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Call No. Author Title
BT83 V173 Vallins G H George Henry Making meaning of words a companion to the dictionary / 1949.
BZ2.3 C363 Cather Willa 1873 1947 Death comes for the archbishop / 1929.
BZ8.5 A132 Abbott J H M John Henry Macartney 1874 1953 Kings School and other tales for old boys / 1931.
CL15 L879 Losch Richard R uttermost part of the earth a guide to places in the Bible / c2005.
DB M162 Temple in text and tradition a Festschrift in honour of Robert Hayward / 2015.
DD D547 Dick Michael Brennan 1943 Reading the Old Testament an inductive introduction / c2008.
DK69 (25) R328 Rees Anthony Rereading again a mosaic reading of Numbers 25 / 2014.
DN45 H758 Jeremiah invented constructions and deconstructions of Jeremiah / 2015.
ER47 1961 Siddur English Hebrew 1961 authorised daily prayer book of the United Hebrew Congregations of the British Empire / 1961.
FJ5 H779 Hoogsteen T tradition of the elders the way of the oral law / c2014.
FK50 W754 Wilson Walter T Healing in the Gospel of Matthew reflections on method and ministry / c2014.
FX99 S629 Skreslet Stanley H Picturing Christian witness New Testament images of disciples in mission / c2006.
GN3 XC61 Clavier Mark Eloquent wisdom rhetoric cosmology and delight in the theology of Augustine of Hippo / c2014.
GT2.1 B113 Männer eine Idee die Reformation / 1985.
GU2 B619 Birnstein Uwe Reformator wie Johannes Calvin Zucht und Freiheit lehrte / 2009.
GW28 B714 J2 Bonhoeffer Dietrich 1906 1945 Auf Gott vertrauen Texte und Gebete / 2004.
HZA25 G373 Germany Auswärtiges Amt Documents and materials relating to the eve of the Second World War / 1948.
IU A232 Adeney Miriam 1945 Kingdom without borders the untold story of global Christianity / c2009.
IX79 S678 B226 XW94 Wren Elinor peasant girl of Joigny Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat foundress of the Society of the Sacred Heart 1779 1865 / 1925.
JG4 J94 R 1986 Julian of Norwich 1343 revelation of love / 1976.
JR13 (142) NGB Living today towards visible unity German Gemeinsam auf dem Weg zur sichtbaren Einheit die 5 Internationale Konsultation vereinigter und sich vereinigender Kirchen Potsdam 1 bis 8 Juli 1987 / 1988.
JR16 D697 Döring Heinrich Grundkurs ökumenischer Information / 1978.
JR22 O77 Aus dem Schlaf der Sicherheit Dokumentation der 1 Ökumenischen Sommeruniversität / 1992.
KE B298 Basdekis Athanasios 1943 Orthodoxe Kirche eine Handreichung für nicht orthodoxe und orthodoxe Christen und Kirchen / 2001.
KE N998 Handbuch der Ostkirchenkunde / 1984-
KK26 L952 Unterwegs nach Europa Perspektiven evangelischer Kirchen ein Lesebuch im Auftrag des Exekutivausschusses für die Leuenberger Kirchengemeinschaft / c2001.
KM3.8 B583 Bicknell E J Edward John 1882 1934 theological introduction to the Thirty nine Articles of the Church of England / [1955].
LC63 N692 Nikitenko Ivan Orthodox Eastern faith in Ukraine / 1986.
LG28 V215 Valtin Jan 1904 1951 Out of the night / 1941.
LG28 W217 Waln Nora 1895 1964 Reaching for the stars / 1939.
LJ P15.6 O46 XG61 Reformatorische Zeugnisse von Pastor Olimart und seinen Glaubensbrüdern vom Niederrhein / 1981.
LM92 A T352 Reformation verpflichtet Gestalten und Gestalter in Stadt und Landschaft Basel aus fünf Jahrhunderten / cop. 1979.
LN45 W365 Webb Leicester Chisholm 1905 1962 Church and state in Italy 1947 1957 / 1958.
LS31 B659 R Blunt John Henry 1823 1884 Reformation of the Church of England its history principles and results A D 1514 1547 / 1868.
LS33 B261 XA21 Adams Bruce W Bruce Wilmot Robert Barnes Luthers ambassador to the English / [1985]
LS42.5 U85 Usher Roland G Roland Greene 1880 reconstruction of the English church / 1910.
LW94 A428 Religious history of Wales relious life and practice in Wales from the seventeenth century to the present day / 2004.
MT20 E92 Evangelisches Missionswerk in Deutschland EMW Kosmos Indien mehr als Hightech und heilige Kuhe / 2014.
MW27 A228 Adela Sister F D N S C challenge to you catechists and lay missionaries in the Sacred Heart Missions of Papua New Guinea / [1972].
MW27 C363 Archdiocese of Rabaul New Britain New Guinea / 1976.
MW60 M911 Moses John Anthony 1930 Anzac Day origins Canon DJ Garland and Trans Tasman commemoration / 2013.
MW61.4 A626 1965 Aboriginal Affairs Association Answering your questions about Aborigines with Directory of Aboriginal Affairs departments and reading guide / 1965.
MW61.4 W359 B World Council of Churches Programme to Combat Racism Between two worlds report of a WCC team visit to aboriginal communities in Australia January 1991 / 1991.
MW61.45 A188 Aboriginal heroes and heroines of the resistance / 1988.
MW61.64 A938 A Australia Department of Territories Aborigines and you / 1963.
MW61.64 S573 XA72 Arkley Lindsey hated protector the story of Charles Wightman Sievwright Protector of Aborigines 1839 42 / 2000.
MW65A 1885 M Catholic Church Diocese of Melbourne Vic Synodus diocesanus 2nd Melbourne Vic 1885 Acta et decreta secundae synodi diocesanae Melbournensis habitae in ecclesia cathedrali Sancti Patritii / 1885
MW65A 1890 Catholic Church Diocese of Adelaide S Aust Synodus diocesanus 2nd Adelaide S Aust 1890 Acta et decreta synodi secundae dioecesanae quae habita fuit in ecclesia cathedrali Adelaidensi / 1890.
MW65.2 A938 Australian Catholic Education Congress 1936 Adelaide S Aust Australian Catholic Education Congress Adelaide Australia November 8th 15th 1936 / [1937]
MW67.6C C749 Congregational Union of Victoria Constitution by laws model set of rules amended and adopted May 1938 also model trust deed etc / 1938
MW69.6 R582 XA54 Anderson Hugh 1927 Ringwood place of many eagles / 1988.
MW75 P876 Pound J N From oak to kowhai / [1979]
MW77P S6961 They continue in faith the last 25 years celebrating 150 years 1860 2010 Knox Church Dunedin / 2010.
MX16.4 B219 XK89 Krämer Gudrun Hasan al Banna / 2010.
NM M6784 Aufbruch zu einer missionarischen Ökumene ein Verständigungsprozess über die gemeinsame Aufgabe der Mission und Evangelisation in Deutschland / 1999.
NR C616 Jung und Alt in Nord und Süd die Generationenfrage weltweit im Wandel / 2013.
NR G922 Guder Darrell L 1939 continuing conversion of the Church / c2000.
NR M837 Moreau A Scott 1955 Contextualization in world missions mapping and assessing evangelical models / c2012.
NR R425 Reppenhagen Martin Auf dem Weg zu einer missionalen Kirche die Diskussion um eine missional church in den USA / c2011.
OZ4 B645 S Blavatsky H P Helena Petrovna 1831 1891 secret doctrine the synthesis of science religion and philosophy / 1888-1897.
PA20 C189 Campbell Mary B 1954 Wonder science imagining worlds in early modern Europe / 1999.
PG30 L678 B Lewontin Richard C 1929 doctrine of DNA biology as ideology / 1993.
PG57 H662 Recoding nature critical perspectives on genetic engineering / 2004.
PX48 M745 Narrative therapy in practice the archaeology of hope / c1997.
QY46 W949 Wright G H von Georg Henrik 1916 2003 varieties of goodness / 1963.
RB40 M386 Martini Carlo Maria Woran glaubt wer nicht glaubt / 1998.
RE63 R661 Robinson Haddon W Decision making by the book / 1992.
RU20 M515 Meister Chad V 1965 Evil a guide for the perplexed / c2012.
RU20 P634 Pihlström Sami Taking evil seriously / 2014.
SD66 S698 Song Robert Covenant and calling towards a theology of same sex relationships / 2014.
SD70 B836 Bremner Moyra GE genetic engineering and you / 1999.
SD70 C597 Genetic counselling practice and principles / 1994.
SD70 D2622 Davis Joel 1948 Mapping the code the Human Genome Project and the choices of modern science / c1990.
SD70 G181 I Galton David J In our own image eugenics and the genetic modification of people / 2001.
SD70 G738 Graham Elaine Representations of the post human monsters aliens and others in popular culture / c2002.
SD70 H876 Hubbard Ruth 1924 Exploding the gene myth how genetic information is produced and manipulated by scientists physicians employers insurance companies educators and law enforcers / c1997.
SD70 I24 Iglesias Teresa IVF and justice moral social and legal issues related to human in vitro fertilisation / 1990.
SD70 K41 Kerr Anne Genetic politics from eugenics to genome / c2002.
SD70 N419 Nelkin Dorothy Dangerous diagnostics the social power of biological information / c1989.
SD70 N611 Nicholl Desmond S T introduction to genetic engineering / c1994.
SD70 N688 Nightingale Elena O Before birth prenatal testing for genetic disease / c1990.
SD70 S968 Suzuki David T 1936 Cracking the code redesigning the living world / 1994.
SD70 Y83 Yoxen Edward gene business who should control biotechnology / 1983.
SH43 C363 S Studies in Catholic action a practical approach / 1948
SH43 W519 West Morris 1916 1999 Children of the sun / 1957.
SK34 A291 Breakfast reading including thoughts of the servant of God Mary Augustine Aikenhead / 1939.
SL55 K43 Kevorkian Jack Prescription medicide the goodness of planned death / 1991.
SQ40 M482 limits to growth a report for The Club of Romes project on the predicament of mankind / 1979.
SQ50 A429 Allen Stanley Farmer Money the question of the age by Stanley F Allen / [1938?]
SX20 A877 Atkinson Meredith 1883 1929 new social order a study of post war reconstruction / 1919.
SY46 D776 Drewermann Eugen Spirale der Angst der Krieg und das Christentum / 1991.
TC91 A823 Ashby Eric 1904 1992 Challenge to education / 1946.
TG A9386 Australian College of Education Annual meeting 1st 1971 Melbourne Vic Educational values in a democracy / 1960.
TL30 H473 Heitz Sergius Christus in euch Hoffnung auf Herrlichkeit orthodoxes Glaubensbuch für erwachsene und heranwachsende Gläubige / 1982]
TU78 A823 Ashby Eric 1904 1992 Universities in Australia / 1944
UA23 H376 Unsichtbare oder sichtbare Kirche Beiträge zur Ekklesiologie / c1992.
UA25 V368 Vaughan Roger Bede 1834 1883 Advent conferences / 1876.
UA66 A589 Ordination its meaning value and theology a report to the Sydney Diocesan Synod / 1981.
UA70 G322 geistliche Amt in der Kirche / 1982.
UB88.1 V215 Valuy Benôit 1808 1869 Directorium sacerdotale a guide for priests in their public and private life with an appendix for the use of seminarists / 1907.
UG62 K89 Kötting Bernhard 1910 Peregrinatio religiosa Wallfahrten in der Antike und das Pilgerwesen in der alten Kirche / 1950.
UG80 W753 Wilson M Dunstan Mary Dunstan Sister Keep in step with the church / 1949.
UH23 R183 W Ramshaw Elaine 1956 What is changing in baptismal practice / c1995.
UH83 L354 Readings for the assembly New Revised Standard Version emended Revised common lectionary / c1995-c1997
UJ20 K14 Liturgie die Göttliche Liturgie der Orthodoxen Kirche Deutsch Griechisch Kirchenslawisch / ├2000.
UJ35 A938 NEF Australian Antiochian Orthodox Diocese divine liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom / 1996.
UL24 V345 Vatican Council 2nd 1962 1965 Constitution of the sacred liturgy with a discussion club outline and the Decree regarding the media of social communication / 1965.
UL29 V539 Verdon Monsignor manual of sacred chant and ceremonies containing psalms hymns chants for Vespers and the litanies and prayers for the Forty Hours Adoration together with an exposition of Gregorian chant and the ceremonies of Vespers Benediction High Mas / 1895.
UL43.5 1964 Catholic Church Roman breviary An approved English translation complete in one volume from the official text of the Breviarium romanum authorized by the Holy See / [1964]
UP99 A58 Anglican Church of Kenya Our modern services / 2002.
UU7 W822 AGG With all Gods people German Mit Gottes Volk auf Erden ökumenischer Fürbittkalender / 1989.
VL10 T778 Thuma Mina Singen mit den Partnerkirchen singing with our partner churches Internationales Ökumenisches Liederbuch International ecumenical hymnbook / 1995.
VN87 M922 Ane hymn book in the Motu language of New Guinea / 1944.
VP40 1939 Australian student hymnal / 1939
WD80 P346 Payne Jervis David 1974 Strangers next door immigration migration and mission / c2012.
WV43 V368 Vaughan Roger Bede 1834 1883 Christ and His Kingdom and The schools of our fathers two lectures delivered in the Princess Theatre Sandhurt / 1878.
XC M378 Marti Kurt 1921 Red und Antwort Rechenschaft im Gespräch / 1988.
XQ8.5 V368 Vaughan Roger Bede 1834 1883 Lenten exercises / 1877.
YF67 P796 Pongracz Patricia Christian story five Asian artists today / 2007.
YX23 B817 Brand Paul W Pain the gift nobody wants / c1993.
YX24 B862 British Medical Association Ethics Science and Information Division Medical ethics today its practice and philosophy / 1993.
YX24 B862 P British Medical Association Philosophy and practice of medical ethics / c1988.
YX24 B927 healing bond the patient practitioner relationship and therapeutic responsibility / 1994.
YX24 C187 P Campbell Alastair V Practical medical ethics / 1992.
YX24 C432 Ethics reproduction and genetic control / 1990.
YX24 C968 Ethics at the bedside / 1990.
YX24 D495 Devine Richard J 1929 Good care painful choices medical ethics for ordinary people / c1996.
YX24 D695 Dorff Elliot N Matters of life and death a Jewish approach to modern medical ethics / 1998.
YX24 D923 Dunn H P Ethics for doctors nurses and patients / c1994.
YX24 F261 Faulder Carolyn Whose body is it the troubling issue of informed consent / 1985.
YX24 F828 Frank Arthur W renewal of generosity illness medicine and how to live / 2004.
YX24 K81 Troubled bodies critical perspectives on postmodernism medical ethics and the body / 1995.
YX24 L479 Birthrights law and ethics at the beginnings of life / 1990, c1989.
YX24 L642 Lester Lane P Human cloning playing God or scientific progress / c1998.
YX24 L817 Moral dilemmas in modern medicine / 1985.
YX24 M6819 Mitchell Kenneth R Kenneth Roy Bioethics and clinical ethics for health care professionals / 1996.
YX24 N426 Stories and their limits narrative approaches to bioethics / 1997.
YX24 S352 To the unborn with love essays in honour of Daniel Ch Overduin / c1990.
YX24 S616 Sinclair Daniel B Tradition and the biological revolution the application of Jewish law to the treatment of the critically ill / c1989.
YX24 Y83 Yoxen Edward Unnatural selection coming to terms with the new genetics / 1986.
YX26 H791 Hope R A Medical ethics and law the core curriculum / 2003.
YX50 C466 last right Australians take sides on the right to die / 1995.
YX50 D256 Davies Jean Choice in dying the facts about voluntary euthanasia / 1997.
YX50 M345 Marker Rita Deadly compassion the death of Ann Humphry and the case against euthanasia / 1994.
YX50 P771 Pollard B J Brian James Euthanasia should we kill the dying / c1989.
YX84 S857 Stiller Calvin R Lifegifts the real story of organ transplants / 1990.