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Call No. Author Title
AP14 S988 Symon Gillian Qualitative organizational research core methods and current challenges / 2012.
AR55 G828 Grenz Stanley J Stanley James 1950 2005 Pocket dictionary of theological terms / c1999.
DM40 H663 Hinkle Adrian E Pedagogical theory of wisdom literature an application of educational theory to biblical texts / c2017.
EY50 L732 Lim Timothy H dead sea scrolls a very short introduction / 2005.
FF L973 Luther Susanne 1979 Sprachethik im Neuen Testament eine Analyse des frühchristlichen Diskurses im Matthäusevangelium im Jakobusbrief und im 1 Petrusbrief / [2015]
FK50 M827 Mora Vincent symbolique de la création dans lévangile de Matthieu / 1991.
FK74 M894 Mosbø Thomas J Luke the composer exploring the Evangelists use of Matthew / c2017.
FN80 I33 Immendörfer Michael Ephesians and Artemis the cult of the great goddess of Ephesus as the Epistles context / [2017]
FP29 (2) W944 KER Wrede William 1859 1906 authenticity of the Second Letter to the Thessalonians / c2017.
FT31 B643 Paul and economics a handbook / c2017.
GN3 XK21 Kaufman Peter Iver Augustines leaders / c2017.
GQ90 L513 Legge Dominic Trinitarian christology of St Thomas Aquinas / 2017.
GT2 S253 Reformation 1517 2017 ökumenische Perspektiven / 2014.
HW82 W453 Wells Colin 1960 Sailing from Byzantium how a lost Empire shaped the world / 2006.
IC32 L388 Lauster Jörg Verzauberung der Welt eine Kulturgeschichte des Christentums / 2014.
IP60 V252 Van Engen John H Sisters and Brothers of the Common Life the Devotio Moderna and the world of the later Middle Ages / c2008.
IX72 T427 Thibodeaux Mark E Gods voice within the Ignatian way to discover Gods will / c2010.
IX72 Z63 Zeyen Thomas E 1923 Jesuit generals a glance into a forgotten corner / c2003.
LG46 E57 Gelebte Reformation Barmer Theologische Erklärung Begleitbuch zur Ausstellung / [2016]
MX14 S859 African theology on the way current conversations / 2010.
NR H633 T Hiebert Paul G 1932 Transforming worldviews an anthropological understanding of how people change / c2008.
NR V242 Postcolonial mission power and partnership in world Christianity / 2010.
OB30 P967 Prothero Stephen R God is not one the eight rival religions that run the world / 2011.
OC7 R118 T Race Alan Thinking about religious pluralism shaping theology of religions for our times / c2015.
OL23 H221 Hamilton Sue Indian philosophy a very short introduction / 2001.
OL23 K54 King Richard 1966 Indian philosophy an introduction to Hindu and Buddhist thought / c1999.
OL23 M697 Mohanty J N Jitendra Nath 1928 Classical Indian philosophy / c2000.
PW96 R813 Contemporary issues in leadership / c2012.
PX48 C188 Campbell Jane Becoming an effective supervisor a workbook for counselors and psychotherapists / 2000.
QE94 M351 Divine powers in late antiquity / 2017.
QT B969 Burrell David B Stations on the journey of inquiry formative writings of David B Burrell 1962 72 / c2017.
QZ G883 (185) Jones Will Evangelical social theology past and present / 2017.
RT62 W133 Mariology at the beginning of the third millenium / c2017
SQ37 P337 Spiritual intelligence at work meaning metaphor and morals / 2004.
SR80 B642 Blank Steven G Steven Gary startup owners manual Vol 1 the step by step guide for building a great company / 2012.
SR80 B993 Bygrave William D 1937 Entrepreneurship / [2014]
SR80 G118 Gabriel Yiannis 1952 Organizations in depth the psychoanalysis of organizations / 1999.
SR80 O85 Osterwalder Alexander Value proposition design / 2014.
SR80 O85 B Osterwalder Alexander Business model generation a handbook for visionaries game changers and challengers / c2010.
SR80 S561 Shriberg David Practicing leadership principles and applications / c2011.
SR80 S861 Stirk Stephen 1953 Creating person centred organisations strategies and tools for managing change in health social care and the voluntary sector / 2012.
UA23 H615 Heyduck Richard recovery of doctrine in the contemporary Church an essay in philosophical ecclesiology / c2002.
UA23 R659 XK96 Kuhn Chase R ecclesiology of Donald Robinson and D Broughton Knox exposition analysis and theological evaluation / c2017.
UB76 C139 Cajetan Tommaso de Vio 1469 1534 De comparatione auctoritatis Papae et Concilii cum apologia eiusdem tractatus / 1936.
UG22 L154 M Lade Norman Methodist viewpoint on baptism / [196-?].
UG27 L795 Loane Marcus L Marcus Lawrence 1911 2009 Infant baptism and immersion what the Bible teaches / 1941
UH47 L712 Liddell Jill patchwork pilgrimage how to create vibrant church decorations and vestments with quilting techniques / c1993.
UL62.35 M665 Miniature key of Heaven compiled from approved sources in accordance with the latest new Pontifical decrees / [1928]
VQL 1917 United Lutheran Church in America Common service book of the Lutheran Church / ├1917.
WB27.6 D883 Dulles Avery 1918 2008 Evangelization for the third millennium / c2009.
WP4 D184 Daniel Lillian This odd and wondrous calling the public and private lives of two ministers / 2009.
WQ5 S888 HCIL Stott John R W Dang dai jiang dao yi shu / 1986 [min 75]
YE91 M123 McCaughey Patrick 1943 Strange country why Australian painting matters / 2014.
YF24 S958 Bilder und das Wort zum Verstehen christlicher Kunst in Afrika und Asien / 1999.