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Call No. Author Title
AJ80 M274 C616 Clausberg Karl 1938 Manessische Liederhandschrift / 1988, c1978.
AK37 C647 Clough Eric A Bookbinding for librarians / 1957.
BZ3 D685 XC64 Clive Mary Jack the doctor / 1966.
CD15 C595 collection of the promises of Scripture under their proper heads in two parts with an appendix relating to the future state of the Church / 18--.
CH2 M883 Morrow Jeffrey L Theology politics and exegesis essays on the history of modern biblical criticism / c2017.
DK38 W517 West Gerald O Genesis the peoples Bible commentary a Bible commentary for every day / 2006.
FH B885 Brownson James V Speaking the truth in love New Testament resources for a missional hermeneutic / c1998.
FK58 C583 LES Cladder Hermann J Hermann Johann 1868 1920 In the fulness of time the Gospel of St Matthew explained / 1925.
GH1 A645 S Apostolic Fathers Early Christian collection S Clementis Romani S Ignatii S Polycarpi Patrum apostolicorum quae supersunt accedunt S Ignatii et S Polycarpi martyria / 1840.
GH1 A645 S Apostolic Fathers Early Christian collection S Clementis Romani S Ignatii S Polycarpi Patrum apostolicorum quae supersunt accedunt S Ignatii et S Polycarpi martyria / 1847.
GH1.5 C527 translation of the Epistles of Clement of Rome Polycarp and Ignatius and of the apologies of Justin Martyr and Tertullian / 1851.
GM3 C6 IGS Clement of Alexandria Saint approximately 150 approximately 215 Clemens von Alexandreia ausgewählte Schriften aus dem Griechischen übersetzt / 1934-
GM3 C6 KHC Clement of Alexandria Saint approximately 150 approximately 215 Protreptico ai Greci / 1940.
GM3 C6 XS78 Clemens Alexandrinus 4 Band 2 Teil 1 hälfte Register Wort und Sachregister / 1934-1936.
GQ A61 XC62 Clayton Joseph 1868 Saint Anselm a critical biography / 1933.
GW28 B714 XD327 DeJonge Michael P Bonhoeffers reception of Luther / 2017.
HZ23 C593 Clark G N George Norman Sir 1890 1979 Early modern Europe from about 1450 to about 1720 / 1957.
IM5 C599 Clarke Maude Violet 1892 1935 medieval city state an essay on tyranny and federation in the later Middle Ages / [1926]
IX24 C595 Clark Stephen B Unordained elders and renewal communities / c1976.
JR22 C562 Churches Unity Commission Visible unity ten propositions / 1976.
KH38 C582 Civis Romanus Pope is king / 1929.
KH48 C64 KHF Clement XIV Pope 1705 1774 Lettere bolle e discorsi / 1849.
KH48 P62 XC56 Cianfarra Camille M Camille Maximilian 1907 Vatican and the War / 1944.
KJ35.5 C639 Clifton tracts / 1854.
KL66 C635 Cleve Walter Theodor Evangelisch und Katholisch die wesentliche Unterscheidung zwischen römischem Katholizismus und evangelischem Christentum / 1959.
LM44 C593 Clark James Midgley 1888 1961 Abbey of St Gall as a centre of literature and art / 1926.
LQ1 C639 XC63 Clifton Violet book of Talbot / 1933.
LS72 C622 Essays on Church policy / 1868.
LX50 C562 O Church of Scotland Commission on Adult Christian Education order and nurture of the Church elders handbook Church of Scotland Commission on Adult Christian Education / 1964].
LX51 C561 K Church of Scotland Commission on Priorities of Mission Keeping pace with tomorrow a look at the shape of the Church in the world of the 1970s / [1972].
LX51 C561 P Church of Scotland Committee of Forty People with a purpose the 40 file 1972 78 a summary of the reports and recommendations of the Committee of Forty 1972 78 / 1978.
LX51 S972 Voices from Scotland a resource book / 1976.
MC33 C582 Civics catechism on the rights and duties of American citizens / 1936.
ML99.4 D158 XC63 Clifford Edward 1844 1907 Father Damien a journey from Cashmere to his home in Hawaii / 1889.
MU21 H591 Hettiarachchi Shanthikumar Faithing the native soil dilemmas and aspirations of post colonial Buddhists Christians in Sri Lanka / 2012.
MW71.45 C623 Cleave Peter 1948 proclamation of war 1863 an evaluation of texts / [1981]
MW73 F842 XC59 Peter Fraser master politician / 1998.
MW76 C561 Church of the Province of New Zealand General Synod Proceedings of the General Synod together with reports and other documents presented to the Synod also the constitution and code of canons and the standing orders of General Synod / 1964
MW78.1 C594 Clark Paul 1949 Hauhau the Pai Marire search for Maori identity / 1975.
NR3 L517 Legrand Lucien 1927 Unity and plurality mission in the Bible / c1990.
OM27 C626 Clements R D God the gurus / c1975.
PG30 C598 Clarke J F M mystery of life meditations of a lay mind / [1925]
PM80 C593 P2 Clark Grahame 1907 1995 Prehistoric England / 1962.
PM80 C593 S Clark Grahame 1907 1995 stone age hunters / 1967.
PX43 F846 Frawley ODea Mary Gail 1950 supervisory relationship a contemporary psychodynamic approach / c2001.
PX75 C595 Clark Uriah Plain guide to spiritualism a hand book for skeptics inquirers clergymen believers lecturers mediums editors and all who need a thorough guide to the phenomena science philosophy religion and reforms of modern spiritualism / 1863.
QA6 C649 Clutton Brock A Arthur 1868 1924 ultimate belief / 1916.
QM7 R961 W XC59 Clark C H Douglas Cecil Henry Douglas 1890 Christianity and Bertrand Russell a critique of the essay Why I am not a Christian / 1958.
RR57 H462 Hege Brent A R Myth history and the Resurrection in German Protestant theology / c2017.
RR64 G797 Green M W Matthew Wood 1840 1914 divine origin of Christianity debate between M W Green affirming and Charles Bright denying / [18--?]
RT90 B517 XC62 Clegg Aileen Mary Saint Bernadette / [193-?]
SD25 C623 Cleary Henry W Henry William 1859 1929 Catholic marriages the decree of August 2 1907 a popular explanation of the decree and an exposition of the Catholic teaching in regard to impediments invalidating marriage / 1908.
SD60 C847 1993 Cotter Jim Pleasure pain passion some perspectives on sexuality and spirituality / 1993.
SH43 C582 OEM Civardi Luigi manual of Catholic action / 1935.
SP87 C562 C Church of Scotland Commission on Communism challenge of communism / 1952.
SQ63 C623 Cleary P S Patrick Scott 1869 1941 Church and usury an essay on some historical and theological aspects of money lending / 1914.
TD4 C623 Cleary Henry W Henry William 1859 1929 God or no God in the school a pastoral letter by Henry W Cleary a discussion thereon in the Evening Post Wellington N Z and a critical examination of the discussion / 1911.
TD4 C623 S Secular versus religious education a discussion / 1909.
TL69 C561 Church of Scotland Draft catechism with notes / 1954.
TU56 C178 XC59 Clark John Willis 1833 1910 Cambridge brief historical and descriptive notes / 1893.
TX33 S559 Passionate supervision / 2008.
TX50 C562 S Church of England Advisory Council for the Churchs Ministry Working Party on Courses second report of the Working Party on Courses / 1974.
UA25 C629 Clérissac Humbert 1864 1914 mystery of the Church / 1937.
UB13 C568 MEO Cicognani Amleto Giovanni 1883 1973 Canon law / c1934.
UD15 C562 A Church of England Archbishops Committee on Church and State Archbishops Committee on Church State report with appendices / 1916.
UE17 C561 C Church of England Canons of the Church of England Canons Ecclesiastical promulgated by the Convocations of Canterbury and York in 1964 and 1969 / 1969.
UE25 C562 Church of England Diocese of Canterbury Archbishop 1883 1896 Benson Read and others v the Lord Bishop of Lincoln Judgment Nov 21 1890 / 1890.
UG C561 Church of England Advisory Council for the Churchs Ministry Theological Education Advisory Committee Learning to worship in the Christian community the report of a working party of the Advisory Council for the Churchs Ministry Theological Education Advisory Committee on the place of worship in ordination training / 1974.
UG33 C564 Chwala Adolf Frequent communion a course of six Lenten sermons / [1915]
UG40.1 C561 I Church of England Archbishops Commission on Intercommunion Intercommunion to day being the report of the Archbishops Commission on Intercommunion / 1968.
UG54 C563 Churton Edward T Edward Townson 1841 1912 use of penitence / 1905.
UG62.4 C624 Clegg Aileen Mary Lourdes by Aileen Mary Clegg / 1929.
UG62.4 C637 Clifford John J John Joseph 1883 1953 logic of Lourdes / c1920.
UG75 F815 XC59 Clarke A M life of St Francis Di Geronimo of the Society of Jesus / 1891.
UG92 C561 L Church of Scotland Committee on Church and Nation Lords Day in the light of modern conditions a restatement of the Churchs teaching on the value significance and Christian observance of the Lords Day / 1947]
UL39 C597 Clarke Charles Cowley Handbook of the Divine Liturgy a brief study of the historical development of the Mass / 1910.
UP17 C561 L Church of England House of Bishops Lent Holy week Easter services and prayers / 1986.
UP17 C561 P Church of England Liturgical Commission promise of his glory services and prayers for the season from All Saints to Candlemas / 1990.
UP22 1853 Church of England Book of common prayer and administration of the sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the Church together with the Psalter or Psalms of David / 1853.
UP22 1948 Church of England shorter prayer book being an abbreviated form of the Book of Common Prayer with some additional material / 1948.
UP24 A466 1980 XC56 Church of England Liturgical Commission alternative service book 1980 / c1980.
UP33 C561 M Church of England Morning and evening prayer / 1975.
UP38 1980 Church of England order for Holy Communion also called The Eucharist and The Lords Supper Rite A / 1980.
UP38 C561 H Church of England order for the administration of the Lords Supper or Holy Communion / 1967.
UP38.9 C562 P presentation of the Eucharist the report of a joint working party of the Church of England Liturgical Commission and the Council for the Care of Churches / 1971.
UP38.9 C612 Clarke W K Lowther William Kemp Lowther 1879 1968 English liturgy in the light of the Bible / 1940.
UP40 C561 I Church of England Initiation services / [1979].
UP44 C562 Church of England Funeral services / [1975].
UP55.5 C562 Church of England form and order of the service that is to be performed and the ceremonies that are to be observed in the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in the Abbey Church of St Peter Westminister on Tuesday the second day of June 1953 / [1953].
UP62.7 1970 New Zealand liturgy 1970 / 1970.]
UP63 1965 N Church of Nigeria Lords Supper with two additional orders of Morning worship / [1965]
UP63 1975 Church of the Province of Southern Africa Diocese of Johannesburg Holy Eucharist Morning Evening Prayer 1975 / 1975.
UP64 1958 Church of South India liturgy of the Church of South India with notes / 1958.
UP64 1972 L Church of South India Lords Supper or The Holy Eucharist / 1972.
UP64 1978 N Church of North India Night prayer the office of Compline / 1977.
UP64 1978 O Church of North India order for the Lords Supper or the Holy Eucharist / 1978.
UP99 C562 1980 Church in the Province of the West Indies Revised services for the Church of the Province of the West Indies with the authorised rite for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist and forms of morning and evening prayer for trial use together with occasional prayers modern collects and a euch / 1980.
UR71 C562 Church of Scotland Ordinal and service book for use in courts of the Church / 1962.
UR75 C562 Church of Scotland Holy Tryst Committee Pray today a guide for the Church of Scotland / 1976-1992.
UU90.5 C599 Clarke Norman 1928 Prayers for today / 1968.
VQE 1906 English hymnal / [1906?]
VQE 1975 Church of England English praise a supplement to the English hymnal / 1975.
WD50 C561 workbook on rural evangelism / [1977].
XQ8 C599 Clarke Richard F Richard Frederick 1839 1900 Short daily meditations for the Christian year / 1890-1891
YJ4 L245 Lancaster Osbert 1908 1986 Sailing to Byzantium an architectural companion / 1969.
YX33 S278 2008 Scaife Joyce 1950 Supervision in clinical practice a practitioners guide / 2008.
YX84 C578 Circumcision / 1971
YX85 C626 Clément G Gustave 1868 1941 droit de lenfant à naître réflexions pour les médecins et les non médecins / 1935.