Subject guide



General Works

AA-AJ Bibliography

AK-AN Book arts, libraries, journalism

AQ-AZ Encyclopedic works and reference books


Philology And Literature

BA-BB Philology general

BD-BT Languages

BU-BZ Literature

Whole Bible

CB Texts And Versions: Ancient

Texts And Versions: Modern (Foreign)

Texts And Versions: English

CD-CE Encyclopedic works introduction and canon

CF-CG Criticism, history of versions

CH Exegesis, commentaries

CL-CR Biblical geography and antiquities

CT-CU Biblical biography and chronology


Old Testament

DA-DE Encyclopedic works introduction and canon

DF-DG Criticism

DH Exegesis, commentaries

DK-DQ Separate Old Testament sections or books

DW Biblical theology - whole Bible and Old Testament

DX Old Testament theology religion and philosophy

DY Ethics - whole Bible and Old Testament


Apocryphal Literature and Judaism

EA-EB Judaism and Jewish literature - generalia

EC Jewish literature - history of

ED Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha

EF Jewish authors writing in Hebrew or Greek

EG Josephus

EH Maimonides, others, modern writers

EK-EL Rabbinical and Talmudic

EM Midrash

EP Talmud and Mishnah

EQ Jewish law and customs

ER Jewish liturgy and ritual

ES The Synagogue

EX Judaism - Theology

EY Jewish sects

EY51 Jewish sects - Dead Sea Scrolls

EZ Anti-semitism and Jewish polemic


New Testament - General, Whole New Testament

FA-FE Encyclopedic works introduction and canon

FF-FG Criticism - textual, historical, literary

FH Hermeneutics

FH Commentaries on whole New Testament

FJ-FR Separate Gospels or Epistles

FS Works on life of Christ

FT New Testament history and biography

FX New Testament theology

FY New Testament ethics


Christian Literature Patristics To Modern

GA-GE Collections of the writings of the Church Fathers and of Christian theologians

GF-GG General history and criticism of Church Fathers and of Christian literature

GH Apostolic Fathers

GK NT Apocryphal writings

GL Oriental Christian writers Syriac, Armenian, Coptic etc.

GM Greek Fathers, Post-Apostolic

GN Latin Fathers

GP-GQ Medieval churchmen

GR Catholic reformers

GS Catholic theologians to date

GT-GV Protestant Reformation theologians

GT German reformers

GU-GV Calvin, Zwingli and Swiss

GV85 Anabaptists

GW Protestant Post-Reformation theologians to date

GX Other European Protestant theologians

GX53 British theologians

GY American theologians

GZ Oriental Protestant theologians



HA Collective biography

HB Genealogy, heraldry

HE Archaeology and Antiquities

HF Travel and general description

HG Geography, Discovery, Cartography

HH History, Civilisation, Chronology

  • HH25 Historical Method

HJ Universal History

HK Ancient History - generalia

HL Assyriology - Babylonia and Assyria

HM Sumeria, Accadia, Persia

HP Jews - Hebrew and Jewish history

  • HP10-22 Jews and Jewish history
  • HP23 Jewish history - comprehensive works covering all periods
  • HP25-30 Old Testament period to AD 70
  • HP31-39 Old Testament history by periods
  • HP40 Jewish history since the Dispersion to date
  • HP50-99 Modern Jews and the Jewish question

HR Phoenicia and colonies

HS Egyptology - Ancient Egypt

HT Asia Minor

HV Classical history, antiquities

HW Greece - Ancient history

HW80-99 Byzantium

HX Rome - Ancient history

HZ Modern history

  • HZ70 World War, 1914-1918 and Peace movements
  • HZ95 World War, 1939-1945
  • HZA 1945-


Church History, General, More Than One Country

IA10-25 Christian antiquities - general

IA30-90 Early church life

IC Church history - general

ID-ID1 Church history - sources

ID2-9 Early church historians before the 15th century

IE Catholic historians

IF Protestant and other non-Catholic historians

IJ Early church - Ante-Nicene church

IK Nicene - Middle Ages

IM-IN Middle Ages

IP Medieval dissent and early reformatory movements

IQ Renaissance and humanism

IR Reformation period

IS-IT 16th century to 20th century

IX Monastic and religious orders

IY Persecution


General History Of Doctrine, Symbolics, Irenics

JA History of Christian doctrine

JC Doctrine to Middle Ages

JE Medieval doctrine

JF Reformation to Modern theology

JG Mysticism, Quietism, Peitism

JH Evangelicalism - general

Jb0 Liberalism, Rationalism, Deism, Antinomianism

JK Creeds and confessions

JL Comparative symbolics; modern theological controversy

JM-JN Heresies and sects

JR Irenics or Church union

  • JR12 World Council of Churches
  • JR22-76 History of union movements
  • JR80 Anglican Church and unity
  • JR92 Other denominational treatises


Denominational History

KA Early patriarchates and churches

KE Eastern churches

KG Orthodox Eastern Church

KH Catholic Church

  • KH40 Popes lives and history
  • KJ Catholic doctrine
  • KJ86 Modernism in the Catholic Church

KK Protestantism

KL Lutheranism

KM Anglican and episcopal churches

KN Reformed churches

KP Presbyterianism and Presbyterian creeds

KS Congregationalists and Congregational creeds

KT-KV Anti-Trinitarians, Unitarians, Universalists

KW Society of Friends (Quakers)

KX Baptists, Anabaptists, Mennonites

KY Methodists, Arminians

KZ Adventists, Catholic Apostolic, Moravians, Swedenborgians et al.


History By Country, Both Church History And Political History - Europe

LA Minor East European states

LB Greece (modern)

LC Russia, East Baltic states, Finland

LD Poland

LE Scandinavian states, Norway, Sweden, Denmark

LG-LJ Germany

  • LG50 Catholic Church since the Reformation
  • LH Protestantism
  • LH70-LI Prussia
  • LJ Other German states

LK-LK63 Austria

LK65-89 Czecho-Slovakia, Bohemia, Moravia and Moravians

LK90-99 Hungary

LL Netherlands

LM Switzerland

LN Italy, Spain and Portugal

LP France


Great Britain, England

  • LQ Biographic, general works, travel, description etc.
  • LR General history, history by period and constitutional history
  • LS Church history of England
  • LT20 Catholic Church in England
  • LT40 Protestant non-conformity
  • LT43 Puritanism
  • LT70 Congregationalism
  • LU Friends, Baptists
  • LU60 Wesleys and Methodism
  • LV Other denominations

LW Local history of England, cities, counties

LW90 Wales

LX-LY Scotland

LZ Ireland


Non-European Countries - Americas, Asia, Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, Africa

MA-ML Americana

MM Canada

MN Mexico, West Indies and South America, History and Missions

MP20-44 Near East, Turkey, Ottoman empire

MP60-89 Armenia, Asia Minor (modern history), Syria

MQ50-74 Arabia, Mohammedan empire, Mesopotamia, Iraq, Persia

MQ77-87 Central and North Asia, Siberia

MR China, Mongolia, Tibet, Manchuria

MS Japan, Korea, Taiwan

MT India

MU-MW28 Burma, Ceylon, Indo-China, East Indies and Indian Ocean

MW30-58 Pacific Islands, History and Missions

MW60 Australia - general, social

  • MW61 Aborigines
  • MW62 General history, history by period and constitutional history
  • MW63 Politics and government
  • MW64.1-64.4 Christianity, church history, missions, church and state, church union - general
  • MW64.5-64.9 Other religions
  • MW65 Catholic Church in Australia
  • MW65.9 Catholic Orders in Australia
  • MW65.9J Society of Jesus in Australia
  • MW66 Anglican Church in Australia
  • MW67 Other denominations
  • MW68 Uniting Church in Australia
  • MW69 Local history - by State and Territory

MW70-73 New Zealand history and politics

  • MW74 Religion in NZ incl. church history
  • MW75 Catholic Church in NZ
  • MW76 Anglican Church in NZ
  • MW77 Other denominations
  • MW78 Maori churches and Christian movements
  • MW79 Local history

MX-MZ Africa - history and missions


Missions, General And Comprehensive Works, Theory Of Missions

NC-NE Conferences, missionary societies

NF Literature for the mission field

NH Missionary sermons

NJ-NM Missions, biography and history

NN Catholic Missions

NP Protestant Missions

NR-NT Missions: theory and method

NV Missions to special classes


Comparative Religion

OA-OD General descriptive works

OA8 Sacred books and texts

OE-OF Mythology and folk lore

OG National religions by region

OH-OK Oriental / Chinese / Japanese religions

OL India: religions

  • OM Hinduism
  • ON Buddhism
  • OP Jainism / Sikhism

OQ Persian religions - Zoroastrianism

OS Semitic religions

  • OT Islam

OW Egyptian religion

OX Greek and Roman religion

OY52 Celtic, Irish and early British

OZ Minor non-local cults


Sciences, Psychology, Pastoral Psychology

PA-PJ General works and special sciences, astronomy, chemistry, biology etc

PM Anthropology

PP Psychology

  • PR Psychology of religion
  • PU-PW Special fields
  • PX-P58 Psychiatry, psychotherapy, faith healing
  • PX35 Pastoral psychology
  • PX43 Psychoanalysis, Jung, Freud
  • PX60-90 Meta-psychology, psychical research, spiritualism, etc.

PZ Mathematics



QA-QN History of philosophy and philosophers

QP-QU Systematic philosophy, metaphysics

QW-QX Logic, aesthetics

QY Philosophical ethics

QZ Christian ethics

QZ5 Protestant Christian ethics

QZ90 Catholic Moral theology


Systematic Christian Theology, Philosophy Of Religion, Apologetic

RA-RB Religion as philosophy

  • RB35 Existence of God

RC-RE Christian theology, Apologetics, Revelation

RF Science and theology

RK Christian dogmatics

RN-RP Systematic treatises, critiques

  • RQ Doctrine of God
  • RR Christology
  • RS Soteriology
  • RT Holy Spirit
  • RT60-90 Mariology
  • RU Doctrine of Man, sin
  • RV Angelology, demonology
  • RW Eschatology

RX Prophetism, Adventist movements


Sociology, Social Sciences

SA-SC General and comprehensive works, statistics

SD Family, sex relations, eugenics, women

SD25 Catholic church on marriage

SD60-69 Sexual relations, homosexuality

SD70 Birth control

SD80-89 Women's studies

SE-SF Social and economic problems and ethics

SH-SI Social Christianity, Church and community

SH43 Catholic church and social questions

SJ-SK Welfare, charities

SK32 Catholic relief

SL Temperance, criminology

SM Race problems

SM90 Secret societies, clubs

SP Movements for social reconstruction, socialism, anarchism, communism, fascism

SP35 Marxism

SQ Economic theory, production and distribution

SQ37 Business ethics

SR-ST Industrial movement and labour

SV Commerce and trade

SX-SZ Political science international relations and law

SX15 Civil liberties

SY49 War and peace

SZ23 Natural law



TA-TE History and theory

  • TC91 Education-Australia
  • TD6.7 Catholic schools

TF Religious and moral education

TG Teaching, administration

TH Educational method - special

TJ Family training

TL Church as educator

TL32 Catholic church

TL33-49 Catholic catechisms, text books

TL50-75 Protestant catechisms, text books

TM Sunday schools, lessons

TN Bible training schools

TR Private schools

TU Universities and colleges

TX Theological education

TX23-28 Catholic theological education

TX33-80 Protestant theological education

TY Adult education


The Church

UA The Church, its constitution, orders and ministry

UA23 Church - Protestant teaching

UA25 Church - Catholic teaching

UA70 Priesthood

UA73 Diaconate

UB-UB49 Church law

  • UB10 General, historical
  • UB20 Sources of canon law
  • UB30 Eastern church law
  • UB40 Catholic church law

UB50-59 Councils and synods

  • UB53 Ecumenical councils
  • UB54 All other councils of early Church
  • UB55 Latin general councils
  • UB55.9 Council of Trent
  • UB56 Vatican Council I
  • UB56.1 Vatican Council II
  • UB59 Provincial councils

UB60 Papal documents

UB70 Constitution of the Catholic Church

UB74-79 The Pope-office, authority

UB80 Catholic Church - hierarchy

UB90 Topics in Catholic law

UC Protestant church law

UD-UE Church and state, local church law

UD18 Religious freedom

UF Comparative church law, church finance


Church Worship

UG Worship - generalia

UG12 History of worship

UG15-59 The sacraments

UG74 Saints and martyrs

UG80 Fasts and feasts, church calendar

UG90 Sabbath

UH Liturgical worship

  • UJ-UK Eastern / Oriental church rites
  • UL-UN Latin rite
  • UP Anglican liturgies
  • UP20 Book of Common Prayer
  • UQ Lutheran liturgies
  • UR Reformed liturgies
  • UR70 Presbyterian liturgies
  • UR89 Uniting Church in Australia
  • US Other denominations
  • UT Undenominational forms

UU Prayer (incl. collections)


Music, Hymnology

VA-VF Music, history, philosophy, theory, study

VG Sacred liturgical music

VJ Psalmody

VK Hymnology - history

VL-VN Hymn collections

VP Psalm collections

VQ Denominational collections

VR Evangelistic, revival, gospel humns; hymns for children

VS Religious poetry

VT Individual authors - English

VT40 Australian authors

VU-VX Secular collections of music

VZ Instrumental music


Practical Church Work

WA The Church as a working organisation

  • WA60 Women and church work
  • WA62 Ordination of women
  • WA70 Young people

WB-WD Evangelistic church work, home and city missions

WH-WN Interdenominational movements, interchurch work

WL World Student Christian Federation; Student Christian Movement

WP Pastoral theology, ministry

  • WP2.2 Pastoral work
  • WP4 Minister-personal relations, duties
  • WP6.7 Care of sick

WQ Homiletics, preaching - general

  • WQ2 History of preaching
  • WQ5 Preaching - theory
  • WQ6-8 Sermon composition

WR-WS Rhetoric, oratory

WT Sermons - collections

WV-WY Sermons - British, American, special


Care & Culture Of The Individual Religious And Moral Life, Devotional Literature

XA-XS Ascetism, devotional literature, piety

XA22 Christian spirituality

XB Protestant works on Christian life

XD Catholic piety, post Reformation

XN Devotional literature - Protestant

XQ Meditations on biblical texts

XS Devotional literature - Catholic

  • XS30 Thomas Merton

XW Practical ethics - Conduct

XY Recreation, theatre, films

XY85 Radio and television


Art, Architecture

YE-YE39 Art-generalia

YE40-90 History of art

YF Christian art

YG Painting

YJ-YK Architecture, church architecture

YM Sculpture

YN-YS Arts and crafts

  • YR3-4 Church embroidery
  • YR8 Stained glass

YT Technology, applied sciences


Medicine, Bioethics

YX-YX20 Medicine - generalia

  • YX24 Medical ethics, bioethics
  • YX50 Euthanasia
  • YX85 Abortion