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AB20 P976 Public Library of Victoria word in manuscript and print a catalogue of biblical and related material arranged on the occasion of the Melbourne Catholic Diocesan Centenary in May of the year one thousand nine hundred and forty eight / 1948.
AGC9.6 B789 XN57 Niall Brenda 1930 Martin Boyd / 1977.
AL50 G412 Ghellinck J de Joseph 1872 1950 Nos bibliothèques organisation utilisation conservation gestion et direction / 1931
BR67 M972 Muraoka T syntax of Septuagint Greek / 2016.
BT96 B433 New Zealand ways of speaking English / c1990.
BZ1 V645 Victorian pamphlets and poems / [various dates]
BZ8.3 H392 Hawken Dinah 1943 It has no sound and is blue poems / 1987.
CB44.9 M261 John 1967 Bible John Maltese Saydon 1967 Evangelju ta San Gwann / 1967.
CD63 W927 World Council of Churches Assembly 6th 1983 Vancouver B C Images of life an invitation to Bible study / 1982.
DG5 L735 Linafelt Tod 1965 Hebrew Bible as literature a very short introduction / 2010.
DL40 E22 Is Samuel among the Deuteronomists current views on the place of Samuel in a Deuteronomistic history / [2013]
DX B889 G Brueggemann Walter God of all flesh and other essays / 2015.
EZ30 P928 pamphlet from the Committee on the Christian approach to the Jews / [19--]
FN20 C1874 Campbell Constantine R Colossians and Philemon a handbook on the Greek text / 2013.
FN40 C436 wisdom and foolishness of God First Corinthians 1 2 in theological exploration / 2015.
FS97 B344 Bauer Florence Marvyne Behold your king / 1946
FT31 B664 Paul the Jew rereading the apostle as a figure of Second Temple Judaism / ├2016.
FX60 W868 Wolter Michael Paulus ein Grundriss seiner Theologie / 2011.
FX69 G118 Gabrielson Jeremy Pauls non violent gospel the theological politics of peace in Pauls life and letters / 2014.
FX69.5 P848 Paul and gnosis / 2016.
GE75 F252 v.112 Oikoumenios active 6th century Commentary on the Apocalypse / c2006.
GL2 S49 XZ16 ELA Zacharias Bishop of Mytilene life of Severus / 2008.
GM3 C5 XC66 Codices Chrysostomici graeci / 1968-<1983 >
GM3 T38 Q2EP Theodoret Bishop of Cyrrhus questions on the Octateuch / c2007.
GM3 T38 XS61 Siniossoglou Niketas Plato and Theodoret the Christian appropriation of Platonic philosophy and the Hellenic intellectual resistance / 2008.
GN3 XC58 Clair Joseph Allan 1980 Discerning the good in the letters and sermons of Augustine / 2016.
GN3 XO77 Ortiz Jared You made us for yourself creation in St Augustines Confessions / 2016.
GQ F81 XC52 Chesterton G K Gilbert Keith 1874 1936 St Francis of Assisi / 1923.
GS6 L847 T2 Lonergan Bernard J F Understanding and being lectures on the book Insight / c2004.
HA V261 Van Loon Hendrik Willem 1882 1944 Van Loons lives being a true and faithful account of a number of highly interesting meetings with certain historical personages from Confucius and Plato to Voltaire and Thomas Jefferson about whom we had always felt a great deal of curiosity and / 1944
HP30 K89 EHK Kratz Reinhard Gregor 1957 Historical and Biblical Israel the history tradition and archives of Israel and Judah / 2015.
IK25 P866 Potter D S David Stone 1957 Constantine the Emperor / 2013.
IK25 S836 Stephenson Paul Constantine unconquered emperor Christian victor / 2011.
IX50 L338 IEK La Salle Jean Baptiste de Saint 1651 1719 John Baptist de La Salle the spirituality of Christian education / 2004.
IX71 XL33 Larrañaga Victoriano espiritualidad de San Ignacio de Loyola estudio comparativo con la de Santa Teresa de Jesús / 1944.
IX72 T326 Terrien James Historical inquiry into the tradition that to die in the Society of Jesus is a certain pledge of salvation / 1874.
IX85 B463 A622 Anson Peter F Peter Frederick 1889 1975 Benedictines of Caldey the story of the Anglican Benedictines of Caldey and their submission to the Catholic Church / [1940]
IX85 B463 L988 XA88 Attwater Donald 1892 1977 Father Ignatius of Llanthony a Victorian / 1931.
JK42 M147 A McGrath Alister E 1953 Apostles creed 6 studies for individuals or groups / 2016.
JR15 C668 COCU consensus in quest of a Church of Christ Uniting / ├1985.
JR50 K14 Kalomiros Alexander Against false union humble thoughts of an Orthodox Christian concerning the attempts for union of the one holy catholic and apostolic church with the so called churches of the West / 1990.
JR50 K79 Kokkinakis Athenagoras new papal credo and Orthodox Catholic relations / 1969.
JR86 A589 A Anglicans and Methodists talk together / 1960.
JR86 A589 A2 Anglicans and Methodists is this the way notes on the report on conversations between the Church of England and the Methodist Church / [1963?]
JR86 A589 C call for Christian unity the challenge of a world situation / 1930.
JR86 C766 C Conversations around the world 2000 2005 the report of the International Conversations between the Anglican Communion and the Baptist World Alliance / 2005.
JR86 D857 Duffield G E Gervase E Anglicans Methodists a popular appraisal by leading Anglicans and Methodists who believe that the proposals in the report Anglican Methodist unity remain defective / [1968]
JR86 M849 Morgan Peter Anglican Methodist conversations an evangelical approach / 1964.
JR86 M928 Mountney Frederick Hugh No priest no church a comment on the Anglican Methodist scheme / 1968.
JR86 P119 C Church of England and the Methodist Church a consideration of the report Conversations between the Church of England and the Methodist Church ten essays / [1963]
KA2 A635 XA86 Coptic Orthodox Monastery of St Antony the Great Red Sea Egypt / 19--
KE E93 Every George 1909 Understanding eastern Christianity / 1978.
KE4 P294 Armenian Church Pataragamatoyts Hayastaneayts Ap srak Ekeghetswoy Divine liturgy of the Armenian Apostolic Church / 19-]
KE70 C434 Chaillot Christine Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch and all the East a brief introduction to its life and spirituality / 1998.
KE70 L782 Assyrian Church of the East liturgy of the Assyrian Church of the East / 1994.
KE77 K18 Tuvaik studies in honour of Revd Dr Jacob Vellian / 1995.
KG70 H793 Hopko Thomas All the fulness of God essays on Orthodoxy ecumenism and modern society / 1982.
KG89 S528 EMS Shammas Yusuf Melkite Church / 1992]
KH48 P61 XK41 Kertzer David I 1948 Pope and Mussolini the secret history of Pius XI and the rise of Fascism in Europe / [2014]
KJ27 C363 KEV Catholic Church Congregatio pro Doctrina Fidei Declaration in defence of the Catholic doctrine on the Church against certain errors of the present day Mysterium Ecclesiae with two commentaries / 1973.
KJ35.6 H176 Hall Herbert Edward 1932 Catholic and Roman a reply to Anglican criticisms / 1918.
KJ35.6 K74 Knox Ronald Arbuthnott 1888 1957 Anglican cobwebs / [1927]
KM3 C899 Crawford Alexander Crawford Lindsay Earl of 1812 1880 OEcumenicity in relation to the Church of England four letters with an appendix on the Ultramontane and Gallican theories in relation to the oecumnicity and the Church of England by Alexander Lord Lindsay / 1870.
KM3 W333 Waterworth W William 1811 1882 Origin and developments of Anglicanism or a history of the liturgies homilies articles Bibles principles and governmental system of the Church of England / 1854.
KM5 D219 Dark Sidney 1874 1947 return to God an Anglo Catholic view / 1933.
KM5 M382 Martin P Paulin Anglican ritualism as seen by a Catholic and foreigner a series of essays with an appendix on the present position of the Church in France / 1881.
LA74 B933 Bulgarska asotsiatsiia za turizum i otdikh Bulgarian monasteries fate art personalities the fate of the nation men of genius and the monasteries / 199?]
LD42 K86 XD36 De Luca Giuseppe 1898 1962 Santo Stanislao Kostka / 1938.
LN75.6 S235 XC35 Compostela and Europe the story of Diego Gelmírez / 2010.
LQ B854 Briggs Asa 1921 Victorian people a reassessment of persons and themes 1851 67 / [1955]
LQ95 B866 Brogan D W Denis William 1900 1974 English people impressions and observations / 1945
LR52 B474 Benson E F Edward Frederic 1867 1940 As we were a Victorian peep show / 1938.
LR52 Y72 Young G M George Malcolm 1882 1959 Victorian England portrait of an age / [1960].
LS27 C694 Coletti Theresa 1950 Mary Magdalene and the drama of saints theater gender and religion in late medieval England / c2004.
LS27 S784 Stanbury Sarah visual object of desire in late medieval England / c2008.
LT23 T345 Testore Celestino 1886 1973 primato spirituale di pietro di feso dal sangve dei martiri inglesi / 1929.
LT28 R758 Roman Catholic question a copious series of important documents of permanent historical interest on the re establishment of the Catholic hierarchy in England 1850 1 / 1851.
LU76 C146 Calder Sandy Origins of Primitive Methodism / 2016.
MQ54 H815 Horner Norman A guide to Christian churches in the Middle East present day Christianity in the Middle East and North Africa / c1989.
MT80 EC F881 Frere Bartle Sir 1815 1884 Indian missions / 1873.
MW10 S964 Susanto Daniel Clinical pastoral education and its signifance for Indonesia a study of the transfer of CPE from the USA to Indonesia illustrated by the CPE transfer to the Netherlands / 1999.
MW27 H815 Horne Shirley Them also first mission contact with the primitive Biamis / [1968].
MW42 W875 feel of truth essays in New Zealand and Pacific history presented to F L W Wood and J C Beaglehole on the occasion of their retirement / 1969.
MW60.7 H424 Haynes R D Roslynn D Seeking the Centre the Australian desert in literature art and film / 1998.
MW61 B367 Bean C E W Charles Edwin Woodrow 1879 1968 On the wool track / 1916.
MW61 S936 Sturt Charles 1795 1869 Journal of the central Australian expedition 1844 5 / 1984.
MW61 T164 Tangye Richard Sir 1833 1906 Reminiscences of travel in Australia America and Egypt / 1884.
MW61.4 B274 Barrett Charles 1879 1959 Blackfellows the story of Australias native race / 1942.
MW61.56 F324 G Fels Marie Hansen Good men and true the Aboriginal police of the Port Phillip District 1837 1853 / 1988.
MW61.58 H289 C Harney W E William Edward 1895 1962 Content to lie in the sun / [1958]
MW61.58 H289 L Harney W E William Edward 1895 1962 Life among the aborigines / 1957, 1959.
MW61.64 F914 Fringe dwellers / 1959.
MW61.64 W927 More facts and figures Aboriginal issues racism in Australia / 1971]
MW61.7 B838 Brennan Niall 1918 2005 hoax called Jones / 1962.
MW61.7 W265 XE92 Evans A G Anthony G William Wardell building with conviction / 2010.
MW63.3 D973 Duthie Gil 1912 I had 50000 bosses memoirs of a Labor backbencher 1946 1975 / 1984.
MW65.5 H761 Holy Name Society Diocesan Union for the Archdiocese of Sydney government of the Diocesan Union and branches within the Archdiocese / 1940.
MW65.9 D671 R795 XB88 Brownlow W R William Robert 1830 1901 Memoir of Mother Mary Rose Columba Adams O P first Prioress of St Dominics Convent and foundress of the Perpetual Adoration at North Adelaide / [1895]
MW65.9 M557 C758 Constitutions of the Australian Union of Sisters of Mercy / [1954]
MW67M B261 Barnett F Oswald Frederick Oswald 1883 1972 Whats wrong with the church / 1938.
MW67O V645 (002) Chapovski Ivan Macedonian Orthodox Church of St George a cultural and national history / 1992.
MW67P C953 Crowe R H C declaratory statement text and notes / 1980.
MW71.2 M591 I Metge Joan 1930 In and out of touch whakamaa in cross cultural context / c1986.
MW71.2 M591 T Metge Joan 1930 Talking past each other problems of cross cultural communication / c1978.
MW71.4 V334 Vasil R K Biculturalism reconciling Aotearoa with New Zealand / 1988.
MW71.45 G738 Graham Douglas 1942 Trick or treaty / [1997]
MW71.46 K22 NEH Kawepo Tama Ki Hikurangi Renata 1808 1888 Renatas journey Ko te haerenga o Renata / 1994.
MW74 V645 Secularisation of religion in New Zealand seminar papers Friday evening 8 October Saturday 9 October / [1976].
MW75 W725 source of the song New Zealand writers on Catholicism / 1995.
MW76 B988 Butt G A Gordon Alexander 1922 Poem in stone history of St Marys Anglican Church New Plymouth 1846 1971 / 1971.
MW76 D261 Davis Brian 1934 way ahead Anglican change prospect in New Zealand / c1995.
MW76 H397 A Haworth Geoffrey M R Geoffrey Mark Russell Anglican deaconesses in New Zealand the 1960s revival / [1997]
MW76 W367 Webb R G Richard Guy Anglican Church in the Hot Lakes District an historical survey / 1949.
MW76 W728 child grew the story of the Anglican Maori mission edited by W G Williams / [1949]
MX14 H434 Heaney Robert Stewart 1972 From historical to critical post colonial theology the contribution of John S Mbiti and Jesse N K Mugambi / 2015.
MX21 B324 Cairo old Coptic churches Roman Fortress Babylon Al Moallaka Abu Serga Coptic Museum / c1982.
MX56 B425 Belai Giday Ethiopian civilization in memory of the 2500 victims killed in Hauzien 1988 / [1992]
MX78 M566 Mernissi Fatima Beyond the veil male female dynamics in modern Muslim society / 1987.
NE5 L847 XG97 Gunson Niel 1930 out going correspondence of the Australasian representatives of the London Missionary Society 1886 1912 / 1971.
OC5 W484 Werblowsky R J Zwi Raphael Jehudah Zwi 1924 meaning of Jerusalem to Jews Christians and Muslims / 1995.
OT36 M588 Islam in South Asia in practice / c2009.
PG20 G698 B book of life / 1993.
PP71 F932 Fromm Erich 1900 1980 forgotten language in introduction to the understanding of dreams fairy tales and myth / 1957.
PP90 S681 Sofield Loughlan Design for wholeness dealing with anger learning to forgive building self esteem / c1990.
PR70 H224 Hammett Rosine Inside Christian community / 1981.
QK8 L991 XB67 Boeve L Lieven Lyotard and theology beyond the Christian master narrative of love / 2014.
QS C554 Chethimattam John B Consciousness and reality an Indian approach to metaphysics / 1971.
QU45 T983 Tyler Peter 1963 pursuit of the soul psychoanalysis soul making and the Christian tradition / 2016.
QY44 S464 1969 Raphael D D David Daiches 1916 British moralists 1650 1800 / 1969.
QZ6 W258 Ward Graham How the light gets in ethical life I / 2016.
RC33 M174 Sarah Coakley and the Future of Systematic Theology / c2016.
RF22 A924 Si può parlare oggi di una finalità dellevoluzione riflessioni filosofiche e teologiche alla luce della scienza contemporanea / c2013.
RN30 T391 1852 Theologia dogmatica polemica scholastica et moralis prælectionibus publicis in Alma Universitate Wircenburgensi accommodata / 1852-1854.
RN33 D553 shaping of tradition context and normativity / 2013.
RQ42 G241 Garrigou Lagrange Réginald 1877 1964 Predestination / 1939.
RQ45 F529 Fischer Austin Young restless no longer reformed black holes love and a journey in and out of Calvinism / 2014.
RR87 P339 Pawl Timothy In defense of conciliar Christology a philosophical essay / 2016.
RT90 B517 XW48 NEL Werfel Franz 1890 1945 song of Bernadette / 1943
RT90 M451 Maunder Chris Our lady of the nations apparitions of Mary in twentieth century Catholic Europe / 2016.
SD29 D693 Religion and the household / 2014.
SD50 G774 Zwischen Jesu Wort und Norm kirchliches Handeln angesichts von Scheidung und Wiederheirat / 2014.
SD60 F347 Y Ferder Fran Your sexual self pathway to authentic intimacy / ├1992.
SD60 W861 Wolfthal Diane In and out of the marital bed seeing sex in renaissance Europe / c2010.
SL95.5 G761 Grant David David Malcolm On a roll a history of gambling and lotteries in New Zealand / 1994.
SQ37 B8791 Brown Malcolm 1954 After the market economics moral agreement and the churches mission / c2004.
SQ90 R696 Rodríguez Maradiaga Oscar Andrés 1942 Challenge of inequality / 2015.
SX93 B592 Biggar Nigel Between kin and cosmopolis an ethic of the nation / 2014.
SY49 G673 Gorry Jonathan 1967 Cold War Christians and the spectre of nuclear deterrence 1945 1959 / 2013.
TC91 C323 Carter Howard Education the parent the Church and the state / c1987.
TC92 B276 Barrington J M Maori schools in a changing society an historical review / 1974.
TL44 E97 Eynde Damien van den 1902 1969 normes de lenseignement chrétien dans la littérature patristique des trois premiers siècles / 1933.
TU78 K74 XC59 Clarke Alison Alison Jane 1962 living tradition a centennial history of Knox College Dunedin / 2009.
TU78 S143 B725 Booth Ken footnote to Selwyns legacy E H Strong St Johns College / 1998.
UA66 B261 B Barnes Arthur Stapylton 1861 1936 Bishop Barlow and Anglican orders a study of the original documents / 1922.
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UA66 Y28 Yarnold Edward Anglican orders a way forward / 1977.
UA73 A589 Anglican Lutheran International Commission diaconate as ecumenical opportunity the Hanover report of the Anglican Lutheran International Commission / c1996.
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UE17 C561 Church of England Constitutions canons ecclesiastical 1604 / 1923.
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UG U58 L Uniting Church in Australia Synod of Victoria and Tasmania Commission for Mission Lacuna space for God / 2003.
UG18 G883 (056) Fenwick John Eastern Orthodox liturgy / 1978.
UG22 A589 Anglican Church of Canada Doctrine and Worship Committee Membership its meaning and expression / 1975.
UG33 W891 Woodlock Francis 1871 1940 Reformation and the Blessed Eucharist with a chapter on Anglican Prayer Book revision / 1927.
UG38 A421 Allchin A M Eucharist and unity thoughts on the Anglican Roman Catholic International Commissions Agreed Statement on Eucharistic Doctrine together with full text of that Statement / [1972]
UG38 P958 Prior Randall Lords Supper a resource for elders of the Uniting Church / 1992.
UG54 C558 Chryssavgis John Repentance and confession in the Orthodox Church / c1990.
UG86.2 H797 Hopko Thomas Winter Pascha readings for the Christmas Epiphany season / 1984.
UH30 C437 D Challingsworth Nell Dance in worship a handbook / 1981.
UK2 S528 Coptic Church Coptic liturgy of St Basil / 1992.
UP11 B918 Latest Anglican liturgies 1976 1984 / 1985.
UP12 S632 Slee Nicola Seeking the risen Christa / 2011.
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UP61 1981 Anglican Church of Canada Doctrine and Worship Committee Holy Eucharist third Canadian order / c1981.
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VK65 H761 Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America Holy Cross Liturgical Hymnal containing the Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom in Greek and English the Resurrection Apolytikia hymns of the Menaion hymns of Lent and Easter hymns of the Pentecostal Season the Memorial Service and the Se / c1988.
VT21 S741 2002 mirror of salvation Speculum humanae salvationis an edition of British Library blockbook G 11784 / 2002.
WA20 U58 Uniting Church in Australia Church planting new congregations in new communities / 199-.
WA31 B261 Barnes Geoffrey L Geoffrey Leon 1926 2005 Preparation for church membership / [19--]
WD64 W824 Withers Margaret Mission shaped children moving towards a child centred Church / 2010.
WP2.2 P913 Pratt Andrew 1948 SCM studyguide to practical skills for ministry / 2010.
WP2.2 W341 Watson Nigel M Ministry does it have a future / c2002.
WP4 M145 McGlone Gerard J inner life of priests / 2012.
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WV M559 Sermons for lay readers Advent to Trinity / 1928.
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XR5 H249 Hansen Michael 1951 land of walking trees meditations for the seriously ill / 2004.
XS D751 Dowrick Stephanie Intimacy solitude balancing closeness and independence / 2002.
YE60 V645 Victoria and Albert Museum picture book of Byzantine art / 1926.
YF40 V645 O Victoria and Albert Museum 100 masterpieces early Christian and mediaeval / 1930.
YF40 V645 P Victoria and Albert Museum picture book of medieval enamels / 1927.
YF70 J45 Jefferson Lee M Christ the miracle worker in early Christian art / 2014.
YJ3 B789 Boyd Robin 1919 1971 Australian ugliness / 1963.
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YQ5 V645 Victoria and Albert Museum picture book of 15th century Italian book illustrations / [1927]
YR8 C874 Cowen Painton rose window splendor and symbol / 2005.
YX24 G475 fetus as tissue donor use or abuse proceedings of the conference held at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Spring St Melbourne on Wednesday October 25th 1989 / [1989]
YX24 V394 H Veatch Robert M Hippocratic religious and secular medical ethics the points of conflict / c2012.
YX33 K55 Kinloch P J Patricia J Talking health but doing sickness studies in Samoan health / c1985.
YX50 T919 Tulloch Gail Euthanasia choice and death / c2005.