The Dalton McCaughey Library Digital Repository

A number of years ago the library received a set of cassette tapes from the Theological Hall of the Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania. These cassettes were mostly recordings of various lectures and speeches given by important local or visiting academics between the late 1970s and the 1990s.

Speakers include Robert Anderson, CK Barrett, John Bodycomb, Ian Breward, Kevin Giles, Graeme Griffin, Leander Keck, Jan Lochman, J. Davis McCaughey, Jurgen Moltmann, Bruce Metzger, Leon Morris, Eric Osborn, Dietrich Ritschl, Nigel Watson, Ian Williams, Janet Wood, Norman Young, George Yule and others.

We have been in the process of digitising some of these cassettes and are making the recordings available (from within the Library network only) through our new digital repository at http://dmltapes.dml.vpn . Sound quality is variable, and some of the tapes in the lot were not able to be digitised, but this makes an important resource for researchers.

To access the repository you MUST be at a computer connected to the library network (that is, the Reference PC on the ground floor, the Level 2 PC, the Postgraduate Room PC, or any laptop connected to the library network via one of the green data points along the wall). Sound files are available in the MP3 format. There is a set of headphones available for loan from the library front desk.

To access the Dalton McCaughey Library Digital Repository please click here.