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Call No. Author Title
AGC3 C785 Coppell W G William George Austronesian and other languages of the Pacific and South east Asia an annotated catalogue of theses and dissertations / 1981.
BV44 E93 Everyman summoning of Everyman / 1980.
BZ8.3 B838 XC59 Clark Axel 1943 2001 Christopher Brennan a critical biography / 1980.
BZ8.6 B792 Boylan Eustace 1869 1953 heart of the school an Australian school story / c1920.
EX87 W319 Washofsky Mark Jewish living a guide to contemporary Reform practice / c2010.
FJ C318 Carrington Don Jesus dreaming studies of Gospel stories out of which the community of God lives / 19--?]
FS53 D353 DeLigney Francis Life of our Saviour and Saint Peter the rock upon which he built his church / [1883].
HP97 C466 Chapman B Burgoyne Benjamin Burgoyne 1886 1964 murder of a people a record of Hitlers victory to date in a basic Nazi war aim and an appeal to the Australian people to turn the tide / 1944
HP97 C466 C Chapman B Burgoyne Benjamin Burgoyne 1886 1964 Compleat anti Semite / 1945.
IX79 S678 O87 Other worlds the extended apostolate of the Society of the Sacred Heart / 1951.
JK50 P324 Paul VI Pope 1897 1978 Credo of the people of God / 1968.
JR15 W825 World Council of Churches Commission on World Mission and Evangelism Witness in six continents records of the meeting of the Commission on World Mission and Evangelism of the World Council of Churches held in Mexico City December 8th to 19th 1963 / 1964.
JR56.6 C363 Catholic Church Secretariatus ad Christianorum Unitatem Fovendam Directory on ecumenism / 1967.
JR56.6 C363 (2) Catholic Church Secretariatus ad Christianorum Unitatem Fovendam Directory on ecumenism Part 2 Ecumenism in higher education / [1970].
JR66 L973 Dialogue reports 1980 1984 / 1985.
JR96 D536 1985 Dialogue reports bi lateral dialogues involving the Uniting Church in Australia 1982 1985 / 1985]
KJ27 C275 Carey P Patrick Rev Christian doctrine notes / 1942
KJ28 B915 Bryant F J Francis J guardian of mans destiny / [1930]
KJ38 G671 Gorman W Gordon Converts to Rome during the nineteenth century / [1878?]
KJ56.7 B832 Breen Stephen Recent apparitions of the blessed Virgin Mary / 1956, c1952.
KJ56.7 C713 Collins William N Fatima revisited / 1950.
KJ95.6 C692 Coleman John A Roman Catholicism tested by the scriptures / 1973.
KJ95.6 C891 Cranswick George Harvard 1882 1954 Roman Catholic evasions an examination of the controversial methods of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Sale Victoria when confronted with the facts of scripture history and reason / 1919
KJ98.7 C935 Crittenden H W Henry William Behind the black curtain / c[1959].
LQ90 C649 Clune Frank 1893 1971 Land of hope and glory an Australian travellers impressions of post war Britain and Eire / 1949.
LS33 M825 Moorhouse Geoffrey 1931 Pilgrimage of Grace the rebellion that shook Henry VIIIs throne / c2003.
MT42 G566 XC64 Clinton Ursula Australian medical nun in India Mary Glowrey M D Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart Society of Jesus Mary Joseph / 1967.
MT87 C287 Carmichael Amy 1867 1951 From the forest / [1946?].
MW23 D549 Dicker Gordon S Children of Timor / 1960.
MW27 B877 XC48 Chaseling Wilbur S I met my hero George Browns story / 1959.
MW61 C289 Carnegie David W David Wynford 1871 1900 Spinifex and sand a narrative of five years pioneering and exploration in Western Australia / 1973.
MW61 C329 Cartwright Max 1928 From bush tracks to highway an account of Aborigine footprints to the horse and camel tracks of the explorers followed by the motor tracks of later years in the south western regions of Central Australia / 1994.
MW61 C944 Croll Robert Henderson 1869 1947 Wide horizons wanderings in Central Australia / 1937.
MW61 D577 Dilke Charles Wentworth Sir 1843 1911 Greater Britain Charles Dilke visits her new lands 1866 1867 / 1985.
MW61 M167 XC87 Cox Kenneth 1913 Angus McMillan pathfinder / 1973.
MW61.1 C767 Conway Ronald 1927 2009 Land of the long weekend / 1978.
MW61.56 C555 Christie M F Michael Francis Aborigines in colonial Victoria 1835 86 / 1979.
MW61.56 C934 O Critchett Jan Our land till we die a history of the Framlingham Aborigines / 1980.
MW61.63 C363 A Aboriginal land rights a submission to the Federal Minister for Aboriginal Affairs on the preferred national landrights model / [1985].
MW61.63 D284 Deane W P William Patrick Sir 1931 Some signposts from Daguragu the inaugural Lingiari lecture / 1996.
MW61.64 B811 Bradley Margaret Making room a working paper on the issues which the advancement of Aborigines poses to the whole community / 1978.
MW61.64 C775 Coombs H C Herbert Cole 1906 1997 Kulinma listening to Aboriginal Australians / 1978.
MW61.7 B849 Briar Tibby 1928 1989 Tibby Briar my story / c1989.
MW61.7 C325 Carter Tom 1864 1931 No Sundays in the bush an English Jackeroo in Western Australia 1887 1889 / 1987.
MW61.7 C455 Chandler J John 1838 1921 Forty years in the wilderness / 1990.
MW61.7 C542 Chisholm A R Alan Rowland 1888 1981 Men were my milestones Australian portraits and sketches / 1958.
MW61.7 C542 F Chisholm A R Alan Rowland 1888 1981 familiar presence and other reminiscences / 1966.
MW61.7 R259 XC78 Coppock Rose Rawlins Bush tracks and desert horizons the story of Tom and Dorothy Rawlins in the Red Centre 1938 1960 / 1999.
MW62 C899 Crawford R M Raymond Maxwell 1906 1991 Australian perspective / 1960.
MW62.3 C264 Carboni Raffaello 1817 1875 Eureka Stockade / 1980.
MW62.3 C481 Charlwood D E Donald Ernest 1915 2012 long farewell settlers under sail / 1981.
MW63 C862 Court Charles Sir 1911 Charles Court the early years an autobiography / 1995.
MW63.1 C323 Carter Howard 1988 bi centenary celebration or constitutional crisis / c1988.
MW63.1 C323 B Carter Howard Bill of Rights or bill of violations / c1986.
MW64.6 D311 Deen Hanifa Caravanserai journey among Australian Muslims / 1995.
MW65 C363 R Catholic Central Library Sydney N S W Radio session Station 2SM / 1951-1953.
MW65M C363 Catholic Church Archdiocese of Sydney N S W Synod 1942 Statutes of the Diocesan Synod of Sydney held at St Marys Cathedral Sydney the 27th day of January 1942 / 1942]
MW65.2 C825 Corrigan Urban achievements of Catholic education in Australia / [1937?]
MW65.6 C561 church of Melbourne looking forward discussion booklet / 198?]
MW65.6 D327 De Jong Ursula M 1951 St Patricks cathedral and William Wardell architect the man his plans life and times / 1997.
MW65.6 M282 XC19 Campion Edmund meaning of Dr Mannix / 1983.
MW65.7 C357 Catalan Anselm M Anselm Mary 1878 1959 Lecture on the origin and development of the Drysdale River Mission Western Australia from 1908 to 1934 / 1935?]
MW65.9 C749 Congress of Religious Sisters Australia New Zealand and Oceania 1955 Rose Bay N S W Congress of Religious Sisters Australia New Zealand and Oceania 18th 21st January 1955 held at Convent of the Sacred Heart Rose Bay Sydney Australia / 1955]
MW66A C562 1962 Church of England in Australia Proceedings of the first General Synod 1962 official report / 1962.
MW66A C562 1973 Church of England in Australia General Synod Standing Committee Report for the period September 1969 to March 1973 / [1973]
MW66.6 C563 Church of St Andrew Brighton / [1963]
MW66.6 C563 C Centenary history Church of Saint John Sorrento 1873 1973 / 1973]
MW66.6 C626 Our first 100 years the Anglican Church of Saint Clement Elsternwick Victoria / 1986]
MW66.7 H974 XC59 Clarke D B Dudley Barrington William Hutchins the first Archdeacon of Van Diemens Land 1792 1841 / 1986.
MW67C C749 1913 Australasian Congregational Union Assembly 5th 1913 Adelaide S Aust Australasian Congregational Union fifth triennial Assembly Adelaide 1913 volume of proceedings / 1913
MW67C C749 M Congregational Union of Australia Manual for church deacons elders secretary and treasurer / [1965?]
MW67P B843 Bresser Bill St Andrews Canberra 20 pencil sketches / 1970
MW67.4B C581 City Tabernacle Baptist Church Brisbane Qld Centenary 135th Church anniversary and centenary of the opening of the Tabernacle / 1990].
MW67.5C C749 C Congregational Union of N S W Constitution of the Congregational Union of New South Wales / 1969?
MW67.6M C775 Coonooer Bridge centenary 1874 1974 back to celebrations Sept 28 29 / 1974]
MW69.6 B838 Brennan Niall 1918 2005 history of Nunawading / 1972.
MW69.6 C443 Chamberlain Graeme Waitchie / 1985?.
MW69.6 C444 V Chambers Don Donald 1935 Violet Town or Honeysuckle in Australia Felix 1836 1908 / 1985.
MW69.6 C782 Copeland Hugh path of progress from the forests of yesterday to the homes of today / 1934.
MW69.6 D451 P De Serville Paul 1943 Pounds and pedigrees the upper class in Victoria 1850 80 / 1991.
MW69.8 B879 Brown Shirley Alice Springs past and present / 1993.
MW69.8 C329 Cartwright Max 1928 Central Australia of people and places / 1994.
NE5 I61 1947 International Missionary Council Meeting 1947 Whitby Ontario Renewal and advance Christian witness in a revolutionary world / 1948.
NR C562 Advance Australia mission mission evangelism ministry and training in the 80s / [1980].
OC6 C522 Cherry Thomas origin of the idea of the supernatural a paper read before the Classical Association of Victoria / 1921.
OJ50 ES12 Si shu English Chinese Selections from the Confucian texts / 1942.
PB30 D337 Delaney Charles glory of the stars / 1924.
QZ5 C862 Court J H John Hugh Stand up and be counted / 1973.
QZ5 C862 C Court J H John Hugh Changing community standards / 1972.
RK56 B794 Braaten Carl E 1929 cultural captivity of theology an evangelical catholic perspective / c1997.
RS52 S623 Sittler Joseph Essays on nature and grace / 1972.
SD31 A938 Australian Episcopal Conference Pastoral statement on mixed marriages / [1977].
SD60 C363 D Catholic Church Congregatio pro Doctrina Fidei Declaration on certain questions concerning sexual ethics / [1975]
SD68 C733 Coming out alive life affirming perspectives on homosexuality justice the Church / [199-?]
SH43 C267 Cardijn Joseph 1882 1967 young worker faces life addresses / 1960.
SH43 C267 NEH Cardijn Joseph 1882 1967 Laymen into action / 1964.
SH43 C363 C Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace Australia Catholic truth and modernity social justice statements 1940 1980 / 1984.
SH43 C363 C2 Catholic Church Episcopal Committee on Catholic Action Australia National Secretariat Catholic Action in Australia official statement of the archbishops and bishops of Australia associated in the national organisation of Catholic Action / 1950?]
SL70 C363 P Prisons and criminal justice / [1987]
SL70 C929 Criminal injustice the persecution of Joey Shirley Hamilton / 1981.
SL95.5 C518 Chennell Percy H Percy Howard sport without a smile / 1934.
SM20 C363 new Australia some reflections on the impact of migration on Australian society / [1977]
SM95 O63 C623 Cleary Henry W Henry William 1859 1929 Orange Society / 1897.
SM95 O63 C623 1897 Cleary Henry W Henry William 1859 1929 Orange Society / 1897.
SM95 O63 C623 1897 Cleary Henry W Henry William 1859 1929 Orange Society / 1897.
SP69 C734 Communist Party of Australia Central Committee Differences in the Communist movement views of the Communist Part of Australia / 1963.
SP87 C518 Chennell Percy H Percy Howard catechism of communism / 1950.
SQ32 B915 Bryant Arthur 1899 1985 choice for destiny the abandoned brotherhood / c1962.
SS35 C363 Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace Australia House and home a Christian call for housing justice / 1981.
SS70 C363 Howe Morgan B right to strike the Churchs doctrine and Queenslands 1985 legislation / 1986.
SX16 C692 Coleman Peter 1928 Obscenity blasphemy sedition censorship in Australia / [1963?]
SX33 C874 Cowen Zelman Sir 1919 2011 private man / 1969.
SY46 C363 Towards a Christian understanding of peace / 1985.
SY47 C363 Conscientious objection / 1983.
TC91 B662 XC89 Crane A R Allan Robert 1914 Peter Board his contribution to the development of education in New South Wales / 1957.
TG33 B814 Braithwaite J M John McKee Reform in the primary school / 1943
TL41.5 C363 Catechism of Christian doctrine published by order of His Holiness Pius X / [1914]
TL45 G249 Catholic faith based on the Catholic catechism / [1941-1942].
TU17 C555 Starting point an introductory handbook for tertiary student groups / 197-?]
UB62.8 1963 ET Catholic Church Pope 1963 1978 Paul VI Apostolic exhortation of his Holiness Pope Paul VI on the renewal of the religious life according to the teaching of the Second Vatican Council / [197-?]
UB62.8 1978 RH Catholic Church Pope 1978 2005 John Paul II Encyclical Redemptor Hominis Redeemer of Man / [1979?].
UB87.3 C319 Carroll Francis P development of episcopal conferences an outline of the development of episcopal conferences from their origin to their present day status / 1965.
UG27 D344 Delbridge Frederick Infant baptism and the mode / [193-?].
UG33 C363 Instruction on the worship of the Eucharistic mystery / [1967].
UG48 C363 Catholic Church Rite of confirmation / 1973.
UG75 C652 Coakley John Wayland Women men and spiritual power female saints and their male collaborators / 2006.
UL24 C748 Conference of Teachers of the Archdiocese of Sydney 20th 22nd May 1958 Sydney N S W Liturgy and the school proceedings of the Conference of Teachers of the Archdiocese of Sydney / 1959].
UL33.5 1971 Catholic Church Holy Week missal / 1971.
UP12 A219 Adams William Seth Moving the furniture liturgical theory practice and environment / [1999].
UP17 A589 Liturgies for Lent and Easter forms of service for Ash Wednesday Palm Sunday Maundy Thursday Good Friday and the Easter Vigil / 1983.
UP36 C562 Collects and readings at the Holy Communion on weekdays / 1977.
UU90.5 C363 1955 Catholic prayer book / [195-?].
UU90.5 C363 V Catholic Church Archdiocese of Melbourne Vic Vade mecum dell emigrato / [1940]
VG62 C363 Catholic Church Congregatio Sacrorum Rituum Instruction on music in the liturgy second instruction on the implementation of the Constitution on the Liturgy / [19--?].
VP40 C711 Collings Ian E Visions of hope hymns songs from Windy Hill / 1992.
WP3 C363 Catholic Church Congregatio pro Institutione Catholica Ratio fundamentalis institutionis sacerdotalis basic norms for priestly formation / [1970?].
WP3 C748 Conference on Religious Vocations 1962 Jan 30 31 Feb Melbourne Australia Report of the vocations seminar held at Xavier College Melbourne January 30 31 February 1962 / [1962?].
WP6 L335 Lartey Emmanuel Yartekwei Postcolonializing God new perspectives on pastoral and practical theology / 2013.