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Call No. Author Title
BU9 V259 Van Leunen Mary Claire handbook for scholars / 1992.
CD34 L833 MEM Lohfink Norbert In the shadow of Your wings new readings of great texts from the Bible / 2003.
CH M894 Mosala Itumeleng J Itumeleng Jerry Biblical hermeneutics and black theology in South Africa / c1989.
CH Y55 Yong Amos Hermeneutical Spirit theological interpretation and scriptural imagination for the 21st century / 2017.
DM35 B322 Basson Alec 1973 Divine metaphors in selected Hebrew Psalms of Lamentation / c2006.
DN60 W948 Wright Christopher J H 1947 message of Ezekiel a new heart and a new spirit / 2001.
FK P247 Parkinson Lorraine world according to Jesus his blueprint for the best possible world / 2011.
FK50 H311 Harrington Wilfrid J Matthew sage theologian the Jesus of Matthew / 1998.
FL R469 Rhea Robert Johannine Son of Man / 2017.
FL8 M434 Matson Mark A 1951 John / c2002.
GG1 P346 1989 Payne Robert 1911 1983 Fathers of the Eastern Church / 1989, c1985.
GG2 P346 Payne Robert 1911 1983 Fathers of the Western Church / 1989, c1971.
GT2 C713 Collinson Patrick Reformation a history / 2006, c2003.
GT2 P347 Payton James R 1947 Getting the Reformation wrong correcting some misunderstandings / c2010.
HH30 B515 Berlin Isaiah 1909 1997 Vico and Herder two studies in the history of ideas / 1976.
HZ23 B821 KEL Brague Rémi 1947 Eccentric culture a theory of Western civilization / 2002.
JF12 S613 Simpson Christopher Ben 1973 Modern Christian theology / 2016.
JR19 K98 Kwok Pui lan Globalization gender and peacebuilding the future of interfaith dialogue / c2012.
LU62 W339 Watson Kevin M Pursuing social holiness the band meeting in Wesleys thought and popular Methodist practice / 2015.
LZ45 P31 XA19 Adam David cry of the deer / c1987.
OB15 M424 Masuzawa Tomoko invention of world religions or How European universalism was preserved in the language of pluralism / 2005.
PX31 M982 Murray Henry Alexander 1893 1988 Explorations in personality / c2008.
PX48 G465 Gilbert Maria Psychotherapy supervision an integrative relational approach to psychotherapy supervision / 2000.
QC3 F399 JEC Ferry Luc brief history of thought a philosophical guide to living / c2011.
QE91 XN66 P Niehoff Maren Philo of Alexandria an intellectual biography / c2018.
QJ67.5 G745 KANT disputed questions / 1967.
QJ70 H465 S2ES Heidegger Martin 1889 1976 Being and time a revised edition of the Stambaugh translation / c2010.
QJ70 H465 XP74 KEM Pöggeler Otto Martin Heideggers path of thinking / 1990, c1987.
QJ70 H972 XR54 MEB Ricoeur Paul Husserl an analysis of his phenomenology / 1967.
QM7 P831 XH12 Hacohen Malachi Haim 1957 Karl Popper the formative years 1902 1945 politics and philosophy in interwar Vienna / 2002.
QM7 P831 XJ38 Karl Popper a centenary assessment / c2006.
QU37 G796 Pragmatism and diversity Dewey in the context of late twentieth century debates / 2012.
QU37 K62 Kitcher Philip 1947 Preludes to pragmatism toward a reconstruction of philosophy / c2012.
QU37 P634 Continuum companion to pragmatism / c2011.
QU37 P634 P Pihlström Sami Pragmatic pluralism and the problem of God / 2013.
SD60 C769 Coogan Michael David God and sex what the Bible really says / 2011, c2010.
SD80 N669 Feminist research methods exemplary readings in the social sciences / 1990.
SD87 H417 Hayes Diana L Hagars daughters womanist ways of being in the world / c1995.
SD87 H665 W Hinsdale Mary Ann Women shaping theology / c2006.
SD87 R696 Rodriguez Jeanette 1954 Stories we live Hispanic womens spirituality Cuentos que vivimos / c1996.
SD87 S395 S Schüssler Fiorenza Elisabeth 1938 1995 Selwyn lectures / 1977.
SF11 P367 Peck M Scott Morgan Scott 1936 2005 world waiting to be born civility rediscovered / 1993.
SR80 P682 Pitcher Patricia C Artists craftsmen and technocrats the dreams realities and illusions of leadership / 1995.
SX15 B797 Dictionary of liberal thought / 2007.
TE H784 Hooks Bell Teaching to transgress education as the practice of freedom / 1994.
TL45 C363 C Catholic Church Catechism of the Catholic Church with modifications from the editio typica / c1997.
UT I64 P346 This is the day readings meditations from the Iona Community / 2002.
VT57 G258 Gateley Edwina Psalms of a laywoman / c1998.
WD65 M158 MacKinlay Elizabeth 1940 spiritual dimension of ageing / 2001.
XB58 B281 Barry William A practice of spiritual direction / c2009.
XS N853 Norris Kathleen 1947 quotidian mysteries laundry liturgy and womens work / c1998.
XY28 C188 Digital religion understanding religious practice in new media worlds / 2012.
YE83 G511 XS93 Stubblebine James H Giotto the Arena Chapel frescoes / [1969]
YE91 C329 Caruana Wally Aboriginal art / 2012.