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Call No. Author Title
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BZ8.5 P132 Page Geoffrey Donald Bentons conviction / 1985.
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GM3 O69 XO69 (11) International Colloquium for Origen Studies 11th 2013 Aarhus Denmark Origeniana Undecima Origen and origenism in the history of western thought / 2016.
GQ90 R841 Reading sacred scripture with Thomas Aquinas hermeneutical tools theological questions and new perspectives / 2015.
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IX79 J83 S623 Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart Constitutions of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus / 1874]
JG4 B656 MM Blois Louis de 1506 1566 mirror for monks Speculum monachorum / 1926.
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JG4 B656 S Blois Louis de 1506 1566 sanctuary of the faithful soul Conclave animae fidelis / 1926.
JR76 P928 Presbyterian minister Church union the question of the hour / 192-?]
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KM5.5 N277 What is an evangelical / [1971].
KZP K23 EP European Pentecostalism / 2011.
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LVO P264 Parry J B J Brian introduction to the liberal Catholic Church a short outline of its principles and doctrines / 1973.
MD22 G976 No establishment of religion Americas original contribution to religious liberty / 2012.
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MW61.63 N874 L Land rights alert / c1985.
MW61.64 A938 O Our Aborigines / 1957].
MW61.64 A938 O2 One people / 1961.
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MW61.64 M984 struggle for dignity / 1962.
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MW62.4 R329 V Reeson Margaret 1938 very long war the families who waited / 2000.
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MW64 D311 Deen Hanifa jihad seminar / 2008.
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MW67M M592 GC 1929 Methodist Church of Australasia General Conference 9th 1929 Perth W A Methodist Church of Australasia ninth general conference souvenir / 1929
MW67M M592 GC 1951 Methodist Church of Australasia General Conference Jubilee 1951 Adelaide S A Methodist Church of Australasia jubilee general conference on crusade / 1951
MW67M M592 H Methodist Church of Australasia Regulations authorized by the General Conference relating to the Supernumerary Ministers and Ministers Widows Fund / [1966].
MW67M M592 L Methodist Church of Australasia Abridged edition of Laws of the Methodist Church of Australasia / 1950].
MW67M M592 MH Methodist Church of Australasia General Conference Committee on Church Union Methodist handbook on church union / 1964.
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PX43 B361 New directions in counselling / 1996.
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RR55 S368 Scholes Lilian L Lilian Lelean body hast thou prepared for me some thoughts on the body of the Lord / [s.d.]
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SD82 M439 Feminist histories / 1991.
SH43 O61 Open Family Foundation Victoria Open Family Foundation annual report 1985 / 1985]
SI40 P529 We are hanging on voices of hope in the rural crisis / 1992.
SK33 S678 Society of St Vincent de Paul in Australia Brief outline of the objects spiritual benefits and rules of the Society of St Vincent de Paul and prayers for use of members / [1956.]
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SX33 P928 Christian as citizen / 1979].
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TM54 M592 Sunday Schools in transition report based on five hundred questionnaires returned from Methodist Sunday Schools in Victoria and Tasmania together with comments and questions on data / 1966
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UU5 M437 problem and power of prayer a text book for conferences and Bible study groups / [194-]
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UU90 R118 1957 Catholic Church Poenitentiaria Apostolica raccolta or A manual of indulgences prayers and devotions enriched with indulgences in favor of all the faithful in Christ or of certain groups of persons and now opportunely revised edited and in part newly translated into English from t / 1957.
VK23 R179 Ramsay M C Psalms only objections answered / 1971.
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VQM M592 Sing a new song / [1970]
VS64 2002 poetry of piety an annotated anthology of Christian poetry / c2002.
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XS R162 Common journey different paths spiritual direction in cross cultural perspective / c1992.
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