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Call No. Author Title
BT24.5 S583 1988 Siliakus H J Henk J 500 German theological terms and their English translations together with 500 useful phrases / 1988.
BT25 S583 Siliakus H J Henk J Word families in German a workbook for theologians / 1987.
DX D261 Davis Ellen F Getting involved with God rediscovering the Old Testament / c2001.
GM3 C5 K Gen FG John Chrysostom Saint 407 Homélies sur la Genèse / 1852.
GN3 PD63 EG 2008 Augustine of Hippo Saint 354 430 On Christian teaching / 2008.
HA91 E11 Eakin Paul John How our lives become stories making selves / 1999.
HK5 G455 Zwischen Karawane und Orientexpress Streifzüge durch Jahrtausende orientalischer Geschichte und Kultur Festschrift für Hannes Galter / 2017.
JR86 C5611 Church of Ireland General Synod response of the General Synod of the Church of Ireland to the Final report of ARCIC I May 1986 / 1987.
KJ35.5 M367 C Marshall T W M Thomas William M 1818 1877 Church defence report of a conference on the present dangers of the Church / 1873.
KM2 C561 1879 teenth annual meeting of ther Church Congress held at Swansea on October 7th 8th 9th 10th 1879 / 1880.
LS80 H341 Church and the twentieth century / 1936.
LX50 C562 E Church of Scotland Commission on Adult Christian Education Elders training course manual for ministers / 1963.
MQ74 C557 chronicle of the Carmelites in Persia and the Papal mission of the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries / 1939.
MW77P C562 Church union proposed basis of union as drawn up after a combined meeting of representatives of the Church Union Committees of the Presbyterian Methodist Congregational churches on 19th 20th August 1941 / 1941
NK9 C518 Chen Peter Y P ordinary Christian and an extraordinary missionary journey / 2017
OC S587 Churches and states the religious institution and modernization / [1967].
QK8 C418 JER Certeau Michel de practice of everyday life / 1984.
RR73 S932 Christus imperator a series of lecture sermons on the universal empire of Christianity / 1894.
SD34 C561 Church John 1941 Listen to me please the legal needs of domestic violence victims / 1981.
SD55 C561 Church of England Commission on Nullity Church and the law of nullity of marriage the report of a commission appointed by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York in 1949 at the request of the Convocations / 1955.
SR80 D411 Denning Stephen secret language of leadership how leaders inspire action through narrative / c2007.
UA23 T688 G Torrance Thomas F Thomas Forsyth 1913 2007 Gospel Church and ministry / c2012.
UP22 1928 Church of England book of common prayer with the additions and deviations proposed in 1928 / 195-
UP64 1978 Church of North India Morning and evening worship a personal or corporate discipline for daily use / 1978.
WV10 C562 C Church R W Richard William 1815 1890 Cathedral and university sermons / 1892.