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Call No. Author Title
BY95 C352 Castillo Solórzano Alonso de 1584 1648 niña de los embustes Teresa de Manzanares natural de Madrid / 1964]
BZ5 C388 Cecil Algernon 1879 1953 house in Bryanston Square / [1944]
CD55 C363 D6E Catholic Church Pope 1939 1958 Pius XII Encyclical letter of Our Holy Father by Divine Providence Pope Pius XII to the venerable brethren the patriarchs primates archbishops bishops on the most opportune way to promote Biblical studies / 1943.
CG C393 Cellini Adolfo Propaedeutica biblica seu Compendium introductionis criticae et exegeticae in Sacram Scripturam ad usum studiosae iuventutis catholicae / 1907-1908.
CM26 C357 Catarivas David Israel / c1959.
FK B395 B Becker Eve Marie birth of Christian history memory and time from Mark to Luke Acts / 2017.
FK68 G676 Bible Mark English 1904 Gospel according to St Mark / 1904.
FP98 L111 Laansma Jon C Letter to the Hebrews a commentary for preaching teaching and Bible study / c2017.
FS54 C414 Ceresi Vincenzo Gesù il maestro / 1945.
FS77 C388 Cecilia Madame 1852 1930 From the sepulchre to the throne / 1914.
GE1 C822 v.067 Procopius of Gaza approximately 475 approximately 528 Procopii Gazaei Epitome in canticum canticorum / 2011.
GE1 C822 v.069 Maximus Confessor Saint ca 580 662 Maximi confessoris Mystagogia una cum Latina interpretatione Anastasii Bibliothecarii / 2011.
GN5 C32 L Cassian John approximately 360 approximately 435 Joannis Cassiani abbatis Massiliensis Collationes XXIV / 1887.
GQ91 C363 Cathrein Victor 1845 1931 De bonitate et malitia actuum humanorum doctrina s Thomae Aquinatis brevis commentarius in Summae theol 1 2 q 18am ad q 21am / 1926.
GT2 W595 C Caritas et Reformatio essays on Church and society in honor of Carter Lindberg / 2002.
HP97 C374 cause of world unrest / 1920.
HZ70 M595 XC38 Cecil Algernon 1879 1953 Metternich 1773 1859 a study of his period and personality / 1947.
IA50 B918 Buc Philippe 1961 dangers of ritual between early medieval texts and social scientific theory / c2001.
IC17 C388 Cecil Algernon 1879 1953 dreamer in Christendom or What you will / 1925.
IX31 C363 Catholic Church Congregatio Episcoporum et Regularium Collectanea in usum secretariae Sacrae Congregationis Episcoporum et Regularium / 1863.
IX71 J XM96 Ignatian spirituality a selection of continental studies in translation / 2016.
IX73 C374 JER Caussade Jean Pierre de 1751 Abandonment or Absolute surrender to divine providence / 1887.
IX73 C374 NES Caussade Jean Pierre de 1751 Progress in prayer / 1904.
IX75 349 C399 SC Cepari Virgilio approximately 1563 1631 Leben des hl Aloysius Gonzaga aus des Gesellschaft Jesu nach der ältesten italienischen Biographie des P Virgilio Cepari / 1891.
IX79 L778 XC39 century in the service of the aged poor 1839 1939 / 1939
JG4 C364 IEW Catherine of Genoa Saint 1447 1510 Treatise on Purgatory with short sketch / 1909.
JG4 C365 JEM Catherine of Bologna Saint 1413 1463 spiritual armour / 1926.
JR22 C626 Clements K W Keith W Look back in hope an ecumenical life / c2017.
JR56 C363 Catholic Church New Zealand Episcopal Conference Application of the Directory on ecumenism / 1969
KE73 C363 Catholic Church Maronite rite Maronite Mass and devotions / [1957]
KH30 C363 CC Catholic customs a guide for the church and home / 1906.
KH48 J83 XC24 Capovilla Loris 1915 1963 heart and mind of John XXIII his secretarys intimate recollection / 1966.
KH48 JP1 XC28 Carmelite nun John Paul I the smiling Pope / c1985.
KH48 P62 PI Catholic Church Pope 1939 1958 Pius XII Pius pope of charity / 1940.
KJ27 C363 KEV 1973 Catholic Church Congregatio pro Doctrina Fidei Declaration in defence of the Catholic doctrine on the Church against certain errors of the present day / 1973.
KJ27 C363 PI Catholic faith / [1911]
KJ33 C412 Cercia Raphael 1814 1886 Tractatus theologici quibus praecipua sacrae theologiae capita solide apteque ad tironum ingenia enucleantur / 1848-1850.
KJ35.6 C345 Cassilly Francis Bernard 1860 1938 Religion doctrine and practice for use in Catholic high schools / 1942.
KJ35.6 C3632 Catholic bedside book / 1953.
KJ35.6 C3638 Catholic Evidence Guild Handbook of the Catholic Evidence Guild / 1922.
KJ36.6 C377 Cavanaugh Joseph Hubert 1917 1953 Evidence for our faith / [c1952]
KJ56.3 C363 Catholic Church Pope 1939 1958 Pius XII dogma of the assumption Munificentissimus deus the apostolic constitution by which is defined the dogma of faith that Mary the virgin mother of God has been assumed into heaven in body and soul / 1951.
KJ87 P278 1907 Catholic Church Pope 1903 1914 Pius X Encyclical letter Pascendi Gregis of our most Holy Lord Pius X On the doctrines of the modernists / [1907]
KJ87 P964 programme of modernism a reply to the encyclical of Pius X Pascendi Dominici Gregis / 1908.
LC45 C363 Catholic Church Pope 1846 1878 Pius IX Esposizione documentata sulle costanti cure del sommo pontefice Pio IX a riparo dei mali che soffre la chiesa cattolica nei dominii di Russia e Polonia / 1866.
LK47 V662 C363 Catholic Church Province of Vienna Austria Concilium Provinciae 1858 Acta et decreta Concilii Provinciae Viennensis anno domini MDCCCLVIII pontificatus Pii papae IX decimo tertio celebrati / 1859.
LL84.2 C363 Catholic Church Archdiocese of Mechelen Belgium Bishop Collectio epistolarum pastoralium decretorum aliorumque documentorum quae pro regimine dioecesis Mechliniensis publicata fuerunt / 1868-1881.
LN45 C363 Catholic Church Treaty and concordat between the Holy See and Italy official documents / [1929]
LP19 B534 XC34 Castelot André trépidante duchess de Berry / 1972.
LS33 C363 XM44 Mattingly Garrett 1900 1962 Catherine of Aragon / 1944.
LT20.2 C363 (Do596) Mixed marriages the revised directory promulgated by the Bishops Conference of England and Wales 30th April 1990 / c1990.
LT20.3 C363 (S349) Über das Verhältnis der Kirche zum Judentum English Church and the Jews declaration of the German bishops / 1980.
LT21 C363 Catholic profiles / [1940?]
LT28 C363 Catholics in England their needs and opportunity / 1917.
LT28 C363 CE Catholic emancipation 1829 to 1929 essays by various writers / 1929.
LU12.2 P461 XC31 Carroll Kenneth L Kenneth Lane John Perrot early Quaker schismatic / 1971.
LU32 W566 Baptist autographs in the John Rylands University Library of Manchester 1741 1845 / 2009.
LZ27 C372 Caulfield Max 1915 1997 Easter rebellion / 1963.
LZ62 T141 XC34 Cassidy James F James Francis 1890 Matt Talbot the Irish workers glory / 1948.
MGE2 C356 Caswall Henry 1810 1870 America and the American church / 1839.
MKM72 C356 Caswall Henry 1810 1870 prophet of the nineteenth century or The rise progress and present state of the Mormons or Latter Day Saints to which is appended an analysis of the Book of Mormon / 1843
MR6.2 P725 Plenary Council of Shanghai 1924 Primum concilium sinense anno 1924 a die 14 maii ad diem 12 iunii in ecclesia S Ignatii de Shanghai Zi ka wei celebratum acta decreta et normae vota etc / 1941.
MS2 C187 Campbell Elizabeth M Koreas awakening / 1921.
MU C363 Catholic Church Conventus Episcoporum Asiae Austro Orientalis Resolutiones adoptatate in Conventu Episcoporum Asiae Austro Orientalis / 1959.
MW77P C397 Centennial history 1864 1964 the Bible Society of Otago and Southland / 1964.
NN3 C363 PF Catholic Church Congregatio de Propaganda Fide Collectanea S Congregationis de propaganda fide seu decreta instructiones rescripta pro apostolicis missionibus ex tabulario eiusdem Sacrae Congregationis deprompta / 1893.
NN5 C363 CS Catholic Church Congregatio de Propaganda Fide Collectanea constitutionum decretorum indultorum ac instructionum Sanctae Sedis ad usum operariorum apostolicorum Societatis Missionum ad Exteros / 1905.
PX48 C354 Insight in psychotherapy / c2007.
QF80 K45 Medieval Islamic philosophical writings / 2005.
QJ65 C XH33 Hartnack Justus Kants theory of knowledge / 1968.
QJ65 C XW85 Wolff Robert Paul Kants theory of mental activity a commentary on the Transcendental analytic of The critique of pure reason / 1963.
QJ67.5 F523 Firestone Chris L 1957 Kant and theology at the boundaries of reason / c2009.
QJ70 C345 K1EW Cassirer Ernst 1874 1945 problem of knowledge philosophy science and history since Hegel / 1950 (1960 reprint)
QJ70 D579 IEM v.5 Dilthey Wilhelm 1833 1911 Poetry and experience / c1985.
QJ70 H465 OEH Heidegger Martin 1889 1976 metaphysical foundations of logic / 1992, c1984.
QJ70 N677 XH64 Hill R Kevin Nietzsches critiques the Kantian foundations of his thought / 2003.
QK8 D348 XA61 Ansell Pearson Keith 1960 Germinal life the difference and repetition of Deleuze / 1999.
QK8 M259 XL99 KEH Lyotard Jean François Soundproof room Malrauxs anti aesthetics / 2001.
QN9 B878 African philosophy new and traditional perspectives / 2004.
QU42 M647 Miller Barry 1923 2006 fullness of being a new paradigm for existence / c2002.
QZ93 C346 Castaldi Tuccillo Sebastiano Rudimenta theologiae moralis juxta vigentis S R E decisiones ac novissimam synodum neapolitanam reformata / 1899.
RB35 C363 Catholic Church Pope 1939 1958 Pius XII Modern science and God / [1952]
RB42 B144 Baggini Julian Atheism a very short introduction / 2003.
RF26 S652 Smith John Pye 1774 1851 relation between the Holy Scriptures and some parts of geological science / 1852.
RT72 L778 1956 Catholic Church Little office of the Blessed Virgin Mary Officium parvum Beatae Mariae Virginis / 1956.
SD25 C363 LR Catholic Church rite of marriage for use in the dioceses of England and Wales / 1971.
SD25 C363 MP Catholic Church Congregatio de Disciplina Sacramentorum Sacrosanctum Matrimonii Institutum 29 June 1941 Marriage preliminaries the instruction Sacrosanctum 29 June 1941 / 1949.
SD25 C363 NZ Catholic marriage a pastoral guide / 1970
SD25 L576 JET Catholic Church Pope 1878 1903 Leo XIII Christian marriage encyclical letter of Pope Leo XIII Arcanum divinae sapientiae / 1942.
SD25 P693 KET Catholic Church Pope 1922 1939 Pius XI On Christian marriage encyclical letter of Pope Pius XI on Casti connubii with discussion club outline / [1941]
SD25 P693 KFV Catholic Church Pope 1922 1939 Pius XI Encyclique Casti connubii sur le mariage chrétien 31 décembre 1930 / 1939.
SD26 C363 Catholic Church Pope Litterae encyclicae / 1942-
SD26 C363 TE Catholic Church Pope 1939 1958 Pius XII Allocutiones tres Pii Papae XII ad S Romanam Rotam Habitae A D 1941 1942 1944 de re tractanda de certitudine acquirenda de methodo procendendi in causis matrimonialibus / 1944.
SD31 C363 Catholic Church New Zealand Episcopal Conference Pastoral principles and norms of the motu propio Matrimonia mixta / 1971]
SD80 L474 KES Le Doeuff Michèle Hipparchias choice an essay concerning women philosophy etc / c2007.
SH43 C363 FG Catholic Church Pope Five great encyclicals labor education marriage reconstructing the social order atheistic communism with discussion club outlines by Rev Gerald C Treacy S J / 1939.
SH43 C363 Q Catholic Church Pope 1922 1939 Pius XI Encyclical letter of Pope Pius XI on reconstructing the social order / 1939.
SH43 C363 QC Catholic Church Pope 1922 1939 Pius XI encyclique Quadragesimo anno sur la restauration de lordre social 15 mai 1931 commentaire pratique par questions et réponses / [1937]
SH43 C363 QF Catholic Church Pope 1922 1939 Pius XI encyclique sur la restauration de lordre social Quadragesimo anno 15 mai 1931 traduction française avec table analytique et commentaires / 1937
SH43 C363 QT Catholic Church Pope 1922 1939 Pius XI This is Justice / 1938.
SM94.4 C363 Catholic Church Pope 1878 1903 Leo XIII Humanum genus Freemasonry / 1944.
SX20 T713 Toscano Alberto Fanaticism on the uses of an idea / 2010.
TB2 C353 Castle E B Edgar Bradshaw 1897 1973 Ancient education and today / c1961.
TH83 C367 Catran Ken Pioneering a vision a history of the Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind 1890 1990 / 1992.
TL33 I61 Introduction to the rite of christian initiation / 1977.
TL33 M958 Catechetics for the future / 1970.
TL42 K19 Katholischer Katechismus der Bistümer Deutschlands / [19--]
TL43 C347 Castegnaro B catechismo agli adulti corso quadriennale di lezioni catechistiche al popolo con copiosa appendice di similitudini fatti commenti / [1938]
TL44 C363 Catholic Church Archdiocese of Cambrai France Catéchisme du diocèse de Cambrai / 1924.
TL45 B197 Baltimore catechism catechism of Christian doctrine prepared and enjoined by order of the Third Plenary Council of Baltimore / c1929.
TL45 C357 C Catechisms and Bible history / 1859-1874.
UA25 C363 Catholic Church Pope 1939 1958 Pius XII Mystici corporis Christi encyclical letter on the mystical body of Christ / [1943?]
UA70 C363 Catholic Church Pope Popes and the priesthood a symposium of papal documents on the priesthood / 1953.
UB28 C363 Catholic Church Pope 1939 1958 Pius XII Apostolic Constitution Sedes Sapientiae and the General statutes on the religious clerical and apostolic training to be imparted to clerics in the states of perfection to be acquired / 1957.
UB48.1 A 1983 Catholic Church Codex Iuris Canonici auctoritate Ioannis Pauli PP II promulgatus / 1983.
UB48.5 C376 Cavagnis Felice 1841 1906 Institutiones iuris publici ecclesiastici / 1906.
UB59.59 M472 1913 Catholic Church Province of Dublin Synod 1908 Acta et decreta Synodi Provincialis Dublinensis habitae apud Maynutiam an MDCCCCVIII / 1913.
UB62.8 1920 Catholic Church Pope 1922 1939 Pius XI Encyclical letter of His Holiness Pius XI / [192-?]
UB62.8 1937 Catholic Church Pope 1922 1939 Pius XI Atheistic Communism Divini Redemptoris encyclical letter of Pope Pius XI / [1937?]
UB62.8 1937 F Catholic Church Pope 1922 1939 Pius XI encyclique Divini Redemptoris sur le communisme athée 19 Mars 1937 traduction Francaise avec table analytique et commentaires / 1937.
UB62.8 1951 Catholic Church Pope 1878 1903 Leo XIII Encyclical letter of Pope Leo XIII Divinium illud / 1951.
UB62.8 1952 Catholic Church Pope 1939 1958 Pius XII encyclical Humani generis with a commentary / 1952.
UB68 C363 Catholic Church Concordata regnante Sanctissimo Domino Pio PP XI inita / 1934.
UB75 C412 Cercia Raphael 1814 1886 Demonstratio Catholica sive tractatus de Ecclesia vera Christi et de Romano Pontifice / 1869.
UB83.6 C363 Catholic Church Cancellaria Apostolica päpstlichen Kanzleiordnungen von 1200 1500 / 1894 ;
UB91 C363 Catholic Church Vicariatus Apostolicus Hongkong Facultates pro missionaribus in Vicariate Apostolico Hong Kong / 1940.
UB91 C363 CP Catholic Church Pope 1903 1914 Pius X Haerent animo English Letter to Catholic priests Encyclical letter on the Catholic priesthood / [1940]
UG35 S478 Senn Frank C Eucharistic body / 2017.
UG39 C363 Catholic Church Congregatio Sacrorum Rituum Instructio de cultu mysterii eucharistici / 1967.
UG56 C363 Catholic Church Poenitentiaria Apostolica Enchiridion indulgentiarum preces et pia opera in favorem omnium christifidelium vel quorumdam coetum personarum indulgentiis ditata et opportune recognita / 1952.
UH81 C363 Catholic Church Eucharistic prayers for Masses with children and for masses of reconciliation / 1975.
UJ35 C363 BR Catholic Church Byzantine rite Ukrainian divine liturgy of our Father among the saints La divine liturgie de notre père dans les saints Jean Chrysostome / c1988.
UJ35 C363 BU Catholic Church Byzantine Ukrainian rite divine liturgy of our father Saint John Chrysostom / 1968.
UJ35 C363 LM Catholic Church Byzantine rite divine liturgie de notre père S Jean Chrysostome / 1925.
UL23 C363 LP Catholic Church Pope liturgie / [1954]
UL23 C363 ME Catholic Church Pope 1939 1958 Pius XII Mediator Dei Encyclical letter of Pope Pius XII on the sacred liturgy / [1948]
UL23 C363 SM Catholic Church Pope 1939 1958 Pius XII Sacred music a translation with notes of the encyclical letter Musicae sacrae disciplina / 1957.
UL24 C363 NR Catholic Church Pope 1958 1963 John XXIII rubrics of the Roman breviary and missal the general decree Novum Rubricarum of S C R 26 July 1960 / 1960.
UL27 C363 Catholic life or The feasts fasts and devotions of the ecclesiastical year / 1908.
UL31 V549 1958 Siffrin Petrus Sacramentarium Veronense Leonianum Cod Bibl Capit Veron LXXXV80 / 1958.
UL32 1962 Catholic Church laymans missal and prayer book for Sundays principal feasts and many other days including the liturgy of the sacraments with prayers commentaries for daily use / 1962.
UL32 1974 Catholic Church Missale parvum ad usum sacerdotis itinerantis / 1970, t.p. 1974.
UL32 1982 Catholic Church Consultation on revision the Roman Missal presidential prayers / 1982.
UL33 1946 Catholic Church Misal diario y vesperal / [c1946]
UL33 1978 Catholic Church Leabhar Aifrinn an Domhnaigh maille le hAifrinn Fhéilte móra agus Aifrinn ar leith Ghnáis / 1978.
UL33 1988 Catholic Church Llyfr offeren y Sul / 1988.
UL33.2 G685 Gottesdienst Gebet und Gesangbuch für die Erzdiözese München und Freising / 1934.
UL33.2 G685 K Gotteslob katholisches Gebet und Gesangbuch / 1975.
UL33.3 C363 Catholic Church Messale della domenica testo liturgico ufficiale / c1973.
UL33.4 1951 Catholic Church Missel des dimanches et fetes / [1951].
UL33.5 1960 Catholic Church missal in Latin and English being the text of the Missale romanum with English rubrics and a new translation / 1960.
UL33.5 1982 Catholic Church New Latin English Sunday Missal / 1982.
UL33.5 1995 Catholic Church Sunday celebration of the Word and hours / c1995.
UL34 1968 Catholic Church new eucharistic prayers Latin text together with an English translation and commentary / 1968.
UL35 1992 Catholic Church ordinary of the Mass in 8 languages / 1992.
UL44.5 C363 Catholic Church oración de la Iglesia selección de laudes y vísperas / 1978.
UL55 C363 Catholic Church shorter morning and evening prayer the psalter of the Divine Office with selected text for the seasons feasts of the Lord and Solemnites / 1983.
UL55 C363 PB Catholic Church Psalterium breviarii romani cum excerptis e Communi Sanctorum secundum novam e textibus primigeniis interpretationem latinam Pii Papae XII auctoritate editum / 1945.
UL62.4 C363 BC Catholic Church rite of baptism for children the Roman ritual revised by decree of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council by authority of Pope Paul VI / 1970, c1969.
UL64 C363 Catholic Church Ordination to the holy priesthood a translation and explanation of the rite of ordination / 1965.
UL64 C363 PB Catholic Church Pontificale Romanum Clementis VIII ac Urbani VIII / 1849.
UL64 C363 SS Catholic Church Pope 1939 1958 Pius XII priest as minister of confirmation the decree Spiritus sancti 14 September 1946 with a commentary by Canon E J Mahoney / 1952.
UL65.1 C363 1853 Catholic Church Caeremoniale episcoporum Benedicti Papae XIV jussu editum et auctum / 1853.
UL65.1 C363 1872 Catholic Church Caeremoniale episcoporum Summorum Pontificum jussu editum et a Benedicto XIV auctum ed castigatum / 1872.
UL65.1 C363 1902 Catholic Church Caeremoniale episcoporum Clementis VIII Innocentii X et Benedicti XIII / 1902.
UL65.1 C363 1916 Catholic Church Manual of episcopal ceremonies based on the Caeremoniale episcoporum decrees of the Sacred congregation of rites etc and approved authors / 1916.
UL81 1956 Catholic Church Ordo Hebdomadae Sanctae instauratus / 1956.
UL81 C363 Catholic Church new Office of Holy Week with Gregorian chant and rhythmic signs of the Benedictines of Solesmes modern notation / c1957.
UL82 O32 1900 Catholic Church Officium defunctorum et ordo exsequiaum pro adultis et parvulis una cum Missa et absolutione defunctorum / 1900.
UU5 C345 Cassidy Sheila 1937 Prayer for pilgrims a book about prayer for ordinary people / 1980.
VG53 C363 Catholic Church Plainsong for schools part two music / 1934, 1937.
VG62 C363 MU Catholic Church Congregatio Sacrorum Rituum instruction by the Sacred Congregation of Rites on sacred music and liturgy in the spirit of the encyclical letters Musicae sacrae disciplina and Mediator Dei of Pope Pius XII / [1959]
VH49 L695 1961 Catholic Church Liber usualis with introduction and rubrics in English / 1962, c1961.
VH53 C363 Catholic Church Graduale simplex in usum minorum ecclesiarum / 1975.
VH67 C562 Church of England Gregorian canticles the canticles newly adapted to the old church tones with the occasional introduction of choral harmony / 1883.
VP40 1976 Celebration hymnal / 1976-
VQRo 1898 Catholic Church Catholic hymns original and translated with accompanying tunes / 1898.
WP2.5 C363 Catholic Church Bishops Conference of England and Wales Easter people a message from the Roman Catholic Bishops of England and Wales in light of the National Pastoral Congress Liverpool 1980 / 1980.
WP3 C345 Cassilly Francis Bernard 1860 1938 What shall I be a chat with young people / 1915.
WP4 C374 Caussette R P Jean Baptiste 1819 1880 Manrèze du prêtre / 1894.
WQ5 G475 Preaching the word essays in honour of Professor Tom Wilkinson / 2009.
WT4 C363 Catholic pulpit being a collection of sermons on the sublime truths and important duties of the Christian religion / 1860.
WT4 C363 1900 Catholic pulpit containing a sermon for every Sunday and holiday in the year and Good Friday with several occasional discourses / [1900?]
WV C363 Catholic preachers of to day seventeen sermons / 1928.
XC S393 IEP Schuon Frithjof 1907 1998 Prayer fashions man Frithjof Schuon on the spiritual life / c2005.
XG C388 Cecilia Madame 1852 1930 More home truths for Marys children / 1906.
XQ6 C388 Cecilia Madame 1852 1930 At the feet of Jesus / 1904.
XS C346 SEV Castañiza Juan de 1598 spiritual conflict and conquest / 1874.
XS W592 N Whitehead James D Nourishing the spirit the healing emotions of wonder joy compassion and hope / c2012.
XY85 M495 Meeting of the Catholic Broadcasters of Asia 1971 Quezon City Philippines Meeting of the Catholic Broadcasters of Asia Quezon City February 22 26 1971 / 1971.
XY85 W593 XC37 Caulfield Max 1915 1997 Mary Whitehouse / 1975.
YE21 C393 CN Cellini Benvenuto 1500 1571 life of Benvenuto Cellini a Florentine artist / 18--.
YE30 B948 IES Burckhardt Titus essential Titus Burckhardt reflections on sacred art faiths and civilizations / c2003.
YX93 C363 JEP Catherine de Jésus Christ Mother 1869 At the bedside of the sick precepts and counsels for hospital nurses / [1938]