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Call No. Author Title
AC90 J72 Johnston Grahame 1929 1976 Annals of Australian literature / 1970.
AGB9 L847 Catalogue of Bernard Lonergans lectures and courses / 1980.
BZ5 M145 McGilvray Alexander J Threads of the cloth a collection of short stories of a Very Rev Parish Priest and his newly ordained curate / [194-?]
BZ8.3 M117 McAuley James 1917 1976 map of Australian verse the twentieth century / 1975.
BZ8.3 M117 C McAuley James 1917 1976 Collected poems 1936 1970 / 1973, c1971.
BZ8.3 M117 J McAuley James 1917 1976 James McAuley poetry essays and personal commentary / 1988.
BZ8.3 M253 Malley Ern Ern Malleys poems / [1969]
BZ8.5 C226 Cannold Leslie book of Rachael / 2011.
BZ8.5 K72 Knorr Hilde 1920 Fire wont burn stick stories poems / [1977].
BZ8.6 H315 Harris Max 1921 1995 angry eye / 1973.
CB54 P659 1981 OT Bible Old Testament Pintupi Luritja 1981 Katutjalu watjantja yirrititjanu / 1981.
CM26 H948 Hunting Joseph H Israel a modern miracle / 1969.
DL38 S336 Schipper Jeremy Ruth a new translation with introduction and commentary / 2016.
GS6 L847 KEF Lonergan Bernard J F On the ontological and psychological constitution of Christ a supplement prepared by Bernard Lonergan translated by Timothy P Fallon / 1979.
GS6 L847 XL77 Little David John Lonergans intentionality analysis and the foundations of organization and governance a response to Ghoshal / 2009.
GU3 S464 C Selderhuis H J 1961 Calvins theology of the Psalms / c2007.
IX71 K XO13 OBrien Kevin F Ignatian adventure experiencing the spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius in daily life / c2011.
IX71 ME 2001 Ignatius of Loyola Saint 1491 1556 pilgrims journey the autobiography of Ignatius of Loyola / c2001.
IX75 002 ns009 Stumpf Kilian 1655 1720 Acta Pekinensia or historical records of the Maillard de Tournon legation Volume I December 1705 August 1706 / 2015.
IX79 C287 S819 EA (11) Stein Edith Saint 1891 1942 Potency and act studies toward a philosophy of being / 2009.
IY34 I11 I am your brother John / [1972].
JG4 R98 XM73 MBC Mommaers Paul 1935 Mysticism Buddhist and Christian encounters with Jan van Ruusbroec / 1995.
JH J54 Jensen Phillip D Have evangelicals lost their way and other stuff / c1991.
JR22 K86 history of the ecumenical movement in Asia / 2004.
JR25 L795 Loader William R G William Ronald George 1944 Biblical reflections on ecumenism the cake not the icing / [199-?]
KJ35.6 J72 (4) 1936 Johnston H A Henry Aloysius 1888 1986 Plain talks on the Catholic religion / 1936
KJ35.6 J72 (4) 1948 Johnston H A Henry Aloysius 1888 1986 Plain talks on the Catholic religion / 1948.
KJ95.6 L793 Lloyd Jones David Martyn Roman Catholicism / 196-?]
KJ95.6 L848 Long George Merrick 1875 1930 Papal pretensions a reply to Roman Catholic assertions / [1913]
KM3 S634 new conversation essays on the future of theology and the Episcopal Church / c1999.
KP30 M158 McKinnon L M Leslie M Continue Presbyterian / 1976.
KX3 K44 Keyte T F Baptist church membership four studies for personal reading or group discussion / [1972].
LU42 M138 McDowell Ian brief history of the Brethren / 1968.
LU66 A 2002 v.1 Wesley John 1703 1791 Wesley on Christian beliefs / 2002
MP14 H993 Hyde Douglas Arnold 1911 One front across the world / 1955.
MP14 M122 McCall T B Theodore Bruce 1911 1969 Challenge in S E Asia / [19--]
MT35 L991 Lyons Esther M Esther Mary 1940 Unwanted memories of a priests daughter an autobiography / 1996.
MW61 M938 Moyal Ann bright savage land / 1993.
MW61.1 I521 Inglis Amirah 1926 Amirah an un Australian childhood / 1983.
MW61.5 H857 Howe Morgan B Aborigines and Christians an introduction to some of the issues involved / 1977.
MW61.5 L748 Lindsay Ian Bringing Christ to Aboriginal Australia a brief survey of the efforts of the church to reach the original inhabitants of this land with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ / c1989
MW61.52 L748 Lindsay Ian Fire in the spinifex a report on what God did in the desert of Western Australia / 1986.
MW61.56 M878 Morrison Edgar 1899 1971 Loddon Aborigines tales of old Jim Crow / [1971?]
MW61.56 M878 F Morrison Edgar 1899 1971 Frontier life in the Loddon Protectorate episodes from early days 1837 1842 / [1967?]
MW61.58 L817 L Lockwood Douglas 1918 1980 lizard eaters / 1964.
MW61.64 H843 Houston Jim 1932 Lets end the slander combating racial prejudice in teaching materials / 1979.
MW61.64 M829 Moran Rod Massacre myth an investigation into allegations concerning the mass murder of Aborigines at Forrest River 1926 / c1999.
MW61.7 D923 XM65 Mills A R A Richard Fixed to the wind a history of the pioneer flour miller and Wesleyan John Dunn of Mount Barker / 1984.
MW61.7 H313 Harris Aubrey In search of a better way / 1984].
MW61.7 M156 F McKenzie Janet Fingal tiger / 1983.
MW62 J83 Jose Arthur W Arthur Wilberforce 1863 1934 History of Australasia from the earliest times to the present day with a chapter on Australian literature / 1911.
MW62 M122 McCalman Janet 1948 Journeyings the biography of a middle class generation 1920 1990 / 1995.
MW62.3 H863 Howitt William 1792 1879 Land labour and gold or Two years in Victoria with visits to Sydney and Van Diemens Land / 1972.
MW62.4 M157 McKernan Michael 1945 Australians in wartime commentary and documents / 1980.
MW62.4 M854 Morice Janet 1940 Six bob a day tourist / 1985.
MW63 K41 Kerr J R John Robert Sir 1914 1991 Matters for judgement an autobiography / c1988.
MW63.3 M167 McManus Frank 1905 1983 tumult and the shouting / 1977.
MW63.5 B626 XL96 Lunn Hugh Duncan Joh the life and political adventures of Johannes Bjelke Petersen / [1978]
MW64 J783 Jones Mary 1940 Growth of a dance movement a history of sacred and biblically inspired dance in Australia / 1987.
MW64.3 F648 XM15 McKenzie Maisie Flynns last camp / 1985.
MW64.3 P481 XL84 Long W Arnold Treasure in an earthen vessel Bobbie Peters a chosen vessel / [1970?]
MW65.2 M167 McMahon John T John Thomas 1893 1989 Religious education the Perth scheme of Christian doctrine / [1938]
MW65.9 J54 Jensen Anne Maree flying nun and the women of the West / 1998.
MW66 J89 Joyner Kevin V Kevin Vincent creek becomes a river / [1983?].
MW66 N616 Nichols Alan Building the mission shaped Church in Australia a resource book for churches home groups and diocesan staff meetings with questions for small group discussion / c2006.
MW66.4 H169 XK46 Halford the friar bishop / 1998.
MW66.4 M918 Mothers Union Diocese of Brisbane 1906 1986 / 1986?]
MW66.5 H876 Hubbard Nigel John Fourscore a short history of Saint Albans Anglican Church Epping Diocese of Sydney / 1977.
MW66.6 M158 McKie J D John David Four archbishops of Melbourne a lecture / [1983]
MW67M M592 Methodist Church of Australasia Supplement to the book of laws 1966 containing alterations in the laws of the Church made by the General Conference Perth 1966 / 1968.
MW67.2M L974 Lutton Wesley Wesley story centenary of Wesley Church Perth Western Australia 1870 1970 / 1970].
MW67.3L L629 Leske Lawrence Harold Langmeil Congregation 1843 1968 / 1968].
MW67.6M M592 Methodist Church of Australasia Victoria and Tasmania Conference Trust provisions of the Methodist model deed of Victoria as amended 1960 / 1960.
MW67.6M M592 S Methodist Church of Australasia Victoria and Tasmania Conference Standing rules and regulations 1971 / 1971].
MW67.6P H732 Holiness becometh thine house St Davids Presbyterian Church Waubra / 1960]
MW67.6P L568 History of the Lennox Street Presbyterian Church Richmond / 1982.
MW67.8L L833 Hermannsburg a vision and a mission / 1977.
MW68.1 J74 1920 Joint Committee of the Presbyterian Methodist and Congregational Churches of Australia Proposed basis of union for the Presbyterian Methodist and Congregational Churches of Australia doctrine and polity / [ca. 1920]
MW68.1 J74 1921 Joint Committee of the Presbyterian Methodist and Congregational Churches of Australia Proposed basis of union for the Presbyterian Methodist and Congregational Churches of Australia doctrine and polity / [1921]
MW68.2 J32 Jamieson K K Stands of faith / [1986]
MW68.3 M718 Mole Rosemary Cornerstones / c1980.
MW68.5 K14 Kaldor Peter Stepping out churches living out the gospel in a changing world / 1985.
MW68.6 E37 XJ28 James Norma Jean Everybodys friend the biography of Rev Leonard Bailey Eldridge / 1996]
MW68.6 J73 Johnstone Edna brief history of Laang Uniting Church / [1990?]
MW69.3 J54 Jensen Elfrida 1914 Barossan foundations / 1969.
MW69.4 L522 Lehane Fleur Heartbreak corner a story of the Tully Durack and other pioneer families in South West Queensland / c1998.
MW69.6 B788 XL55 Lemon Andrew 1949 Box Hill / 1978.
MW69.6 B788 XM93 Moyes Gordon 1938 When Box Hill was a village / c1991.
MW69.6 C683 XL84 Loney J K Jack Kenneth 1925 Pioneering days / 1974.
MW69.6 H399 XM14 McFarlane Geraldine 1936 Hawthorn sketches life in the valley eleven recollections of childhood and work / 1992.
MW69.6 S438 XL79 Lloyd Keva L Sea Lake / 1973.
MW69.8 J65 Johannsen Kurt G Kurt Gerhardt 1915 son of the Red Centre memoirs and anecdotes of the life of road train pioneer and bush inventor of the Northern Territory of Australia / 1993.
MW77P M649 Robert Strang Miller a tribute / 1983.
NR L663 Levett Joan Five signposts / 1966.
OC7 J29 James Victor This religion business / c1973.
OT14 S724 EVH Sourdel Dominique glossary of Islam / 2007.
OT55 F553 Islam and Christianity first Conference of its kind in Australia 28th 31st August 1979 held at Mannix College / 1979]
OZ7 M654 Millikan David Worlds apart Christianity and the new age / 1991.
PM30 J13 Jackson Michael 1940 Between one and one another / c2012.
PP90 A757 Arnold Magda B Emotion and personality / 1960.
PP90 C712 Collins Pat C M Intimacy and the hungers of the heart / 1991.
PP90 V131 Vaillant George E 1934 Spiritual evolution a scientific defense of faith / c2008.
PP95 M938 Moyes Gordon 1938 Be a winner clear directions for becoming a winner / 1982.
PV53.5 M913 Moss Stephen Dr Jungian typology Myers Briggs and personality / 1989.
PX43 K64 Klein Melanie Our adult world and other essays / 1963.
PX48 A735 Armstrong D M David Malet 1926 2014 Organization in the mind psychoanalysis group relations and organizational consultancy occasional papers 1989 2003 / 2005.
QE96 L85 K1ET Longinus active 1st century Longinus on elevation of style / 1935.
QU25 G228 transcendental turn / 2015.
QW4 F686 Fook Janis Practising critical reflection a resource handbook / 2007.
QY40 H939 Hunt A D Arnold Dudley Set your heart on goodness ethics of world religions / 1991.
RB35 M142 1942 McEvoy W V William Vincent 1888 Things in me that make me a believer / [1942]
RC65 L192 Lakeland Paul 1946 Freedom in Christ an introduction to political theology / 1986.
RD55 L477 Lee Francis Nigel Christian manifesto of nineteen eighty four an answer to the Communist manifesto of eighteen forty eight / 1981.
RP20 S272 Saxbee John Liberal evangelism / 1994.
RS L187 Laing J E J Edgar great problem and how it is solved / 1891
RS33 J74 Spirit of God in the Christian life nine studies to deepen personal relationship with Christ and involvement in the faith community / c1981.
RS33 M156 Mackenzie John 1869 1955 work of the Holy Spirit five biblical studies / [191- or 192-?]
RS45 S849 Stewart J McKellar John McKellar 1878 1953 Christian faith / 1922
RU A589 Anglican Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Commission In the image and likeness of God a hope filled anthropology the Buffalo statement / 2015.
RV2 L752 Lindsey Hal Satan is alive and well on planet earth / 1973, c1972.
SD14 M153 Mackay Hugh 1938 Mackay report the family 90s style / 1991.
SD32 L616 Lerner Harriet Goldhor dance of intimacy a womans guide to courageous acts of change in key relationships / c1989.
SH43 L434 League of St Thomas More Handbook of the League of St Thomas More / 1950.
SH43 L543 QEK Lelotte P Fundamental principles of Catholic action / [1936?]
SH43 L598 KEP Leppich John way of the Cross / 1966.
SH43 L842 Lombardi Riccardo 1908 1979 Hope of a better world / 1957.
SI20 B464 Benefiel Margaret Soul at work spiritual leadership in organizations / c2005.
SI20 S311 Scharmer Claus Otto 1961 Theory U leading from the futures as it emerges the social technology of presencing / c2009.
SK23 H942 Hunt Philip J 1948 Journeys to justice / 1996.
SK33 O99 XL14 Lacordaire Henri Dominique 1802 1861 My friend Ozanam / 1957.
SL41 K412 Kerr Edith A Can a leopard change his spots / [1974]
SL70 M695 Moffitt Athol Randolph quarter to midnight the Australian crisis organised crime and the decline of the institutions of state / 1985.
SL95.5 P928 Gambling its history and growth / [193-?]
SQ37 L849 Long Susan 1948 perverse organisation and its deadly sins / 2008.
SQ40 I59 prosperous and humane society the IPAs submission to the Bishops Committee for Justice Development and Peace Inquiry into the Distribution of Wealth in Australia / 1988.
SR80 N564 Coaching in depth the Organizational Role Analysis approach / 2006.
SS35 H855 Howe Brian 1936 Housing for the twenty first century building on Barnett / 1997.
SS35 H857 Howe Renate Housing and the Church a vision and a challenge / 1994.
SS70 M147 Gospel industrial conflict community life / 1985]
SX20 K72 Knopfelmacher Frank 1923 Intellectuals and politics and other essays / 1968.
TC91 K76 Koch John B current educational climate in South Australia / [1979].
TF3 I61 Interstate Consultation on Christian Education in Government Schools 1962 Clevedon Conference Centre Interstate Consultation on Christian Education in Government Schools summary / 1962].
TF3 L273 Langdon A A anatomy of religious education in schools / c1986.
TY92.5 M122 McCalman L B Pioneer and hardy survivor the Prahran Mechanics since 1854 / 1983.
UA23 M1651 MacLeod Angus church in a changing world / [197-?]
UG K74 Knox D B David Broughton 1916 1994 Christian and his worship Christian worship in the light of the question of church reunion / 1963.
UG33 M167 McMahon John T John Thomas 1893 1989 sacrifice of the Mass / 1924
UG33 M167 L McMahon John T John Thomas 1893 1989 Live the Mass / 1946.
UG62.3 M142 1940 McEvoy W V William Vincent 1888 death image of Christ / [194-]
UG62.3 M142 1946 McEvoy W V William Vincent 1888 death image of Christ reprinted revised and enlarged from the Holy Name monthly / [1946?].
UG62.4 M172 MacPherson Anne 1932 Walking to the saints a little pilgrimage in France / 2000.
UG92 M156 Mackenzie John 1869 1955 What shall we do with our Sundays / 1936
UL23 K29 Kelly J F John Francis Through Christ Our Lord / 1952 [i.e. 1953].
UL23 K41 Kersbergen Lydwine van 1904 1988 normal school of sanctity for the laity / 1950
UL24 O85 Ostdiek Gilbert Catechesis for liturgy a program for parish involvement / c1986.
UL82 S655 L Let these bones live a pastoral guide to the order of Christian funerals / c1992.
UQ1.67 L973 Seasonal prayer for congregations groups and individuals / 2006.
UQ55 L973 Lutheran Church of Australia Worship resources a handbook of helps for modern service orders and special worship occasions / 1978.
UQ55 L973 E Everyday prayer for congregations groups and individuals / 2006.
UU5 G1628 Gallagher Timothy M Ignatian introduction to prayer scriptural reflections according to the Spiritual exercises / 2007.
VQL 1925 Lutheran Church of Australia Australian Lutheran hymn book / 1925.
WB30 K76 Koch Clem I Dynamic Christian witness a series of studies to edify and equip Christians for evangelism / 1982.
WB30 L477 Lee Francis Nigel Effective evangelism / 1975.
WP2.2 K76 Koch Clem I Some reflections on the prophetic ministry of the pastor / 1984.
WP6 P748 Pohly Kenneth H Transforming the rough places the ministry of supervision / c2001.
WV10 M156 B Mackenzie John 1869 1955 Bread alone a sermon preached in Toorak Presbyterian Church on March 8th 1931 / [Toorak, Vic.?] :
WV10 M156 R Mackenzie John 1869 1955 Remember Jesus Christ a sermon / [1932]
WX9 M157 Mackenzie John 1869 1955 New Testament Christian a sermon / 1937]
XA22 A887 Au Wilkie 1944 Urgings of the heart a spirituality of integration / c1995.
XA22 B941 Supervision of spiritual directors engaging in holy mystery / c2005.
XB57 L849 Long W Arnold Blazing the trail / 1971.
XC M129 Living spirituality contemporary Australians search for the meaning of life / 1989.
XQ8.7 J32 Jamieson John C Rev Cross and the empty tomb studies for Easter camps and fellowship groups / [1947]
YE91 H319 Tribal expressions the business of art and culture in indigenous Victoria / c2006.
YF23 K72 Knorr Hilde 1920 Religious art in Australia / [1967].
YX20 H394 Hawkins Peter 1950 Supervision in the helping professions / 2012.
YX24 M648 Miller Les Christian view on in vitro fertilisation / 1985.
YX93 M649 Miller Robin 1940 1975 Flying nurse / 1971.