007.
DN35 K68 Knetsch Robert L darkened reading a reception history of the Book of Isaiah in a divided church / c2014.
DN60 J89 G God Ezekiel creates / 2015.
DX99 H855 Cognitive linguistic explorations in biblical studies / c2014.
DY5 M145 By bread alone the Bible through the eyes of the hungry / c2014.
FH5 A982 Fortress commentary on the Bible The New Testament / c2014.
FL5 M6859 Mligo Elia Shabani Symbolic interactionism in the Gospel according to John a contextual study on the symbolism of water / c2014.
FL8 L674 Lewis Karoline M 1966 John / c2014.
FM9 (13) M849 Morgan Wynne John Eifion Pauls Pisidian Antioch speech Acts 13 / c2014.
FN38 W868 Wolter Michael 1950 Brief an die Römer / c2014.
FR8 C325 Carter Warren 1955 What does Revelation reveal unlocking the mystery / c2011.
FT31 S357 Schnabel Eckhard J Paul the missionary realities strategies and methods / 2008.
FX19 G497 Giordani Igino 1894 1980 social message of Jesus / 1943.
FX19 O11 J Oakman Douglas E Jesus debt and the lords prayer first century debt and jesus intentions / [2014]
FX35 H818 Horsley Richard A Jesus and magic freeing the gospel stories from modern misconceptions / [2014].
FX63 T367 In Christ in Paul explorations in Pauls theology of union and participation / c2014.
GQ A33 XL47 (15) Schenk Richard Deutung vorchristlicher Riten im Frühwerk des Albertus Magnus / 2014
GT4 C3 Gal XK49 Kim Sun Young Luther on faith and love Christ and the law in the 1535 Galatians commentary / 2014.
GU3 T474 Thompson Mark D Engaging with Calvin aspects of the reformers legacy for today / 2009.
GW28 P194 XL19 Lakkis Stephen 1973 New hope Wolfhart Pannenberg and the natural sciences on time / c2014.
IA47 K14 Kalantzis George Caesar and the Lamb early Christian attitudes on war and military service / c2012.
JF17 S645 Smith David L David Lorne Theologies of the 21st century trends in contemporary theology / 2014.
JG4 G384 LEW Gertrude the Great Saint 1256 1302 herald of divine love / c1993.
MT21.6 G977 Gupta Pamila relic state St Francis Xavier and the politics of ritual in Portuguese India / 2014.
MU24 V393 XM47 Maynard Jean Olwen Joseph Vaz apostle to Sri Lanka / c2001.
MW27 H236 Handman Courtney Critical Christianity translation and denominational conflict in Papua New Guinea / [2015]
MW65.6 M849 Morgan Patrick 1941 Melbourne before Mannix catholics in public life 1880 1920 / 2012.
MW66 R659 IB Robinson D W B Donald William Bradley 1922 Donald Robinson selected works / 2008.
MX14 I31 Imasogie Osadolor 1928 Guidelines for Christian theology in Africa / 1993.
MX14 S228 E Sanneh Lamin O Encountering the West Christianity and the global cultural process the African dimension / 1993.
NR W948 Wright Christopher J H 1947 mission of God unlocking the Bibles grand narrative / c2006.
NR W957 Wrogemann Henning 1964 Interkulturelle Theologie und Hermeneutik Grundfragen aktuelle Beispiele theoretische Perspektiven / 2012
NR W957 Wrogemann Henning 1964 Missionstheologien der Gegenwart Globale Entwicklungen kontextuelle Profile und ökumenische Herausforderungen / 2013.
NR5 S228 2009 Sanneh Lamin O Translating the message the missionary impact on culture / 2009.
PX33 C967 Penina uliuli contemporary challenges in mental health for Pacific peoples / c2007.
PX48 W586 R White Michael Michael Kingsley Re authoring lives interviews and essays / 1995.
QK8 D438 XC69 Jacques Derrida key concepts / 2015.
QU45 H157 Posthuman bodies / 1995.
QY40 B265 Baron Marcia Three methods of ethics a debate / 1997.
QZ G883 (098) McCloughry Roy Population growth and Christian ethics / 1995.
QZ G883 (100) Leal Dave On marriage as vocation / 1996.
QZ G883 (103) Messer Neil G therapeutic covenant Christian ethics doctor patient relationships and informed consent / 1996.
QZ G883 (104) Forster Greg Education vision ethos and values / 1997.
QZ G883 (105) Higginson Richard ethics of business competition the law of the jungle / 1997.
QZ G883 (109) Goddard Andrew European Union a Christian perspective / 1998.
QZ G883 (110) Buckley Susan L Usury friendly the ethics of moneylending a Biblical interpretation / 1998.
QZ G883 (114) Deane Drummond Celia Genetic engineering for a new Earth theology and ethics of the new biology / 1999.
QZ G883 (123) Rigg Keith M ethics of transplantation / c2001.
QZ G883 (126) Simpson Rick Abortion choosing who lives evaluating the process by which abortion is permitted / 2002.
QZ G883 (175) Burdett Michael S Technology and the rise of transhumanism beyond genetic engineering / c2014.
QZ5 V291 Vardy Peter puzzle of ethics / 1994.
QZ6 N616 Nichols Alan 1937 Life death decisions teach yourself ethics / 1997.
RB36 E47 Ellis Fiona 1964 God value and nature / 2014.
RC75 W953 Wright Stephen Stephen John Dogmatic aesthetics a theology of beauty in dialogue with Robert W Jenson / c2014.
RS40 S221 Sands Paul Francis justification of religious faith in Søren Kierkegaard John Henry Newman and William James / 2014.
RU20 J28 James Molly Field With joyful acceptance maybe developing a contemporary theology of suffering in conversation with five Christian thinkers Gregory the Great Julian of Norwich Jeremy Taylor C S Lewis and Ivone Gebara / 2013.
SD60 T367 O Oxford handbook of theology sexuality and gender / 2015.
TX33 L642 Lester G Brooke 1966 Understanding Bible by design create courses with purpose / c2014.
TX56 O98 I57 Inman Daniel D Daniel David 1984 Making of modern English theology God and the academy at Oxford 1833 1945 / c2014.
UA23 R234 Rathel David Mark Baptists and the emerging church movement a Baptistic assessment of four themes of emerging church ecclesiology / c2014.
UG78 F499 Fink John F Married saints / c1999.
UG86.4 B828 Bread and wine readings for Lent and Easter / c2003.
UG86.5 C251 Capra Elio Called gifted sent the sacraments of Christian initiation and the Triduum / 2010.
UH18 G883 (221) Tovey Phillip How to prepare and conduct a funeral for Readers and other lay ministers / November 2014.
UH23 V777 Vincie Catherine 1951 Celebrating the divine mystery a primer in liturgical theology / c2009.
UL24 L782 2012 v.1 Liturgy documents Volume one Essential documents for parish worship / c2012.
UL24 L782 2012 v.2 Liturgy documents Volume two essential documents for parish sacramental rites and other liturgies / c2012.
WD64 P944 Theology mission and child global perspectives / 2014.
WP2 G883 (036) Lapwood Robin When babies die some guidelines for helpers of bereaved parents / 1992.
WP2.5 W573 Whipp Margaret SCM studyguide to pastoral theology / 2013.
XA91 G883 (131) Miller Nick Edith Cavell a forgotten heroine / 2014.
XS D935 Durka Gloria Praying with Hildegard of Bingen / c1991.
XS H893 S Hughes Gerard W In search of a way two journeys of discovery / 1978.
YX20 Z86 Zola Irving Kenneth 1935 Socio medical inquiries recollections reflections and reconsiderations / 1983.
YX24 H778 Hooft Stan van 1945 Caring about health / c2006.
YX24 K11 Synthetic future can we create what we want out of synthetic biology / 2014.
YX24 M681 Mitchell C Ben Christian bioethics a guide for pastors health care professionals and families / c2014.
YX27 G676 Gosden Roger Designer babies the brave new world of reproductive technology / 1999.