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Call No. Author Title
AD69 F281 Fawkner John Pascoe 1792 1869 John Pascoe Fawkners Library facsimile of the sale catalogue of 1868 / 1985.
AGW E64 Equipped a bibliography of resources for elder development / [1982?]
BT86 H572 Hersey April Handbook on Christian writing / 1973.
BU1.5 D278 Deakin Howard Drawing conclusions / 1978.
BZ4 F559 Fitzpatrick Kathleen 1905 1990 Puritans and the theatre / [1950?].
BZ8 H189 Storykeepers / 2001.
BZ8.1 D256 Across country stories from aboriginal Australia / 1998.
DG3 H917 Iconographic Exegesis of the Hebrew Bible Old Testament an introduction to its method and practice / 2015.
DM30 J17 Jacobson Rolf A Invitation to the Psalms a readers guide for discovery and engagement / 2013.
DM38 W748 Wilson Gerald Henry Psalms / c2002-
DN40 H113 Habel Norman C God of Jeremiah / 1996.
DN68 D868 Duguid Iain M Ezekiel / c1999.
DN68 O23 Odell Margaret S Ezekiel / c2005.
ER63 H145 Haggadah Reform Central Conference of American Rabbis Haggadah / 1970.
EZ30 H584 Heslin Dale Jesus Christ and Jewish destiny / c1990.
FN39 (06) H638 Higham Geoff God said set my people free to the churches with love / 1993.
FN39 (11.34) N246 Naselli Andrew David From typology to doxology Pauls use of Isaiah and Job in Romans 1134 35 / c2012.
FS74 Y71 Young Frances M Frances Margaret Construing the cross type sign symbol word action / 2015.
GU2 M1583 McKim Donald K John Calvin a companion to his life and theology / ├2015.
GW28 B284 XB51 Berkouwer G C Gerrit Cornelis 1903 triumph of grace in the theology of Karl Barth / 1956.
GW28 B284 XW52 Westerholm Martin ordering of the Christian mind Karl Barth and theological rationality / 2015.
GW28 B284 XW93 Worthington Ethan A claim of God Karl Barths doctrine of sanctification in his earlier theology / c2015.
held Ignatius of Loyola Saint 1491 1556 Spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola / 2011.
IC27 E24 Neal John Education for ministry Australian supplement to Book 11 parts one two / c1982.
IX79 F819 XG72 TET Goyau Georges 1869 1939 Valiant women Mother Mary of the Passion and the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary / 1953.
JR19 G946 Guidelines for multifaith gatherings a document prepared for faith communities and for people of goodwill who want to organise a multifaith gathering / 2004.
KH48 P62 XD75 Doyle Chas Hugo Charles Hugo life of Pope Pius XII / 1945.
KJ27 D9936 Dwyer George Patrick 1908 1987 Catholic faith a course of leaflets in twenty one lessons / 1959.
KJ56.4 G857 SEK Grignion de Montfort Louis Marie Saint 1673 1716 secret of Mary / 1942
KJ56.5 H168 Ave porta paradisi Hail gate of Paradise 150 Marian stanzas from a 13th century Latin manuscript in the possession of the Melbourne Public Library / 1950.
KJ98.3 E59 Enright John Let there be light or Why I withdrew from the church of my fathers / 1919.
KS7 H145 Hagger Thomas Heralds of Christian unity being brief biographical sketches of some pioneers of the Restoration Movement / 1938
LR20 D221 Darling J R James Ralph 1899 1995 Tradition / 1940.
LS40 M327 XG85 Griffin Leo St Margaret Clitherow of York champion of the Mass / 1992.
LS71 K255 XL81 Lock Walter 1846 1933 John Keble a biography / 1894.
LU62 S5488 Shepherd William 1760 1836 Reminiscences of the Shepherd family / 1992.
MD62 N492 XF84 Frean W William Blessed John Neumann the helper of the afflicted / 1963.
MR6.2 D271 dawn story of English speaking world movement for the conversion of China / 1923.
MS2 F911 Friends from Korea life and stories of the people of Korea and of the work of the Australian Presbyterian Mission in that land / [ca.1956].
MT36 G195 IEK Gandhi Mahatma 1869 1948 All men are brothers life and thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi as told in his own words / 1958.
MW27 N753 XE46 Elliott Edmund E R Child of Calvary myrtyr sic of Satan a biography of Mother Marie Therese Noblet / [1960]
MW53 F911 Friends from New Hebrides / [ca.1950].
MW61 E94 Ewers John K John Keith 1904 1978 With the sun on my back / 1953.
MW61 F942 Froude James Anthony 1818 1894 Oceana the tempestuous voyage of J A Froude 1884 1885 / 1985.
MW61 G472 Giles Ernest 1835 1897 Australia twice traversed the romance of exploration being a narrative compiled from the journals of five exploring expeditions into and through central South Australia and Western Australia from 1872 to 1876 / 1964.
MW61 G822 XC97 Cumpston J H L John Howard Lidgett 1880 1954 Augustus Gregory and the inland sea / 1972.
MW61 G876 I Groom Arthur 1904 1953 I saw a strange land / [1952].
MW61.1 D579 Dillon Gar delusion of the Australian culture a brief history of the clash with alcohol in New South Wales 1788 1983 / 1985.
MW61.1 D684 Donkin Nance Stranger and friend the Greek Australian experience / c1983.
MW61.4 D272 Dawson James 1806 1900 Australian Aborigines the language and customs of several tribes of Aborigines in the western district of Victoria Australia / 1981.
MW61.53 P928 Ernabella / [1975?]
MW61.58 C971 Cummings Barbara 1948 Take this child from Kahlin Compound to the Retta Dixon Childrens Home / 1990.
MW61.58 H179 Hall V C Victor Charles 1896 1972 Dreamtime justice / 1962.
MW61.58 H289 Harney W E William Edward 1895 1962 Taboo / 1943.
MW61.58 H289 B Harney W E William Edward 1895 1962 Brimming billabongs / 1969.
MW61.62 D751 Downing Jim Understanding constitutions / 1983.
MW61.64 E57 Engel Frank 1911 2006 position of the Australian Aborigines a paper / 1978.
MW61.64 H434 Indigenous peoples / 1993
MW61.7 E28 Egan Ted 1932 Sitdown up north / 1997.
MW61.7 E98 XD98 Dutton Geoffrey 1922 1998 hero as murderer the life of Edward John Eyre Australian explorer and Governor of Jamaica 1815 1901 / 1967.
MW61.7 F191 Falk Barbara 1910 2008 No other home an Anglo Jewish story 1833 1987 / 1988.
MW61.7 G476 Gillen F J Francis James 1855 1912 F J Gillens first diary 1875 Adelaide to Alice Springs March to June / 1995.
MW61.7 G846 Gribben Robert W Robert William 1943 slight incline the story of two pioneers Paul Gribben and Rosina Fulton who married at Heathcote Wesleyan Church on December 6th 1866 125 years ago a memorial volume / 1991.
MW61.7 G976 Reminiscences of the Gunson Family in New Zealand and Victoria / 1994.
MW61.7 H235 Hancox Phil Cavalry or calvary the Christians dilemma an autobiography / 1984.
MW61.7 J52 Jenkins Joseph 1818 1898 Diary of a Welsh swagman 1869 1894 / 1975.
MW61.7 M167 XG22 Gardner P D Peter Dean 1945 Our founding murdering father Angus McMillan and the Kurnai tribe of Gippsland 1839 1865 / 1990.
MW61.7 M173 XG76 Grant Arch Australias frontline matron Edith McQuade White / 1991.
MW62.2 P665 XE37 Eldershaw M Barnard life and times of Captain John Piper / 1973.
MW63 F322 Fellows A G foundations of liberty / [1973?]
MW63.1 H433 Crown or country the traditions of Australian republicanism / 1994.
MW63.3 E47 Ellis M H Malcolm Henry 1890 1969 garden path the story of the saturation of the Australian Labour Movement by communism / 1949.
MW64.3 G649 Gooden Rosalind Mary Historiography of some significant Australian Protestant overseas missions from 1950 to the present day / 1992.
MW65M G851 Griffin D J David Joseph Holy Name Society a practical handbook on the rule and organisation of the Holy Name Society in Australia / 1932
MW65.1 H371 Haugh T Mission down under / 1965]
MW65.2 D275 history of Catholic education in the Daylesford district / 1994.
MW65.6 H628 Hickey Patrick J short history of the Catholic Church in Rochester / 1947?]
MW65.9 R314 F849 Frean W William Star of the sea over Crete or Our Lady of Perpetual Succour returns to Crete / [1949]
MW66M E92 evangelical position on the proposed constitution / 1945]
MW66.2 H515 Henn Wilfrid E life so rich being a biography of the Rev Cannon P U Henn headmaster of Guildford 1910 1924 and warden of S Georges College 1931 at Perth Western Australia / 1982.
MW66.5 E37 first eighty years of St Clements Mosman a church history / 1967.
MW66.6 G593 XG76 Grant James 1931 Bishop Field Flowers Goe 1832 1902 / [1982]
MW66.6 H176 Hall Horace A Horace Alphonso 1907 2002 These things happened / 1987.
MW66.7 D263 Davis Richard P Richard Perceval 1935 Bishop John Edward Mercer a Christian socialist in Tasmania / 1982.
MW66.7 H526 Henslowe Dorothea I St Georges Church a guide to the church together with a short history compiled from church records 1824 to 1972 / 1985]
MW67B K36 XG63 Gomm Leslie J Leslie Jotham Blazing the Western trails the story of the life and work of William Kennedy pathfinder preacher and pioneer / 1935
MW67B R545 XE92 Evans Harold E Harold Ernest Soldier and evangelist the story of Rev John G Ridley M C / 1980.
MW67C G846 Gribben Robert W Robert William 1943 Pardond rebels Congregationalism ecumenism and liturgical renewal / 1994.
MW67D H149 Haigh George 100 years venturing in faith Churches of Christ in Queensland / c1983.
MW67M G768 Grass Flat centenary of worship 1892 1992 / 1992]
MW67.2SA E45 Ellement Connie 1912 1992 divided kingdom / 1987.
MW67.3M D769 Drayton Dean 1941 Five generations evangelism in South Australia a study of the Methodist Church 1836 1976 / 1980.
MW67.6M H526 Henshaw John H 50 years on Ormond Methodist Church 1924 1974 / 1974]
MW67.6P F527 first 100 years Dartmoor Presbyterian Church 1880 1977 the Uniting Church 1977 1980 / [1980]
MW67.7M D866 Dugan C C Charles Clifford 1878 1946 story of the Paterson St Methodist Church 1832 1932 / [1932]
MW67.8M G761 Grant Arch Palmerston to Darwin 75 years service on the frontier / 1990.
MW68.6 D779 Drik Drik Church 1866 1978 / [1978?].
MW69.3 D271 Dawkins Ruth Ernabella letters extracts of letters written from Ernabella in the Musgrove i e Musgrave Ranges South Australia 1949 1950 / [1994?]
MW69.3 F791 Fox Anni Luur Hahndorf a brief look at the town and its history / 1977.
MW69.4 F365 Fernie Walter Days to remember / 1984.
MW69.5 H353 Hassall James S James Samuel 1823 1904 In old Australia records and reminisences from 1794 / 1977.
MW69.6 D141 Daley Charles 1859 1947 story of Gippsland / 1960.
MW69.6 G976 Gunson Niel 1930 good country Cranbourne Shire / 1968.
MW69.6 H687 Hoddle Robert 1794 1881 chapter on Port Phillip being an account of the settlement from formation with a map / 1991.
MW69.8 D748 Downer Sidney 1909 1969 Patrol indefinite the Northern Territory Police Force / 1963.
MW69.8 H645 Hill Ernestine 1899 1972 Territory / 1951.
ND22 H598 Hewetson David going concern the 5 principles of the Church Missionary Society / 1992.
NR H791 Hope Susan Mission shaped spirituality the transforming power of mission / 2006.
NR V253 Van Gelder Craig missional church in perspective mapping trends and shaping the conversation / c2011.
OC7 H598 Hewetson David One road only / 1980.
PA30 G448 Gibson A Boyce Alexander Boyce 1900 1972 Science and conduct / 1937.
PW18 G795 Green Christopher 1943 February 23 Understanding ADD attention deficit disorder / c1994.
PX68.3 F835 Franquin 1914 Open your mind a course on hypnotism / c1954.
QH3 H496 Henderson Kenneth 1891 1965 Thoughts for to day / [1944?]
QZ5 G146 Galatians Group Surrendered values the challenge for society and Church / 1998.
QZ5 H198 Hamann H P Henry Paul 1916 1988 Sharing in Gods creation / 1984.
RC33 T448 Thiselton Anthony C Systematic theology / 2015.
RD55 F215 Fanshawe Jack W 1912 1994 Reason for living reason for dying an attempt to invite the atheist or agnostic and especially young people into the Church / [1994?]
RD55 G272 Gaunson Bill road to certainty / 1979.
RE63 F546 Fitchett W H William Henry 1841 1928 tattered Bible and mutilated Christ ought a Christian church to accept this / 1971]
RE68 D754 Signs wonders and evangelicals a response to the teaching of John Wimber / 1987.
RW60 G272 Gaunson Bill precious death of the saints / 198-?]
SD60 L286 Langton Rae 1961 Sexual solipsism philosophical essays on pornography and objectification / 2009.
SD81.4 H654 Hilliard Marion 1902 1958 woman doctor looks at love and life / 1975.
SD87 C976 Currey Ryl Bare fruit a womans theology / 1984.
SD89 D186 Uphill all the way a documentary history of women in Australia / [1980]
SD89.2 D684 Donkin Nance Always a lady courageous women of colonial Australia / 1990.
SH43 G653 1955 Goodman A J Aubrey John 1878 1956 handbook of Catholic Action / 1955.
SH43 G666 Journal Vol 10 no 3 November 1984 / [1984]
SJ29 D912 Social services in Australia / 1939.
SK33 H434 Healy James T Ozanam School of Charity / 1960
SK34 A291 XD68 Donovan Margaret M Apostolate of love Mary Aikenhead 1787 1858 foundress of the Irish Sisters of Charity / 1979.
SL95.5 G191 Gambling wont affect you a guide for Victorians / [1997?].
SL95.5 G236 Garnsey D A David Arthur 1909 1996 Gambling its nature and effects / 1939.
SQ51 G722 Gow Melanie 1969 Eradicating poverty the fight continues / 1996.
SR42.5 H179 Hall Sandra Supertoy 20 years of Australian television / [1976]
SY45 H636 Higgins H B Henry Bournes 1851 1929 Socrates the state and war a paper read before the Classical Association of Victoria on the 16th November 1915 / [1916?]
TC91 G626 Gollan William Eric State aid for education a public mischief / 1964.
TC91 G797 Green Neville 1933 Desert school / 1983.
TC91 G855 Documents on the establishment of education in New South Wales 1789 1880 / 1957.
TD6.7 D263 Davis Richard P Richard Perceval 1935 State aid and Tasmanian politics 1868 1920 / 1969.
TF2.7 E52 Ely M J Erosion of the judicial process an aspect of church state entanglement in Australia the struggle of citizens to be heard in the Australian full High Court on the state aid issue 1956 1980 / 1981.
TL45 F849 Frean W William Commentary on the catechism a complete course of instruction in the Catholic faith specially suitable for the use of Catholic Action Groups Secondary School students and converts / 1949.
UA23 N432 Evaluating fresh expressions explorations in emerging church responses to the changing face of ecclesiology in the Church of England / 2008.
UG33 F729 Forrest M D Michael Davitt clean oblation / [1945]
UG35 H198 Hamann H P Henry Paul 1916 1988 Studies in Holy Communion / 1977.
UG54 E59 Enright John Roman Tribunal or the Confessional / 1925.
UH23 B531 Liturgy and spirituality in context perspectives on prayer and culture / c1990.
UL23 C847 Cotter Theresa Called to preside a handbook for laypeople / c1997.
UL58 C951 Crotty Robert B Commentary on the Sunday readings readings for year A / 1971.
UP62 G883 Grove Robin Lord teach us to pray language in the Book of Common Prayer a Prayer Book Society address delivered at Brunswick on 25 July 1981 / [1981]
VG53 G821 Gregorius Sing ye wisely an appeal to Australian Catholics / [ca. 1925].
VT35 D263 Davis Merle Not of my own choosing a collection of poems / c1982.
VT37 S193 Sansom Clive 1910 1981 witnesses and other poems / 1956.
WA31 C974 Cupit Tony challenge of rapid growth / 1984.
WA40 D769 Drayton Dean 1941 Through the 80s with the small rural congregation a 5 study series with resources and suggestions for 80s action / 1982.
WB30 F288 Fearn Wannan Howard Light up your laser shine the light fantastic / c1987.
WB30 G964 Guinness H Grattan Mrs 1831 1898 Total Christian war / [1945]
WP2.5 F559 Diocesan priests living reality / 1981.
WP2.5 G562 Glorieux P Palémon 1892 1979 Into your hands studies in the spiritual life for chaplains of Catholic Action / 1946.
WP3 C974 Cupit Tony Above reproach the ministerial vocation a guide to the professional standards and ethics of the Baptist minister today / c1982.
XA92 D769 Drayton Dean 1941 Gods message / 1981.
XC D769 Drayton Dean 1941 30 day manual for new Christians older teenagers and adults / 1983.
XX D268 Davy G C George Columba Christian gentleman a book of courtesy and social guidance for boys / 1960.
YR8 D765 2015 Draper Ben Holy lives heavenly light a study of the windows and the saints who are in them St Pauls Cathedral Melbourne and Sing in exultation the windows of the tower / c2015
YR8 D765 L Draper Ben Light from heaven lives for God a study of the two major windows and of the saints who are in them St Pauls Cathedral Melbourne / c2016
YR8 E96 experience in stained glass an unusual blending of traditional and contemporary expressions in stained glass art / [1988]
YX24 F499 Finkel Elizabeth Stem cells controversy on the frontiers of science / 2005.
YX24 H488 Hemingway Les Leslie modern world and self control / c1968.