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Call No. Author Title
BZ8.3 B995 Byrnes Robert Steel 1899 1979 light of setting suns the collected poems of Robert Steel Byrnes / [1980].
BZ8.5 B789 Boyd Martin 1893 1972 Nuns in jeopardy / 1973, c1972.
CB54 G977 Mark 1942 Bible Mark Gunwinggu 1942 Gunwog gunmag bu Jesus Christ Mark binbom / 1942
CB54 P612 Gen. 1974 Bible Genesis Pidgin English 1973 Jenesis / 1973.
CB54 W929 Luke 1943 Bible Luke Worora 1943 Wullunnu wunia Luke nunya The Gospel according to St Luke in Worora / 1943.
CB56 R9 1986 Gospels Bible Gospels Russian 1986 Gospoda nashego Iisusa Khrista svviatoe evangelie / 1986.
DX J25 v.29 Liebe / 2014.
FN20 L743 Lindemann Andreas Paulus im ältesten Christentum d Bild d Apostels u d Rezeption d paulin Theologie in d frühchristl Literatur bis Marcion / 1979.
FR S844 Stevens Gerald L Revelation the past and future of Johns Apocalypse / 2014.
GG1 M636 celebration of living theology a festschrift in honour of Andrew Louth / 2014.
GS6 P333 XB64 Bleienstein Heinrich Nikolaus Paulus ein Meister des inneren Lebens / 1931.
HP32.5 B344 Bauer Florence Marvyne Abram son of Terah / 1948
IC27 B594 EKM Bihlmeyer Karl 1874 1942 Church history / c1958-1966.
KH30 C363 Cabinet of Catholic information with biographies of illustrious saints containing teachings of the Holy Catholic Church as interpreted by the one true church founded by our divine Saviour / [190-?]
KJ27 B657 Bodkin Richard C great fundamental truths a simple and popular course the Church an infallible guide / 1917.
KJ28.5 A939 We preach Jesus Christ as Lord handing on the faith / [197-?]
LC31 B244 Barclay Smith C Colin 1957 answer to socialism / [1944?]
MJRC B764 Bouma Gary D How the saints persevere social factors in the vitality of the Christian Reformed Church / 1984.
MW44 A496 Ambrose Vic Balus bilong mipela the story of the Missionary Aviation FellowshipAustralia and New Zealand the first 40 years / 1987.
MW61 B365 Beadell Len 1923 1995 End of an era / 1983.
MW61.5 A938 Friends from the walkabout brief studies of the Australian aborigines and of the work of Presbyterian missions in their midst / [1949?]
MW61.5 A939 Australian Council of Churches Division of Mission future of Aboriginal missions / 1967.
MW61.5 B415 Some Aboriginal women pathfinders their difficulties and their achievements / [1980].
MW61.56 A154 Memories last forever / c1988.
MW61.63 B927 T Budden Chris technicolor fantasy Geoff McDonalds book Red over black in perspective / 1983.
MW61.64 A468 Coercive reconciliation stabilise normalise exit aboriginal Australia / 2007.
MW61.64 A939 National Aborigines Day Friday July 8 1966 Aborigines Sunday Sunday July 10 1966 / 1966]
MW61.7 A354 Alcorta Frank X Marjorie Harris rainbow / [1998]
MW61.7 G531 XB31 Bassett Marnie 1889 1980 Henry Fyshe Gisborne and Once upon a time / 1985.
MW61.7 K46 XB78 Bowen Jill 1943 Kidman the forgotten king the true story of the greatest pastoral landholder in modern history / 1987.
MW61.7 M682 XB16 Baker D W A Donald William Archdall 1922 2007 civilised surveyor Thomas Mitchell and Australian Aborigines / 1997.
MW63 B694 Bolton G C Geoffrey Curgenven 1931 view from the edge an Australian stocktaking Boyer lectures 1992 / 1992.
MW63.5 A525 Amos Keith 1941 New Guard movement 1931 1935 / 1976.
MW63.5 B985 Butler Eric D Eric Dudley 1916 2006 truth about the Australian League of Rights A Phillip Adams invitation accepted / c1985.
MW63.5 B985 E Butler Eric D Eric Dudley 1916 2006 essential Christian heritage / 1971.
MW63.5 C187 Campbell Andrew A 1947 Australian League of Rights a study in political extremism and subversion / [1978]
MW65.3 T627 To honour the centenary of the Catholic Church in South Australia this rally of Catholic youth in Adelaide Town Hall and St Francis Xaviers Cathedral on Sunday October 1 presents No other foundation 1844 1944 / 1944.
MW65.4 D871 XB68 A Boland T P Thomas Patrick 1929 ascent of Tabor writing the life of Archbishop Duhig / 1986.
MW65.4 Q7 XB68 Boland T P Thomas Patrick 1929 James Quinn monarch of all he surveyed / 1981.
MW65.6 H679 Hoare Benjamin 1842 1932 Catholic knighthood a lecture delivered before some of the branches of the Victorian Catholic Young Mens Society / [1909?].
MW66A A589 Anglican Church of Australia Commission on Provincial Organisation in Queensland Report of the Commission on Provincial Organisation in Queensland / 1966
MW66.2 B974 Burton A Alfred 1865 1947 Church beginnings in the west / 1941
MW66.2 W863 XB69 Bolton G C Geoffrey Curgenven 1931 John Ramsden Wollaston the making of a pioneer priest / c1985.
MW66.5 A828 Ashton John William Reminiscences of a nonagenarian bishop / 1962.
MW66.6 B328 Bate Weston 1924 St Andrews Brighton 1842 1992 a short history / 1992.
MW67B B135 XB13 Badger Donald 1915 David Badger preacher pioneer patriarch / 1985].
MW67D H236 Handasyde Kerrie Privilege to serve a history of Christian Womens Fellowship in Victorian and Tasmanian churches of Christ / 2009.
MW67M A897 Auburn Methodist Church Hawthorn memorials / 197]
MW67M B262 Barns Wallace brief history of the Milnes Bridge formerly Koorop Methodist Church 1883 1972 produced for the closing service held on Sunday October 8th 1972 / 1972
MW67P C187 Campbell Elizabeth M After fifty years a record of the work of the P W M U of Victoria / 1940.
MW67P V645 (197) Cairns Memorial Presbyterian Church East Melbourne Vic Cairns Memorial Church East Melbourne the first annual report / 1882.
MW69.3 C182 Cameron John John Alexander Rev Yilki a place by the sea / 1979.
MW69.6 A876 Atkinson Jeffrey 1941 Cardigan Mine disaster / 2002.
MW69.8 B347 Baume Eric 1900 1967 Tragedy track the story of the Granites / 1933.
MW69.8 B925 Bucknall Graeme conquest of distance told in the life of Centralian pioneer families / 1996.
MX46.5 H353 Hassan Sana Christians versus Muslims in modern Egypt the century long struggle for Coptic equality / 2003.
ND22 I61 1958 Ghana Assembly of the International Missionary Council 28th December 1957 to 8th January 1958 selected papers with an essay on the role of the I M C / 1958.
NN2.2 H243 O Hannan James H Holy Childhood its organisation in the school / 19--.
NR B742 2011 Bosch David Jacobus Transforming mission paradigm shifts in theology of mission / 2011.
NR B988 Butterss Robert Called to serve committed to change through evangelism through dialogue through justice through local culture through prayer through global mission six studies of present day missionary issues / 1982.
OT43 M251 Quran English English translation of the meaning of Al Quran the guidance for mankind / c1997.
PG30 B964 Burnet Macfarlane Sir 1899 1985 Biology and the appreciation of life / 1966]
PX57 B167 Baker H N new psychology and Christian healing psychotherapy Christian Science and spiritual healing / [19--]
QN4 R787 ILM Rorty Richard Mind language and metaphilosophy early philosophical papers / 2014.
RB65 B955 Burgess H T Henry Thomas 1839 1923 Frazer prize essays on agnosticism from a moral and spiritual point of view / 1888.
RC65 B657 Blount Brian K 1956 Then the whisper put on flesh New Testament ethics in an African American context / c2001.
RC65 D734 Douglas Kelly Brown black Christ / c1994.
RC82 K73 Knowles David 1896 1974 Authority / 1969.
RE63 A938 Australian Council of Churches Joint working group between Australian Council of Churches and Roman Catholic Church May 1968 / 1968.
RR66 B261 Barnett F Oswald Frederick Oswald 1883 1972 divinity of Christ from a laymans point of view / 1949.
RU L761 I Lints Richard Identity and idolatry the image of God and its inversion / 2015.
SD49 A589 Family law in Australia an Anglican response / 1981.
SD57 B967 Burns Ailsa 1929 Breaking up separation and divorce in Australia / 1980.
SD70 B747 Bostock John 1892 Whither away a study of race psychology and the factors leading to Australias national decline / 1936.
SD87 C3639 Catholic women speak bringing our gifts to the table / 2015.
SE29.7 M887 XB25 Barnard A Alan Visions and profits studies in the business career of Thomas Sutcliffe Mort / 1961.
SH43 C758 Constitution of the National Catholic Girls Movement / 1949.
SH43 P924 Preliminary training programme for leaders / 1949.
SL80 B261 Barnett F Oswald Frederick Oswald 1883 1972 making of a criminal / 1942.
SP90 B985 Butler Eric D Eric Dudley 1916 2006 red pattern of world conquest is it now too late to defeat Communism / [1961?]
SQ37 A589 Theological principles governing the Churchs use of its property a report to Synod Diocese of Sydney 1979 / 1979.
SQ37 B985 Butler Eric D Eric Dudley 1916 2006 root of all evil / 1982.
SQ62 A938 Australia Parliament Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade Third world debt an Australian view / 1989.
SS60 A589 Unemployment four discussion guides / [1979?]
SY23.5 B789 Boyce P J Peter John 1935 Moral dilemmas in foreign policy a perspective for Australian Christians / 1981]
SY49 B259 Barnard Ellsworth 1907 War and the verities / 1940.
TL47 B481 1939 Beovich Matthew 1896 1981 Companion to the catechism for the use of primary classes in Catholic schools grades VI IX / 1939
TL47 B481 1951 Beovich Matthew 1896 1981 Companion to the catechism for the use of primary classes in Catholic schools / 1951.
TL49 C161 Callinan Mary Patrick Sister And forbid them not a series of lessons on Christian doctrine for little children / 1933.
TR91 C726 C224 Cannell Josephine seed that grew the story of St Columbas / 1987.
TR91 S795 B938 Bullock Margaret Stewart Memories of school days at Star of the Sea 1898 1907 / 1983]
UA70 G816 P Greenwood Robin Parish priests for the sake of the kingdom / 2009.
UG40.5 A589 Children and communion Diocese of Brisbane parish guidelines / [1982].
UL33.5 1941 Catholic sailors soldiers airmens prayer book / 1941.
UL33.5 1945 C U S A prayer book for servicemen / 1945.
UL33.5 1952 Alter Christus / 1952.
UL33.5 1956 Alter Christus / 1956.
UU6.37 B724 book of prayers / 1941.
UU6.37 P921 C Prayers for children aged 9 to 12 years / [1936]
UU6.37 P921 Y Prayers for youth for young people of fourteen and over / 19--.
VK21 B289 Bartlett Lawrence 1933 2002 Sing a new song / 1977.
VK44CC R139 Raftery Judith Singing the faith history theology and hymnody of Churches of Christ in the mid twentieth century / 2011.
VP40 1969 100 hymns for today a supplement to hymns ancient and modern / [1969]
VP40 A416 All together now / 1981.
VP40 B938 Bullock Geoff songs of Geoff Bullock containing 31 songs / c1993.
VS81 S646 Smith Esther Nea fragrancy of Mary and other poems / 1953].
VS81 W462 Welsh Lionel 1900 1982 Sonnets for saints and other verses / 1960.
WB30 A735 Armstrong Dan fifth gospel a handbook on evangelism / 1988.
WD64 A589 Its a rocky road young people in Australia / c1984.
XB57 B369 Beatty Gordon A Increasing dominion studies for youth groups camps and conferences / [1947?]
XG T256 Ted Father S S P Tips to sanctity for youth / [1956]
XQ6 B938 Bullock Geoff Hands of grace Jesus Gods symphony of hope / 1998.
XQ6.5 C182 Cameron Gilbert When I survey Easter studies / [1949].
XR B751 Bottomley John 1947 Footsteps back to living creating your own rituals and ceremonies for death and bereavement / c1991.
XY76 B724 Boon Joseph Credo a scenic play in which all the people of the land have their part / 1939?]
XY80 F487 Films and you / 1950
YE30 B789 Boyd Robin 1919 1971 Artificial Australia / [1967]