Wireless Problems Feedback Form

A number of library users have reported problems gaining access to the wireless network (CTM-Public) or mainitaining a connection once they've logged in. Our network administrators are trying to find out what is causing these problems, but they need to have more precise information.

If you have trouble connecting to the wireless network, please fill in one of the feedback forms with as much information as you can provide. Especially important are your wireless network user name, the date and time, what device you were trying to use (for example, an iPhone using IOS, a laptop computer using Windows 7, etc.), what exactly you were trying to do (for example, log in to the network, connect to web sites, etc.) and what the result of these actions was (for example, you could not reach the network login page, or the network would ask to be authenticated every few minutes, etc.).

We hope that, given enough information, the network administrators can trace the cause of these issues.

Forms are available at CTM reception, at the library front desk, and at various places throughout the library.