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Call No. Author Title
BP29 K11 EHD Kagawa Toyohiko 1888 1960 grain of wheat / 1933.
BS88 V816 JEF Virgil Aeneid / 2010, c2006.
BU5 K96 Kurtz Ernest spirituality of imperfection modern wisdom from classic stories / 1992.
CE M135 F 2017 McDonald Lee Martin 1942 formation of the biblical canon / 2017.
CL83 R729 Rogers Stephanie Stidham 1970 Inventing the Holy Land American Protestant pilgrimage to Palestine 1865 1941 / c2011.
DF34 T864 In the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes studies in the Biblical text in honour of Anneli Aejmelaeus / 2014.
DG W135 Text Textgeschichte Textwirkung Festschrift zum 65 Geburtstag von Siegfried Kreuzer / 2014.
DN60 M158 Mackie Timothy P Expanding Ezekiel the hermeneutics of scribal addition in the ancient text witnesses of the book of Ezekiel / 2015.
ED32 R249 Rautenberg Johanna Verlässlichkeit des Wortes Gemeinschaftskonzepte in den Reden des Buches Tobit und ihre Legitimierung / [2015].
EX61 K97 Kushner Harold S Who needs God / 1990, c1989.
EY50 T243 Taylor Joan E Essenes the scrolls and the Dead Sea / 2012.
FK G646 Goodacre Mark S case against Q studies in Markan priority and the synoptic problem / c2002.
FT49 J92 XS78 Stanford Peter 1961 Judas the troubling history of the renegade apostle / 2015.
GK30 E59 Enns Peter 1961 Genesis for normal people a guide to the most controversial misunderstood and abused book of the Bible / 2012.
GN3 XM169 McNall Joshua free corrector Colin Gunton and the legacy of Augustine / ├2015.
GT7 G798 Green Vivian Hubert Howard Luther and the Reformation / 1974.
HE46 O85 Untersuchungen zur Geflügelwirtschaft im Alten Orient / 2015
HH25 I76 Listening is an act of love a celebration of American life from the StoryCorps Project / 2008.
HX74 G624 Goldsworthy Adrian Keith How Rome fell death of a superpower / 2009.
HZ65 R915 Rudé George F E Revolutionary Europe 1783 1815 / 1964.
HZ89 S933 Studdert Kennedy Geoffrey Anketell 1883 1929 Rough rhymes of a padre / [1918]
IX71 J XS43 Scroope Martin Ignatian Spirituality for today key readings for busy people / 2011.
LQ1 C525 XN61 Chesterton the modernist crisis / 1990.
LS38 H784 IS Hooker Richard 1553 or 1554 1600 sermons of Richard Hooker the power of faith the mystery of grace / 2001.
MD20 M823 S Moore R Laurence Robert Laurence 1940 Selling God American religion in the marketplace of culture / 1995, ├1994.
MD22 M388 MAP v.10 Fundamentalism and evangelicalism / 1993.
MR6.6 B986 XB87 Brotchie Phil biography through letters Butler of the China Inland Mission / [2017]
MR7P P312 Paton Frank H L Frank Hume Lyall 1870 1938 Glimpses of the Chinese / [1907?]
MT41 P471 Yobel spring festschrift to Rev Dr Chilkuri Vasantha Rao on his 50th birthday / 2013-
MW61.1 T475 Thompson Peter Wisdom the hard won gift / 2003.
MW67B S257 XS96 Rev John Saunders a beacon light and some Baptist reflections / 2001.
MW67P V645 (198) Scots Church Melbourne centenary leaflet 1874 1974 / 1974.
MW67.6P P822 Poon John centenary history of Chinese work in Victoria / 1960.
MW76 M114 McAloon Jim Godly places religion in the Canterbury settler society / 2007.
OT85 N627 S Nicholson Reynold Alleyne 1868 1945 Studies in Islamic mysticism / 1967.
PP86 O13 2016 OBrien Dominic Learn to remember / 2016.
QN4 P378 IAH Peirce Charles S Charles Sanders 1839 1914 essential Peirce selected philosophical writings / c1992-c1998.
RA43 P192 EC Panikkar Raimundo 1918 2010 Opera omnia / c2014-
RF22 S745 Spencer Nick 1973 Darwin and God / 2009.
RK19 T654 NED Tolstoy Leo graf 1828 1910 Kingdom of God is within you Or Christianity not as a mystical doctrine but as a new life conecption / 1894.
RK19 T654 TES Tolstoy Leo graf 1828 1910 My religion / 1889.
RQ50 O48 Oliver Simon 1971 Creation a guide for the perplexed / 2017.
RS53 H282 Harkness Georgia Elma 1891 1974 ministry of reconciliation / [1971]
RU20 B112 Babbage Stuart Barton mark of Cain studies in literature and theology / [1966].
RW27 B435 Bell Rob 1970 Love wins A Book About Heaven Hell and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived / [2011], ├2011.
SD60 R725 Theology and sexuality classic and contemporary readings / 2001.
SM10 S958 Sundermeier Theo Fremden verstehen eine praktische Hermeneutik / ├1996.
SM10 S958 J Begegnung mit dem Anderen Plädoyers für eine interkulturelle Hermeneutik / ├1991.
SQ40 K11 Kagawa Toyohiko 1888 1960 Brotherhood economics / 1937.
SY45.2 M592 Methodist Church Great Britain Declaration of the Methodist Church on peace and war / [1957].
UB56.1 Z75 Zimmermann Nigel great grace receiving Vatican II today / 2015.
UG92 M592 Methodist Church Great Britain Declaration of the Methodist Church on the Christian observance of Sunday / [1939].
UR85 B724 1993 Presbyterian Church U S A Book of common worship / c1993.
UU5 N689 Nigro Armand M Mainly about prayer / 198-?.
VP40 S613 Celtic hymn book / 2005.
VQM 1830 Wesley John 1703 1791 collection of hymns for the use of the people called Methodists with a supplement / [1830?]
VQMjm 1939 Methodist Church U S Methodist hymnal official hymnal of the Methodist Church / c1939.
VQMjm 1966 Methodist hymnal official hymnal of the Methodist Church / c1966.
VT35 M468 Mayfield Paul Soul cry call song / 2004.
VT40 W725 Williams Margaret W Listen to the wind poems of the spirit / 1980.
WA62 G795 Green Ali theology of womens priesthood / 2009.
WA62 M182 Ordained women in the early church a documentary history / c2005.
WD64 G883 (047) Tumilty Rob unappreciated art of ending well how to finish strong in youth work roles groups and projects / 2017.
WQ8.4 O13 C OBrien Mark A 1945 Sunday matters reflections on the lectionary readings for year C / 2012.
XY85 M875 Morris Colin 1929 God in a box Christian strategy in the television age / 1984.
YX24 C611 ethics of human enhancement understanding the debate / 2016.
YX24 L896 Lovat Terence J Terence John Bioethics for medical and health professionals history principles and case studies / 1991.
YX85 W874 I 1992 Wood Carl 1929 2011 I V F in vitro fertilization / 1992.