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Call No. Author Title
BZ5 W519 West Morris 1916 1999 Eminence / 1999.
BZ8.3 B442 Bellerive book of Bellerive / 1961.
BZ8.5 W738 Willmot Eric Below the line / 1991.
CB94.5 1999 Frankel Ellen illustrated Hebrew Bible 75 selected stories / 1999.
CD63 W278 Warne Clifford How to read the Bible aloud / [1983?].
CF30 H818 Horsley G H R Four early biblical codex fragments in Australia putting the pieces together / 1994
CR42 R936 Rumble L Leslie 1892 1975 Ten commandments of God / 1934
DK36.3 K97 Eve Adam Jewish Christian and Muslim readings on Genesis and gender / c1999.
DK48 D655 Dohmen Christoph 1957 Exodus 1 18 / [2015]
DM37 I13 Ibn Ezra Abraham ben Meïr 1089 1164 Rabbi Abraham ibn Ezras commentary on books 3 5 of Psalms chapters 73 150 / 2016.
FL5 C947 Cronin Sonya Raymond Brown the Jews and the Gospel of John from apologia to apology / 2015.
FN78 D229 Das A Andrew Galatians / [2014]
FS24 W747 Wilson Clifford 1923 response to Jesus the man by Barbara Thiering Thierings theories tested again and still found wanting / 1991.
FS54 W751 Wilson S M Dunstan life of Christ according to the Bible / 1938
FX17 G475 Gill Athol Discipleship studies / 1978.
FX34 Z75 K Kompendium der Gleichnisse Jesu / c2007.
FX35 C712 Collins Nina L Jesus the Sabbath and the Jewish debate healing on the Sabbath in the 1st and 2nd centuries CE / 2014.
GN5 A49 XP28 Pasini Cesare Ambrose of Milan deeds and thoughts of a bishop / c2013.
GU3 T239 Taylor C T T John Calvin the true father of communism / 1955.
HP97 S112 Saaroni Sarah 1926 Life goes on regardless / 1989.
HV K66 Voluntary associations in the Graeco Roman world / 1996.
IX70 JD 1915 IC Ledóchowski Wlodzimierz 1866 1942 Epistola A R P N Wlodimiri Ledóchowski ad omnes provinciarum praepositos aliosque societatis superiores de ministeriorum / 1933.
IX70 L J58 Jesuits General Quaedam epistolae a R P NN / 1906-1938
IX70 S J58 Jesuits Elenchus eorum quae a rectoribus et ministris praestanda sunt juxta Congr VI decr 36 n 1 et instr SVIII n 1 / 1884.
IX72 C363 Jesuit biographies / 1889-[1912?]
IX72 F172 Fairplay John Notes of the Wandering Jew on the Jesuits and their opponents / 1873.
IX72 J58 Jesuits Letters from missions English Selections Instructive and curious epistles from Catholic clergymen of the Society of Jesus in China India Persia the Levant and either America being selections of the most interesting of the Lettres édifiantes with an appendix slightly illustratin / 1839.
IX72 P465 XC82 Cortie A L Aloysius Laurence Father Perry the Jesuit astronomer / 1890.
IX72 P677 Pise Charles Constantine 1801 1866 Saint Ignatius and his first companions / 1866 [c1844]
IX72 T453 Thoman Maurice S J 1722 1805 Exjesuit eine Selbstbiographie / 1867.
KH40 D923 bishop of Rome in late antiquity / 2015.
KJ35.6 C644 Saturday class lectures / 1908
KJ35.6 R936 Rumble L Leslie 1892 1975 Correspondence course in Catholic doctrine / 1929
KJ95.6 T942 Light after darkness a publication prepared by a committee of men holding to the historical Presbyterian Reformed faith / [1986].
KZP S955 summary statement of faith arising from the Charismatic Renewal prepared at a consultation in November 1981 / 1981.
LC63 U35 Ukraine a Christian nation / 1973.
LQ1 S274 XC77 Coomes David Dorothy L Sayers a careless rage for life / 1993.
MA2 C458 A 1829 Channing William Ellery 1780 1842 works of William Ellery Channing D D including his Analysis of the character of Napoleon Bonaparte Thoughts on power and greatness Remarks on the character of Milton Sermons and two pieces never heretofore published in this country / 1829.
MD82 D684 Donlon Hugh P story of Auriesville Land of Crosses where the Indian trail of the Jesuit missioner ended and the path to Heaven began / 1932]
MD82 J95 Jung A M Jesuit missions among the American tribes of the Rocky Mountain Indians / 1925.
MN67 G356 Gerard John 1840 1912 Iter Guianense / 1900.
MN72 K77 Koebel W H William Henry 1872 1923 In Jesuit land the Jesuit missions of Paraguay / [1912?].
MU34 H658 A Himm Sokreaksa S After the heavy rain / 2007.
MU34 H658 T Himm Sokreaksa S tears of my soul he survived Cambodias killing fields His family didnt Could he forgive / 2003.
MW27 F745 Fortune Reo 1903 1979 Sorcerers of Dobu the social anthropology of the Dobu Islanders of the Western Pacific / [1963]
MW27 T949 Turner M M Papua New Guinea the challenge of independence / 1990.
MW27 W853 Wolfers Edward P Race relations and colonial rule in Papua New Guinea / 1975.
MW35 M734 XF29 Feeney Thomas J Thomas John 1894 1955 padre of the press recollections of Rev John J Monahan S J / 1931.
MW61 S551 Sherer John 1810 1889 gold finder of Australia how he went how he fared how he made his fortune / 1973.
MW61 S745 Spencer Baldwin Sir 1860 1929 Wanderings in wild Australia / 1928.
MW61 W949 Wright Frank 1897 1987 Telegraph tourists crossing Australia with Vauxie and Baby in 1929 / 1993.
MW61.1 V948 Von Sturmer John Richard Talking with Aborigines / [1985].
MW61.41 C874 M Cowan James 1942 Mysteries of the Dreaming the spiritual life of Australian Aborigines / 1992.
MW61.5 T463 Thomas W G Walter George 1881 These my brethren studies in the problem of the Aborigines of Australia and on Christian responsibility and action in regard thereto / 1946].
MW61.53 W584 white invasion booklet / c1986.
MW61.54 W362 Wearne Heather clash of cultures Queensland Aboriginal policy 1824 1980 an analysis of the Aborigines Act 1971 79 regulations of 1972 and by laws / 1980.
MW61.57 W517 West Ida 1919 Pride against prejudice reminiscences of a Tasmanian Aborigine / 1987.
MW61.58 C511 Chauvel Charles 1897 1959 Walkabout / 1959.
MW61.58 T482 B Thomson Donald F Donald Fergusson 1901 1970 Bindibu country / 1975.
MW61.58 W453 Wells Edgar Reward and punishment in Arnhem Land 1962 1963 / 1982.
MW61.58 W4531 Wells Ann E Ann Elizabeth Milingimbi ten years in the Crocodile Islands of Arnhem Land / 1963.
MW61.64 N374 Needham J S John Stafford White and black in Australia / 1935.
MW61.64 W368 Webb T T Thomas Theodor future for the half caste / [193-?]
MW61.7 D262 XT98 Tynan Patrick J Patrick Joseph 1936 Duramboi the story of Jem Davis of Glasgow 1808 1889 / 1997.
MW61.7 L673 Lewis Brian 1906 Sunday at Kooyong Road / 1976.
MW61.7 L673 XT28 Temple Margaret Goers shicers early days at Moonlight / 1980?].
MW61.7 W747 Wilson Dulcie cost of crossing bridges / 1998.
MW61.7 W913 XT47 Thompson M M H Max M H William Woolls a man of Parramatta / c1986.
MW61.9 W462 Welsh Lionel 1900 1982 Vermilion and gold vignettes of Chinese life in Ballarat / [1985].
MW62 M538 Mendham Roy 1890 dictionary of Australian bushrangers / 1975.
MW62.1 M152 McIntyre Kenneth Gordon secret discovery of Australia Portuguese ventures 200 years before Captain Cook / 1977.
MW62.3 T942 Turnbull Clive 1906 1975 Eureka the story of Peter Lalor / 1946.
MW63.1 W788 W We the people Australian republican government / 1994.
MW63.4 R885 Rowse Tim 1951 Australian liberalism and national character / 1978.
MW64 W556 Wheat H Colin shattered cross in Australia Australian churches and cults / 1982
MW64.1 R888 Royal Australian Historical Society Conference with affiliated societies 1975 proceedings / 1975.
MW64.3 T854 Tronson Mark No orchestra no trumpet the story behind the quiet miracle of Australias sports ministry some 93 professional sports with chaplains and a nation wide network of Christian athletes / c1994.
MW64.3 W618 Whitney Harold J Harold James Tell Australia / 1958.
MW65.2 R989 Ryan Noel J 1916 Catholic higher education in Victoria a survey based upon the careers of matriculation students 1950 to 1958 / 1966.
MW65.4 S423 XT98 Tynan Patrick J Patrick Joseph 1936 Pioneer priest and botanist the life story of Father Benedetto Scortechini 1845 1886 / c1989.
MW65.7 T482 Thomson Ann 1941 N T dreaming the story of the Catholic Church in the Northern Territory / 1988.
MW66 M876 XB11 Bach Neil Leon Morris one mans fight for love and truth / 2016.
MW66.5 R883 Rowland E C Edward Carr 1909 1980 century of the English church in New South Wales / 1948
MW66.5 W954 Wright W E William Edwin Shepherds in new country bishops in the Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn 1837 1993 / 1993.
MW66.6 W289 Warren Kevin journey of a people a history of the Parish of St John the Evangelist Geelong West 1849 1996 / [1996].
MW67P W337 Watson A C Alan Cameron 1900 1976 Moderator Generals address / 1959.
MW67Z S272 Saxby M H Sounding out a record of gospel effort at home and abroad by Australian assemblies / 1973.
MW67.2M T951 Turner Ronald E Foundations not made by hands / 1984]
MW67.4B W585 White John E John Edward 1909 fellowship of service a history of the Baptist Union of Queensland 1877 1977 / 1977.
MW67.4L S134 St Andrews Lutheran Church Brisbane Qld Constitution / 197-?]
MW67.4P W618 XW21 Wallis Noel W warhorse the life and work of Rev Dr Harold J Whitney / 1986.
MW67.6M W739 Willoughby Grace Nyah West Methodist Church 1921 2002 a short history of the Church life / 2002
MW67.6P T413 These five and twenty years the history of Thomson Memorial Presbyterian Church Terang / 1961]
MW67.6P T833 Trinity Presbyterian Church Camberwell 1885 1985 / 1985]
MW68A U58 Interim report of the rural ministry task group / 1986.
MW68A U58 C Uniting Church in Australia Consultation on the life and witness of the Northern Synod / 1990.
MW68A U58 R Uniting Church in Australia Assembly Task Group on Church Structures Roles relationships resourcing of Church councils second report / 1996.
MW68A U58 R2 Uniting Church in Australia Assembly Structures Review Group Report to the Assembly Standing Committee / 1977.
MW68A U58 S Social welfare policies for the Uniting Church in Australia Victoria report recommendations by Steering Group to Victorian Synod Joint Planning Committee / [1977]
MW68M U58 1976 Uniting Church in Australia Constitution and regulations interim including The Basis of union / 1976.
MW68M U58 1979 Uniting Church in Australia Regulations and interim constitution including the Basis of union / 1979.
MW68M U58 1984 Uniting Church in Australia Constitution and regulations and the Basis of union / 1984.
MW68.2 W626 Whittington Vera Duncraig story / 1978.
MW68.6 S134 St Andrews Uniting Church Colac Vic Services to mark the centenary of the opening of the present church for public worship 1877 1977 / 1977
MW68.6 S136 St Davids Uniting Church Preston Vic Centenary 1890 1990 St Davids Uniting Church formerly Presbyterian Cramer St Preston 3072 Cnr Jessie St / 1990]
MW68.6 U58 S St Andrews by the Sea one hundred years origins and history of the Black Rock Parish of the Uniting Church in Australia 1890 1990 / 1990]
MW69.3 B266 T351 Teusner Roger 1940 brief history of the Barossa Valley / 1968.
MW69.6 K43 V371 Vaughan William David Kews civic century / 1960.
MW69.6 P839 S951 Sullivan Martin 1936 Men and women of Port Phillip / c1985.
MW69.6 S818 S956 Sumner Ray 1944 Steiglitz memories of gold / c1982.
MW69.6 V645 T Ten Victorian women 1854 1895 / 1983.
MW69.7 W341 Watson Reg A Distinguished Tasmanian historical parliamentarians / 1987.
MW71 H636 Higgins Cornelius active 1858 1872 Higgins letters Canterbury 1858 1860 Australia 1860 1866 West Coast 1866 1872 / 1969.
MW74.6 G567 Identity and involvement II Auckland Jewry past and present / 1993.
MX56 D424 De Prorok Byron Khun 1896 Dead men do tell tales / 1944.
NPP S932 Stuckey J M James Maitland 1911 2000 Go or send the part of the Australian Presbyterian missions in building the World Church / [1953]
OC7 S532 Sharpe Eric J Eric John 1933 2000 Universal religion for universal man / 1978.
OT63 S568 Siddiqui Mona Hospitality and Islam welcoming in Gods name / 2015.
PA30 W749 Wilson James B E Science and the progress of man / 1945
PB30 J58 Jesuit pamphlets on metaphysics and cosmology / 1924
PH C221 Canezza Alessandro Pulvis Jesuiticus note storiche sulla scoperta e diffusione della china / 1925.
PM30 D735 IM Douglas Mary 1921 2007 Implicit meanings essays in anthropology / 1975.
PP36 W751 Wilson M Dunstan Mary Dunstan Sister How our minds work an introduction to psychology / 1925.
PP90 T328 LEV Terruwe Anne Alberdina Antoinette Give me your hand confirmation the key to human happiness / 1973, c1972.
PX48 W721 Williams Antony 1941 Visual and active supervision roles focus technique / c1995.
QT3 F699 Ford Dennis 1947 search for meaning a short history / c2007.
QZ93 A675 Arcos Angelo Maria de 1837 1911 Appendix theologiae moralis pro nostris / 1908.
RB35 R936 Rumble L Leslie 1892 1975 unavoidable God / 1937.
RC75 S982 Theology for the layman / 1964.
RC75 W618 Whitney Harold J Harold James new infallibility / 198-?]
RC75 W618 N Whitney Harold J Harold James new heresy / between 1970 and 1986]
RE63 V962 Vose G Noel 1921 Holy Scripture and Holy Spirit / 1983.
RE63 W752 Wilson Robert Dick 1856 1930 Old Testament criticism critically examined and the minute accuracy of the Old Testament vindicated / [192-?]
RF30 U58 Healing the earth an Australian Christian reflection on the renewal of creation / c1990.
RS72 S325 Schep John A 1897 Spirit baptism and tongue speaking according to scripture / 1966?]
RS72 U58 Charismatic renewal a theological statement / c1986.
SD22 T747 Townsend Anne J Marriage without pretending / 1975.
SD49 T311 Tennison Patrick 1928 Family Court the legal jungle / 1983.
SD60 W735 F Willis R A Rupert Allan 1898 1980 facts about sex for girls and young women / 1926
SF14 S878 environment in perspective selected articles / 1991.
SF14 Y95 Yule Ian R Uranium mining in the Northern Territory / 1978.
SH55 B261 XW17 Walker Evan Where are todays Os Barnetts / 1995
SK69.1 V226 Global partnership in development the challenge for Australia / 1989.
SL95.5 S967 Sutton Ralph F Ralph Francis 1908 1967 Whats wrong with a gamble / 1944].
SL95.5 U58 S Should Victoria gamble on a casino the case against a casino gambling industry in Victoria / [198-?]
SM95 O63 C623 1899 Cleary Henry W Henry William 1859 1929 Orange Society / 1899.
SQ37 S965 Suter Keith Christians and wealth / 1987.
SR50 S878 Stone J O John Owen 1929 Deregulate or perish / 1985.
SR80 M848 Morgan Gareth 1943 Images of organization / c2006.
ST55 T763 Trade unions a Christian view / 1977.
SV58 W486 house of Were 1839 1954 the history of the J B Were Son and its founder Jonathan Binns Were / 1954?]
SV68 E19 Counting the cost taxation and social justice / 1984.
SV68 U58 Uniting Church in Australia Commission on Social Responsibility Income tax a contribution to the debate / 1979]
SY42 S257 Saunders Malcolm Australian peace movement a short history / 1986.
SY45.2 U83 Unwin Lilian Annie Armageddon by passed / 1962].
SY46 S965 T Suter Keith triangle of peace Trinity Peace Research Institute 1986 1990 / 1990.
SY46 S965 W Suter Keith War and peace some basic questions / [1982?].
SY46 U58 P Uniting Church in Australia Assembly 3rd 1982 Adelaide S Aust Peace disarmament resolutions of the third assembly the Uniting Church in Australia Adelaide May 1982 / 1982.
TB92 D685 Donnelly Francis P Francis Patrick 1869 1959 Principles of Jesuit education in practice / [c1934]
TB92 J58 L Jesuit Secondary Education Association U S Letter from Father General Preamble Constitution / 1971.
TB92 J58 R Jesuit Educational Association Guidance Institute 1963 Boston College role of professional guidance in Jesuit institutions proceedings of the Jesuit Educational Association Guidance Institute Boston College August 7 15 1963 / [1963?]
TK30 M431 JEA Seminar on the Social Mission of the Jesuit School and College 1968 Bombay India Education and social concern report of the JEA Seminar Bombay May 15 21 1968 on the Social Mission of the Jesuit School and College / [1968]
TL39 N842 PEM Normae generales de studiis English General norms for studies guide lines for new Jesuit Ratio studiorum superiorum / 1968]
TL48 K61 Kirsch Felix M Felix Marie 1884 1945 Catholic faith explained a teachers manual for Catholic faith / 1941, c1940
TL69 F842 Fraser P B Philadelphus Bain 1862 1940 brief catechism of the Christian life suitable for use in schools and in Christian homes of Australia and New Zealand / 1929.
TN R267 Raymo Judy Meeting Jesus in Australia life at the WEC Missionary Training College Tasmania / 1990?]
TR91 W886 W257 Ward Edward 1934 Dreams realities Woodcroft College the first decade / 1998.
UA23 C882 Cozzens Donald B Notes from the underground the spiritual journal of a secular priest / 2013.
UA67 T135 Tait George 1844 1934 Ordination and the Lambeth proposals for re union / [192-?]
UB56.1 V345 D Vatican Council 2nd 1962 1965 Decree on religious life Decree on priestly training / 1965.
UB56.1 V345 D2 Vatican Council 2nd 1962 1965 Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity was promulgated by His Holiness Pope Paul VI on November 18 1965 / 1965.
UC31 U75 URen David 1929 Lets get eldership going / [19--]
UG U58 U unity of worship and mission five papers on worship and mission in a pluralistic society / c1991.
UG33 F733 Forster John L 1870 1964 In memory of Me or the Holy Mass worthily offered / [1928]
UG86.2 S366 Schoenmaker Mario 1929 1997 Choosing transformation reflections on the Christmas story / c1988.
UK5.3 1967 Syrian Orthodox Church Anaphora the divine liturgy of Saint James the first bishop of Jerusalem according to the rite of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch / 1967.
UP62 C562 Church of England in Australia and Tasmania General Synod book of occasional services / 1944.
USU7 U588 Services of ordination induction commissioning / 1995.
USU7 U588 O O le Tusi Mo Sauniga Ekalesia Soofaatasi I Ausetalia / 2001.
UU5 T475 Thompson R J Robert John 1924 2000 Prayer in the 70s studies for personal reading and group discussion / [197-]
VK42 T812 Hymn history incidents and anecdotes / 1905.
VP40 S724 Sound the bamboo CCA hymnal 1990 / 1990.
VQXU U58 Uniting Church in Australia Synod of Victoria Theological Hall Songs for the journey Uniting Church in Australia Theological Hall songbook / 1995.
VW90 C666 Cocks N J Nicholas John Australian songs and other poems / 1925.
WA62 S915 Strelan John G John Gerhard 1936 Women and the ministry a study document on women and the office of the public ministry prepared by the Commission on Theology and Inter Church Relations of the Lutheran Church of Australia / 1992.
WA62 W536 Weston William development of the apostolic ministry / [198-?]
WD30 W726 Williams Raoul Church in the inner city a way forward the final report of the Inner City Anti Poverty Project / 1989?
WD64 M167 McMahon John T John Thomas 1893 1989 child in the bush religious holiday schools / 1936.
WD64 Y83 Youth lives with the Church / Anno Domini 1944.
WD98 S888 Stott Joan 1935 Prisons and us a resource kit for study and discussion / 1989.
WP2.2 D649 2015 Doehring Carrie 1954 practice of pastoral care a postmodern approach / [2015]
WV W566 Inspirational talks from World of worship / 1991.
XB57 R974 R Ruth T E Thomas Elias 1875 1956 rendezvous with life everyday problems / 1934
XB57 W365 Responding to the Gospel evangelical perspectives on Christian living / 1995.
XS H654 Hillman Anne Awakening the energies of love discovering fire for the second time / 2008.
XS W341 Watson Michael J Michael Joseph 1845 1931 Within the soul helps in the spiritual life a book of little essays / 1910.
XS W592 1992 Whitehead Evelyn Eaton Christian life patterns the psychological challenges and religious invitations of adult life / 1992.
YF40 V645 Victoria and Albert Museum picture book of English mediaeval wall paintings / 1932.
YJ4 W748 Wilson Granville 1922 2013 Building a city 100 years of Melbourne architecture / 1981.
ZR 1919 Cocks N J Nicholas John Betty songs / [1919]