Searching for monographs

Using the Online Catalogue The Online catalogue is a comprehensive guide to the library's book collection. To begin, choose Advanced Search, Power Search or Basic Search.

In an Advanced Search you have the choice of a refined list of indexes, but may use only one index at a time. In a Power Search you may use more than one index at a time, but are limited to key words. A Basic Search is a search everywhere for occurrences of a single term or phrase.

The Dalton McCaughey Library online catalogue uses Library of Congress subject headings. It is suggestd therefore that you consult Library of Congress Authorities for assistance in identifying all of the subject headings that might be relevant to your interests in a subject search of the online catalogue.

Enter a search term. Then follow up the appended "References" to find what headings have approved status in the Library of Congress system.

Browsing This collection is physically arranged according to the classification system of the Union Theological Seminary. An outline of this system can be found here.

Sugden Heritage Collections The Sugden Heritage Collections of Queen's College are of national significance for research on Methodism. All of the monographs in this collection will finally be represented in the Dalton McCaughey Library catalogue. To date, all Sugden monographs published later than 1820 have been added. The items themselves may be requested at the Dalton McCaughey Loans Desk, and used within the library.