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Call No. Author Title
BY5 M454 IOS Mauriac François 1885 1970 Mauriac par lui meme / [1953]
BY5 M454 O Mauriac François 1885 1970 Mémoires intérieurs / c1959
CB42.8 Mark 2015 Bible Mark Syriac Harklean Yohanna 2014 Gospel of Mark in the Syriac Harklean version an edition based upon the earliest witnesses / [2015]
CB92 NRSV 2011 LP Bible English New Revised Standard Holy Bible N R S V New Revised Standard Version / 2011.
CD63 S952 Sullivan Violet M Bible teaching made easy / [1943]-1949
CH2 S654 Smith Lesley Lesley Janette Glossa ordinaria the making of a medieval Bible commentary / 2009.
CH5 E46 N Ellicott C J Charles John 1819 1905 New Testament commentary for English readers / 1897.
CH5 E46 O Old Testament commentary for English readers by various writers / 1882-1884.
CL29 S861 Stirling John F John Featherstone atlas illustrating the Acts of the Apostles and the Epistles / 1919.
CL99 S861 Stirling John F John Featherstone atlas of the life of Christ / 1949.
CP40 W747 Wilson Clifford 1923 That incredible book the Bible / 1973.
CT35 W786 Winter Miriam Therese WomanWitness a feminist lectionary and psalter women of the Hebrew scriptures part two / 1992.
DK30 J17 Jacobs Mignon R Gender power and persuasion the Genesis narratives and contemporary portraits / c2007.
DN S859 deuteronomistische Geschichtswerk / [2011].
DY5 S855 Stiebert Johanna Fathers and daughters in the Hebrew Bible / 2013.
EZ30 V865 Vlach Michael J Michael Joseph 1966 church as a replacement of Israel an analysis of supersessionism / c2009.
FK60 S352 Schmidt Karl Matthias Wege des Heils Erzählstrukturen und Rezeptionskontexte des Markusevangeliums / 2010.
FL5 S985 Sylva Dennis D 1953 Thomas love as strong as death faith and commitment in the Fourth Gospel / 2013.
FR V513 Ancient Christian interpretations of violent texts in the Apocalypse / 2011.
FT34 P979 Last Years of Paul essays from the Tarragona Conference June 2013 / 2014.
FX35 S117 Sabourin Leopold divine miracles discussed and defended / c1977.
FX63 T385 J Theobald Michael Jesus Kirche und das Heil der Anderen / 2013.
FY5 Z63 Zhekov Yordan Kalev Defining the New Testament logia on divorce and remarriage in a pluralistic context / c2009.
GM3 T45 XS39 Schwartz Daniel Louis 1973 Paideia and cult Christian initiation in Theodore of Mopsuestia / 2013.
GT3.5 2015 Luther Martin 1483 1546 annotated Luther / 2015-
GU4 F22 XZ94 Zuidema Jason Early French reform the theology and spirituality of Guillaume Farel / c2011.
GW28 B284 XF69 Ford David 1948 Barth and Gods story biblical narrative and the theological method of Karl Barth in the church dogmatics / 2008.
JH E52 Concise evangelical dictionary of theology / 1993, c1991.
KH48 B55 XP48 Peters Walter H life of Benedict XV / <1959>.
LS31 A162 Abrera Anna Ysabel d king with a pope in his belly / 2008.
LS43 H536 XD79 Drury John 1936 Music at midnight the life and poetry of George Herbert / 2013.
LT32 052 K48 SL Kilroy Gerard 1945 Edmund Campion a scholarly life / 2015.
LU66 A 2002 Wesley John 1703 1791 John Wesley on Christian practice the standard sermons in modern English / c2003.
MR4 W959 Wu Ziming Chinese Christianity an interplay between global and local perspectives / 2012.
MW27 S616 Sinclair James 1928 Behind the ranges patrolling in New Guinea / 1966.
MW27 W714 Willey Keith 1930 1984 Assignment New Guinea / 1965.
MW44.5 C363 Jesus Christ and the peoples of Oceania walking his way telling his truth living his life Lineamenta / 1977.
MW61.42 H289 Harney W E William Edward 1895 1962 significance of Ayers Rock for Aborigines / [1979]
MW61.45 W749 Wilson Lindsay 1939 Kerkar lu contemporary artefacts of the Torres Strait Islanders / 1993.
MW62 A939 v.1 Mackaness George 1882 1968 Robert Louis Stevenson his association with Australia / 1976.
MW62 A939 v.2 Ducharme Léandre 1815 1845 Journal of a political exile in Australia / 1976.
MW62 A939 v.3 Howe Robert chronology of momentous events in Australian history 1788 1846 in two parts edited with introduction notes and commentary by George Mackaness / 1976.
MW62 A939 v.4 Robinson Michael Massey 1744 1826 Odes of Michael Massey Robinson first poet laureate of Australia 1754 1826 / 1976.
MW62 A939 v.5 Bligh William 1754 1817 Fresh light on Bligh being some unpublished correspondence of Captain William Bligh R N and Lieutenant Francis Godolphin Bond R N with Lieutenant Bonds manuscript notes made on voyage of H M S Providence 1791 1795 / 1976.
MW62 A939 v.6 Prieur F X François Xavier 1814 1891 Notes of a convict of 1838 / 1976.
MW62 A939 v.7 Anderson Ronald S Ronald Shand Australian gold fields their discovery progress and prospects / 1976.
MW62 A939 v.8 Australian gold diggings where they are and how to get at them with letters from settlers and diggers telling how to work them / 1976.
MW62 A939 v.9 Erskine John Elphinstone 1806 1887 short account of the late discoveries of gold in Australia with notes of a visit to the gold district / 1976.
MW62 A939 v.10 Mackaness George 1882 1968 Captain William Blighs discoveries and observations in Van Diemens Land / 1943 ; Dubbo :
MW62 A939 v.11 Mackaness George 1882 1968 Some proposals for establishing colonies in the south seas / 1976.
MW62 A939 v.13 Suttor George 1774 1859 Memoirs of George Suttor F L S Banksian collector 1774 1859 / 1977.
MW62 A939 v.14 Gates William 1816 1865 Recollections of life in Van Diemans Land / 1977.
MW62 A939 v.16 Burn David 1798 1875 Narrative of the overland journey of Sir John and Lady Franklin and party from Hobart Town to Macquarie Harbour 1842 / 1977.
MW62 A939 v.17 Franklin John Sir 1786 1847 Some private correspondence of Sir John and Lady Jane Franklin Tasmania 1837 1845 / 1977.
MW62 A939 v.19 Robinson George Augustus 1791 1866 George Augustus Robinsons journey into south eastern Australia 1844 with George Henry Haydons narrative of part of the same journey / 1978.
MW62 A939 v.20 Johnson Richard 1753 1827 Some letters of Rev Richard Johnson B A first chaplain of New South Wales / 1978.
MW62 A939 v.22 Fourteen journeys over the Blue Mountains of New South Wales 1813 1841 / 1978.
MW62 A939 v.25 Melville Henry 1799 1873 history of Van Diemens Land from the year 1824 to 1835 inclusive during the administration of Lieutentant Governor George Arthur in 3 parts / 1978.
MW62 A939 v.28 Cotton John 1801 1849 correspondence of John Cotton Victorian pioneer 1842 1849 in three parts / 1978.
MW62 A939 v.31 Thompson George Slavery and famine punishments for sedition or An account of the miseries and starvation at Botany Bay / 1979.
MW62 A939 v.32 Bland William 1789 1868 Account of the duel between William Bland and Robert Case and the circumstances that led thereto drawn up for posterity / 1979.
MW62 A939 v.33 Davoren Lawrence new song made in New South Wales on the rebellion / 1979.
MW62 A939 v.35 Wells T E Thomas E 1782 1833 Michael Howe the last and worst of the bushrangers of Van Diemens Land narrative of the chief atrocities committed by this great murderer and his associates during a period of six years in Van Diemens Land / 1979 printing.
MW62 A939 v.36 Juvenal Pindar Van Diemens Land warriors / 1979.
MW62 A939 v.37 Mackaness George 1882 1968 Some fictitious voyages to Australia / 1979.
MW62 A939 v.38 Dalrymple Alexander 1737 1808 Alexander Dalrymples A serious admonition to the public on the intended thief colony at Botany Bay with a memoir / 1979.
MW62 A939 v.39 Flinders Matthew 1774 1814 Observations on the coasts of Van Diemens Land on Basss Strait and its Islands and on part of the coasts of New South Wales / 1979.
MW62 A939 v.40 Chapman Frederick Sir 1849 1936 Governor Phillip in retirement / 1979.
MW62 A939 v.41 Strutt William 1825 1915 Australian journal of William Strutt A R A 1850 1862 / 1979.
MW62 A939 v.43 Discovery and exploration of Moreton Bay and the Brisbane river 1799 1823 in two parts / 1979.
MW67L S915 Strehlow T G H Theodor George Henry 1908 1978 Journey to Horseshoe Bend / 1969.
MW67P V645 (196) historical review of 100 years of St Johns Presbyterian Church Essendon / 1952]
MW68.2 T463 Thomas Zillah To the glory of God a history of the Katanning Methodist and Presbyterian churches / 1988]
MW69.6 S958 Sunderland Lynn 1957 Charlies book the life and times of a country town / 1999.
MW69.7 W417 Weidenhofer Maggie 1941 Maria Island a Tasmanian Eden / 1977.
MW72.1 S172 Salmond Anne 1945 Two worlds first meetings between Maori and Europeans 1642 1772 / 1991.
MW74.1 T859 spirit of the past essays on Christianity in New Zealand history / 2011.
OC5 B877 Brown Brian A 1942 Three testaments Torah Gospel and Quran / 2014.
PE93 T899 Tudge Colin link uncovering our earliest ancestor / c2009.
PX33 S224 Sanford John A Dreams and healing / c1978.
RA42 M173 HCTH Macquarrie John Er shi shi ji zong jiao si chao / 1998.
RE63 U58 United Church of Canada authority and interpretation of Scripture a statement of the United Church of Canada / c1992.
RF30 S768 Spretnak Charlene 1946 spiritual dimension of green politics / c1986.
RR29 O89 Oxford handbook of Christology / 2015.
RW59 S787 Four views on the role of works at the Final Judgment / 2013.
SD67 R869 Routledge queer studies reader / c2013.
SD81.5 D759 Drage Alessandra 1962 Thinking woman / c2006.
SD87 C311 1996 Carr Anne E Transforming grace Christian tradition and womens experience / c1996.
SZ24 T468 Thompson A K Anthony Keith Religious confession privilege at common law / 2011.
UB53.1 T945 EC 1939 Turner C H Cuthbert Hamilton 1860 1930 Ecclesiae occidentalis monumenta iuris antiquissima canonum et conciliorum Graecorum interpretationes Latinae / 1899-1939.
UB53.3 F879 Frenkel Luise Marion Thedotus of Ancyras Homilies and the Council of Ephesus 431 / 2015.
UG U58 Uniting Church in Australia Synod of Victoria Commission for Mission Challenging worship ways to involve young people / 1994
UH18 G883 (224) Stanley Alan challenge of the funeral celebrant a mission opportunity for the church / August 2015.
VK42 W948 Wright David R Praise with understanding / c1983.
WA40 V242 church of all ages generations worshiping together / c2007.
WB23 S877 Stone Bryan P 1959 Evangelism after Christendom the theology and practice of Christian witness / c2007.
WQ6 D834 Duck Ruth C 1947 Finding words for worship a guide for leaders / c1995.
XA22 S544 VS Sheldrake Philip Spirituality a very short introduction / 2012.
YF23 M133 McCullough James Sense and spirituality the arts and spiritual formation / c2015.
YF23 T877 Tsakiridou Cornelia A Icons in time persons in eternity Orthodox theology and the aesthetics of the Christian image / [2013]
YK47 S431 Scotti R A Basilica the splendor and the scandal building St Peters / 2007.